141 Pigs on Trees

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Su Qiumeng was furious. She pointed at the bedside table and said, “Little Yuan, help mom get her bag from the drawer.”

Su Yuan did not know what her mother wanted to do, so she pulled open the drawer and took out a gray cloth bag.

Su Qiumeng took the cloth bag, unzipped it, and took out a small cloth bag sewn from rags. She stuffed it into Su Yuan’s hands and said, “Little Yuan, there’s 12000 Yuan inside. Is it enough to buy a computer?”

Looking at the tattered little cloth bag in her hand, Su Yuan’s nose suddenly twitched, and her eyes became wet.

“What’s wrong? You child, why aren’t you saying anything?” Su Qiumeng moved closer to Su Yuan and touched her head. She then realized that her daughter was dressed very differently today.

“Aunty Su, I’ll be going out now. I’ll bring the computer to Miss Su in a moment. She can use it first.”

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“I’ll have to trouble you then,” Su Qiumeng said.

The nurse smiled at Su Qiumeng and left the ward.

After the door was closed, Su Yuan’s emotions calmed down. She placed the bag back into her mother’s hands and said, “Mom, you can keep this money. I don’t want it.”

Su Yuan looked up at her mother.

“Why are you crying?” Even though Su Yuan was not crying, Su Qiumeng could tell from her slightly red eyes.

“No, something got into my eyes. It’s red from rubbing.” As she said that, she deliberately rubbed her eyes hard. Her eyes, which were originally only slightly red, were even redder now.

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“Aiya, you can’t rub your eyes. It’s not good for your eyes.” Su Qiumeng quickly pulled out a tissue and used it to pry open Su Yuan’s eyes. She looked around for a long time, but she could not see anything. This child was indeed lying to her. She sighed in her heart and did not expose him.

Even if her daughter did not say it, Su Qiumeng knew that Bai Weiguang was not a good person since he was young. If he could treat his daughter well, even a pig would climb a tree!

Back then, she had no other choice but to send Su Yuan back to the Bai family. She only hoped that she could at least protect her daughter as she grew up, but now it seemed that her daughter had suffered a lot in secret. When she thought of this, she felt as if her heart had been pierced by a needle.

Su Yuan immediately noticed her mother’s emotional fluctuation. Even though she did not know what her mother was thinking, she was sure that it had something to do with her.

“Mom, look at what I brought you. They’re all your favorite dishes!” Su Yuan quickly changed the topic and placed the takeaway food on the table one by one. Then, she quietly put the small cloth bag back into the drawer.

Just by looking at the packaging, Su Qiumeng could tell that the woman did not buy the food from a cheap restaurant. “How much did you spend on these dishes?”

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Su Yuan passed the chopsticks to Su Qiumeng. “Mom, don’t worry about us. We won’t be poor anymore.” She had intended to reassure her mother, but who knew that Su Qiumeng would fall silent after hearing this. She held the chopsticks in her hand and did not move for a long time.

“Mom?” Su Yuan called out.

“Little Yuan, do you still remember what mom once told you?” Su Qiumeng said with a serious expression.

“Ah?” Su Yuan was just about to take a bite of the steamed turbot and didn’t understand what her mother meant.

Su Qiumeng’s face changed. “You…are you?” She did not know how to continue.

Su Yuan placed the most succulent fish belly into her bowl and asked, “Mom, what is it?”

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Su Qiumeng gritted her teeth and asked, “Little Yuan, tell mom the truth. Where have you been staying the past two nights?”

Su Yuan’s hand paused and she looked at her mother.

The mother and daughter looked at each other, and Su Yuan immediately understood what her mother meant. She quickly said, “Mom, what are you thinking? Mo Ting and I aren’t in the kind of relationship you’re thinking of.”

Su Qiumeng did not believe him at all. “Then tell me. What’s your relationship with her?” She asked. Then, she looked at the clothes her daughter was wearing. Although she had lived in the countryside, there was a TV in the countryside. She had seen this kind of clothes on TV shows and it was obvious that it was expensive.

Su Yuan knew that if she did not explain herself, Su Qiumeng would definitely give Mo Ting a phone call. That dog man had left his name card for his mother.

After hearing Su Yuan’s confession, Su Qiumeng still did not let her go. “Where are you going to live after you leave the Bai family? You’re a girl, you can’t just share an apartment with anyone. It’s too dangerous!”

Su Qiumeng nagged on and on, and Su Yuan could not take it anymore. She had no choice but to call Gu Qin in front of her mother and ask him to help rent a house. Only then did her mother stop.

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