Chapter 381 - Ning Zhi chuckled. Little Juejue was too overly cute. (2)

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Of course Old Mr. Ning would notice the man in suit that followed not too far behind his granddaughter. He followed Ning Zhi wherever she went. Old Mr. Ning quickly realized that his target was his granddaughter!

Old Mr. Ning was unhappy. It wasn’t easy for him to reunite with his granddaughter, and she was already the target of some little jerk.

Ning Zhi knew that Lu Jue was following behind her. She pretended that she didn’t notice him the entire time.

She finally walked back out into the living room after she walked the weary Old Mr. Ning to the break room.

She had just reached the corner of the hallway when her hands were grabbed by the big hands of a man.

Ning Zhi did not look surprised at all. She bumped into the man’s broad chest and she could smell the refreshing scent from the man. She met Lu Jue’s dim and gloomy eyes.

She saw the reconciliation in his beautiful cherry-blossom eyes. They were watery as though he would start crying any minute now. Little black clouds with lightning filled the area over his head.

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Ning Zhi, “……”

She had yet to react when Lu Jue lowered his head and his lips were up against her ear.

In the quiet corner, Ning Zhi heard his lonesome and unreconciled. “Are you dumping me, Odd Big Sister?”

As he talked, his lips were almost touching the tip of her ear. His warm breath made Ning Zhi’s heart almost skip a beat.

She was stunned.

Lu Jue’s low and hoarse voice was filled with aggrievance. He sounded very pitiful. “I’ve been looking for you for a long time but I wasn’t able to find you.

“I saw you smiling happily at some other man earlier.

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“You saw me too, but you ignored me.

“Is Odd Big Sister giving up on me?”

Ning Zhi felt her ear tingled. She was mean. She did what she did earlier purposefully. She wanted Lu Jue to experience how she felt the day she waited outside of the Lu’s place for him.

Nevertheless, when she listened to him complaining, she suddenly felt that what she had done was wrong and that she had done something very, very bad.

“What did you just call me?”

Lu Jue touched Ning Zhi’s ear gently with his lips. “Odd Big Sister. Odd Big Sister.”

Ning Zhi’s eyes lit up. She looked at him. “What did you recall?”

“I had a dream.” Lu Jue mumbled. “I was begging for you to kiss me in the deram.”

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Ning Zhi listened to him quietly. Her ear tingled from his kiss. So much that she wanted to reach up and scratch it.

“I can’t see your face, but I know that was you.” Lu Jue told her. “I’ve found a diary from the part. In there were all records of you kissing me.”

Ning Zhi’s eyes widened. She had no idea that Lu Jue had been writing everything down in his diary. And, who would write down when they kissed in their diaries?!

Had he always been such a mensao?

Lu Jue interlaced his fingers with Ning Zhi’s and their two hands joined together tightly.

He nibbled Ning Zhi’s ear. He sounded partly aggrieved and partly pleading, “I have no idea how I could forget about Odd Big Sister, but you can’t abandon me.”

Watching Ning Zhi smiled at another man and pretended that she didn’t see him, the little beast in Lu Jue’s chest was so sad that it could die.

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With Lu Jue whining about how pitiful and aggrieved he was and sounding like an abandoned puppy whimpering to its owner, Ning Zhi’s heart shuddered.

What Lu Jue didn’t see was that Ning Zhi’s lips perked up and her eyes bright. With or without his memories, he was still the same Lu Jue in front of her.

Ning Zhi blushed under the light. She was so happy that she had placed both of her hands on Lu Jue’s shoulders. She asked him, “When did you start keeping diary?”

“Since middle school.”

Lu Jue told her, “It was written in there that I kissed Odd Big Sister sneakily during my birthday party when nobody was looking.”

Ning Zhi was taken aback a little. She remembered that. That was after Lu Jue had saw the other couple kissing on the rooftop and turned into a bad boy.

So he was already keeping a diary back then.

Ning Zhi chuckled. Little Juejue was too overly cute.

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