457 Rise to Resist

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That night, Li Zeyu returned home in an especially bad mood.

When his mother spoke to him, he was so tired that he ignored her.

However, his mother didn’t care about her son’s behavior. She chattered at the side, “Son, your father wants you to be the CEO. He thinks highly of you. You have to do your best and not disappoint your father. After all, your father doesn’t only have you as his son.”

“If Li Zecheng hadn’t made a mistake that all men in the world would have made and been retaliated against by Qiao An, his reputation would not have been ruined. With his talent and connections in society, his ability isn’t inferior to yours. You have to be wary of him.”

Li Zeyu recalled what Ze’en had told him. He was the illegitimate son of his father’s mistress. His existence was a disgrace. He immediately felt a strong hatred for his mother.

For the first time, he wanted to escape. “Mom, I don’t want to inherit Dad’s company.”

Third Madam immediately widened her eyes and scolded angrily, “It wasn’t easy for me to help you obtain your position, but you actually told me that you don’t want to inherit Dad’s company? Li Zeyu, then what are all my years of hard work for?”

Li Zeyu said tiredly, “You fought for it. Take it. I don’t want it.”

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Third Madam roared hysterically, “Don’t pretend to be virtuous! Do you think your mother’s methods are very despicable? Li Zeyu, everyone in this world can despise me, except for you and Zefeng. For the two of you, I staked my youth to hold on to your father so I could give you a complete family. To give you better material conditions.”

Li Zeyu broke down. Then, he angrily threw all the cups on the coffee table to the ground.

At that moment, the emotions he had suppressed for a long time erupted in Third Madam’s strong motherly love. He roared at his mother, “Don’t make it sound so dignified. If you had any morals, you would have left my father long ago.”

“You always cite me and my sister as an excuse, saying that you’re giving us a complete family. But look, is this family complete? Dad has a home here and a home outside. My sister and I live in the disdain of others and even in Li Ze’en’s revenge. Is such a family really good for me and my sister?”

Third Madam looked at her son. Her son, who had always been obedient, had finally revealed his heart to her, but he despised her so much.

Her entire body was trembling. It was unknown if she was trembling from anger at Li Zeyu or from sadness.

In the end, her tears flowed silently.

She wailed. “What have I done in my life? My husband and son are unreliable. Why is my life so bitter?”

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Li Zeyu did not sympathize with his mother because of this. On the contrary, Li Ze’en’s words triggered all his resistance as an out-of-control beast.

His veins bulged as he roared crazily, “You’re not qualified to cry. You caused the tragedy of two families. What right do you have to cry?”

“We’re the ones who should cry. Do you know? Li Ze’en went to Dad’s company today. Because she was abandoned by Dad, the company’s higher-ups don’t like her. She can only be a cleaner. She’s living worse than a dog in her father’s company. She should be the one crying.”

Third Madam said, “Yes, I admit that I’ve let her down. I was the one who destroyed her happy family. But what about you? You’re not satisfied living in a happy family. Let me tell you, if it weren’t for me, you might have been the cleaner today. Not only are you not grateful for my efforts, but you also lost your temper with me. Li Zeyu, you have no conscience.”

Li Zeyu laughed out loud. His laughter was uglier than crying. “In your eyes, happiness is money and power. Do you know what they say about me behind my back? They say that I’m Dad’s illegitimate son and the son of a mistress. Even the woman I like looks down on you and Dad. I don’t even dare to look at her directly. I feel ashamed.”

With that, Li Zeyu fell onto the sofa and breathed heavily. He pulled his hair and muttered in pain, “If life can start from scratch, how I wish I wasn’t your child.”

Third Madam’s eyes were red as she looked at her son in disbelief. He was once handsome, charming, elegant, and easygoing. He was her pride.

But now, he had become a man like Li Zecheng. His eyes were red as he spoke viciously to his parents.

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She suddenly felt very afraid that Zeyu would become the next Li Zecheng.

She suddenly ran over and knelt on the ground to apologize to Li Zeyu. “Zeyu, Mom was wrong. Mom won’t force you anymore. Do whatever you want. I won’t force you to take over your father’s company. Pull yourself together, okay?”

Li Zeyu slowly stood up, took his coat, and left shakily.

In the corridor, he met Li Tingfeng and Li Ze’en.

Li Tingfeng stopped him and asked him, “Zeyu, I heard that you were very unhappy in the company today. Tell Dad, did Ze’en embarrass you?”

Li Zeyu glanced at Ze’en and saw the panic in her eyes.

She was afraid that he would complain to Li Tingfeng.

Li Zeyu suddenly felt sad. He looked at Li Tingfeng coldly. “If I say yes, what does Dad want to do?”

Li Tingfeng snorted. “Of course, I’m chasing her out of the company.”

Li Zeyu said, “Dad, Sister Ze’en didn’t do anything wrong. It’s me. I don’t like to work in the company. I think Sister Ze’en works quite well. Why don’t we leave the position of CEO to her?”

Li Zeyu wanted to return Li Tingfeng’s assets to his first wife’s child.

However, Li Tingfeng doted on him. He immediately reprimanded Li Zeyu. “Nonsense. What ability can Ze’en have? How can she be a female CEO? With her capability, she can only manage the logistics in my company.”

Ze’en paled slightly.

When she was looking for a job, many people despised her for not having an education. However, she did not feel as sad as she was now.

Li Zeyu pleaded for her. “Dad, isn’t Sister Ze’en’a ability due to your teachings? As the saying goes, it’s the fault of a father if the child does not turn out well. If Sister Ze’en doesn’t have the ability, Dad shouldn’t despise her. Instead, shouldn’t you go out all to teach her well?”

Li Tingfeng did not expect Li Zeyu to embarrass him in front of Ze’en. He was so angry that he slapped Li Zeyu’s face.

“Bastard, you’re simply useless.”

Li Ze’en looked at Zeyu, who was bleeding from the corner of his mouth. At that moment, she felt that her brother’s character was not too bad.

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