1891 Sister Nian’s Not in the Last Place

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The corners of Ji Xiao’s mouth curled up as he looked up at the rolling screen and smiled. “Anyway, the results will be out in an hour. Let’s wait. We also have to wait for Hongfeng’s results to come out. We can take a look together.”

One was first, and the other might be the last.

Just imagining the tragic comparison of the results later made him want to laugh. He couldn’t wait to see the show.

* * *

Ji Hongfeng didn’t come out until the exam ended.

He found Ji Ziyin and the others and waited for another hour before the results began to appear on the rolling screen.

The results of the first round of the theoretical assessment were released quickly.

The first batch was those placed in the 81st to 83rd places.

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No matter how abnormal Ji Hongfeng’s performance was, he would not have gotten into this ranking. In the past, the Ji family would definitely not especially look at this ranking.

However, this time, both Ji Ziyin and He Lin paid attention to the last place to search for Qiao Nian’s name.

When the 81st to 83rd places came out, He Lin couldn’t wait to read it. He reluctantly heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that Qiao Nian’s name wasn’t there.

At least, she was not in the last three places.

The corners of Ji Ziyin’s mouth twitched and her eyes darkened. “It seems that the Nan family didn’t just find anyone…”

He Lin smiled noncommittally. “That’s right. It seems that her results are better than we thought.”

Ji Ziyin looked at him and became even more suspicious. After all, He Lin was paying too much attention to Qiao Nian’s results!

However, she quickly turned around and hid her emotions. She looked at the rolling screen again and said calmly, “There’s still 71st to 80th places. Let’s wait and see.”

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The 70th to 80th places were not much better than the 81st to 83rd places. They were also part of the poor scorers.

It was just that it was not as ugly as the last three places.

She estimated that Qiao Nian would at most squeeze into this batch. It was already heaven-defying luck that she did not directly get into the three last places.

… .

At the same time, Bo Jingxing, Qin Si, and the others were also paying close attention to the rankings on the scrolling screen.

Qiao Nian’s name was not among the last three places.

Bo Jingxing was fine. He had not expected Qiao Nian to appear so early in the first place.

After all, that person was not someone who would be in the last place.

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No matter how difficult the questions were, Qiao Nian was still the top scorer in the College Entrance Examination. She would not be ranked last in the theoretical exam.

As expected, Qiao Nian’s name was not among the 81st to 83rd places…

Right on the heels of that were the 71st to 80th places. The ranking, names, and scores of the candidates were released.

71st place, Deng Yi, 43 points.

72nd place, Bo En, 41 points.

Then, the bottom row was the score of the person ranked 80th. The score was very poor, only 33 points.

Bo Jingxing frowned and turned to Ye Wangchuan. “Why are the results so much worse than in previous years? Could it be that the questions for this year’s exam are more difficult?”

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He had seen the results of the 70th to 80th places of previous years. They were generally above 40 points. This year, the 80th place only scored 33 points, a full seven points less.

Seven points did not seem like a lot.

However, there was a ten-point difference.

For example, the previous 80th place could say that she scored 40 points, but this year, she could only say that she scored 30 points.

There was still a lot of difference between 30 and 40 points.

Ye Wangchuan did not speak. He only raised his head slightly and looked at the rankings and results on the rolling screen.

After being rebuffed, Bo Jingxing ran to ask Qiao Nian, “Miss Qiao, did you feel that the questions were especially difficult compared to previous years?”

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