Chapter 380 - Ning Zhi chuckled. Little Juejue was too overly cute. (1)

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Many guests attended the banquet. Everybody had already heard in advance that the newly found granddaughter was very important to Old Mr. Ning and he was short of announcing that she was the official heir.

Ning Zhi had already been through the reunion Twice already. She was much more proficient this time around.

She followed Old Mr. Ning around to greet the guests. Her face was already red after just two glasses of wine.

“Miss Ning,” said a man in a blue suit. He was tall and handsome.

“Huo Xiaoyang?” Ning Zhi was a little surprise running into him there.

She had never run into him ever since she had saved him.

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Ning Zhi looked at his lets. His legs were very long and he was standing on them perfectly. Huo Xiaoyang who was not sitting in a wheelchair is very tall, just a tad shy of Lu Jue’s height.

“You know me?” Huo Xiaoyang had a look of surprise on his handsome face. He looked even more handsome with a smile on him.

Ning Zhi looked at Huo Xiaoyang and it didn’t look like he recognized her. She wasn’t sure whether the incident took place too long ago which was why he didn’t remember her, or that the system had wiped his memories as well.

“The Huo family is very well known and I had seen photos of you in the past,” said Ning Zhi with a smile.

Huo Xiaoyang went silent for a little while, “Miss Ning, have we met before?” he felt a sense of familiarity when he looked at Ning Zhi, as if he had seen her before.

Ning Zhi’s eyes curved. “Perhaps.”

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Under the light, Ning Zhi had on a beige ball gown. It made her skin white like snow. There was a hint of pink on her small and delicate face and her eyes were smile. She was very eye-catching.

Lu Jue looked not too far ahead of himself and saw the girl smiling at the man in front of her. His eyes dimmed a little and a stuffy feeling occupied his chest. His eyes tingled and he felt an inexplicable unreconciled feeling.

As if he had been abandoned by someone.

Ning Zhi saw Lu Jue the second that he showed up.

He was tall and stocky. With his blood red suit, he caught everyone’s attention when he showed up.

Ning Zhi had thought that Lu Jue, who had recovered, would not like to wear red anymore. Low and behold, the red color of his choice now was even brighter than what it used to be. It was an eye catching fiery red color.

Ning Zhi looked over at him. She almost immediately noticed the three little black clouds with lightning popping out in his indicator.

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Ning Zhi remembered how Lu Jue’s indicator was filled with little black clouds with lightning the last time he attended the banquet as though he was the walking God of Thunder. She couldn't help but curved her eyes.

Lu Jue was still the jealous man that he used to be.

“Miss Ning, this is my contact information. It is very nice to meet you.” Huo Xiaoyang behaved in a very gentlemanly way. He had a polite smile on his handsome face and he had an inexplicable fondness toward Ning Zhi.

Taking Huo Xiaoyang’s business card from him, Ning Zhi smiled. “Same here.”

Huo Xiaoyang hadn’t even finished talking yet when a red figure appeared next to him. The peron’s lips were pinched shut and pitch-black eyes very cold.

The image of Lu Jue reflected off Ning Zhi’s eyes. He was here.

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“Excuse me, Mr. Huo.” Ning Zhi turned and left.

Like an abandoned little puppy, Lu Jue followed behind her quietly with his puppy eyes.

Ning Zhi pretended that she didn’t see him and walked back over to her grandfather. “Grandpa.”

Old Mr. Ning’s smile spread when he saw Ning Zhi. He brought Ning Zhi around and introduced her to everyone.

Lu Jue followed not too far behind them as though he was Ning Zhi’s tail. He went everywhere that she went.

His temperament was cold but he loved the brightest of all red colors. With his clear eyes and brows, he looked exactly like a charming demon.

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