1890 Waiting to See Qiao Nian’s Final Results

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Bo Jingxing was originally quite worried about Qiao Nian’s results, but upon seeing their attitude, his heart relaxed a little. Coupled with Qiao Nian’s heaven-defying performance in her previous exams, he estimated her ranking in his heart.

He estimated that she would be ranked around 40th place.

A total of 83 people were participating in the First Research Institute’s assessment this year. Qiao Nian would be ranked in the middle if she could get about 40th place.

He had looked into the passing rate of the first round of the examination for the First Research Institute in the past few days and realized that as long as she could get the middle ranking, she could basically fly at a low altitude and enter the second round of the assessment.

Bo Jingxing looked at the rolling screen that would release the results in an hour. He suppressed the worry in his heart and prayed for Qiao Nian.

He hoped that the exam would not be too difficult and that Qiao Nian would be able to pass with 90 points.

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… .

He Lin was not from the research institute. Neither he nor Ji Xiao could enter the monitoring room to see the situation in the examination hall.

However, Ji Ziyin came out ten minutes before the exam ended and brought a huge piece of news to them—Qiao Nian had handed in her paper in advance.

Ji Xiao’s expression was filled with disbelief and mockery. “She handed in her paper half an hour in advance? Don’t tell me she treats the recruitment examination of the First Research Institute as her school’s monthly or final examination?”

She handed in her paper in advance?


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He did not say the last sentence and only thought about it in his heart. He couldn’t hide his contempt.

He felt that this girl called Qiao Nian was too arrogant.

Previously, she was already very arrogant when she asked for the Ji family tree at the Ji family’s banquet. Now that she was so arrogant when she came to participate in the First Research Institute’s exam, she would fail sooner or later!

He Lin did not expect Qiao Nian to hand in her paper half an hour in advance. His expression became inexplicably complicated. “No one seems to have handed in their paper in advance in the First Research Institute’s history…”

Ji Ziyin chuckled and said nonchalantly, “…Didn’t someone set the precedent? Let’s wait and see how many points she can get in the end. It’s not impossible for her to pass the first round of assessment if she can enter the top 40. It depends on whether she has the ability.”

Ji Hongfeng’s goal was to get first place.

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However, when Ji Ziyin mentioned Qiao Nian, it was as if she would be lucky if she could get into the top 40. A miracle would have to happen.

It could be seen how much she looked down on Qiao Nian.

He Lin felt even more bitter. He was disappointed in Qiao Nian, but he couldn’t show it on his face. He could only silently endure it in his heart.

As a direct descendant of the Ji family, Qiao Nian would definitely have a place in the family if she returned in the future.

The Ji family had originally wanted her back, but why was she so disappointing? She had yet to acknowledge her roots, but there was already a stain on her profile.

The Ji family might not acknowledge her if she became a joke in the Independent Continent. After all, no one wanted their family to be laughed at for bringing back a bumpkin.

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The direct descendants were few, to begin with. It was fine if Young Master Ji refused to study black gunpowder, but now, even a direct descendant who had wandered outside had been destroyed.

Would the Ji family really fall into the hands of the side branch in the future?

He Lin did not dare to think too deeply about it. He was extremely disappointed by Qiao Nian’s rash actions. He even began to feel that it was a good choice for Ji Ziyin to control the Ji family in the future.

At the very least, Ji Ziyin had many achievements in black gunpowder and in the research institute. She was considered one of the best among the younger generation of the Independent Continent.

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