644 Chapter 425: The Undying Naga, the Mysterious Lifeform Sleeping in the Crystal Coffin [1/2]

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Richard followed the soldiers to the treasure trove that Sel Bloodhoof had discovered in high spirits.

Dozens of statues of the guardian mummies were in this more than ten-meter-tall area.

One has even engraved a magic imprint on it.

There were still some remnants even after a long time.

The statues of the guardian mummies guards would not be decorations if the magic arrays on them were intact.

They passed through the statues and arrived at the central area.

A giant building more than 30 meters tall, half buried underground, appeared before Richard.

One has carved countless complicated religious sacrificial patterns on the building. That gave people a solemn feeling.

Two giant mummy statues were as tall as the building in front. They held two spears and crossed each other.

It was like they prevented the outsiders from entering.

At this moment, more than a large group of barbarian warriors guarded the area. They glanced around while they guarded with savage eyes.

A bloody battle took over below the giant mummy statue.

The level 17 dungeon hero Sel Bloodhoof led the troop and launched round after round of attacks.

But they only had one enemy… An eight-armed naga.

It was more than five meters tall. Its lower body was a snake tail with grayish-white spots. It had eight arms on its back, and the muscles on each arm bulged. Power filled its body.

Its amber eyes radiated savagery and brutality. It emitted light that made people shudder.

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This eight-armed naga had brazenly blocked the attack of the dungeon barbarians with its strength.

It shocked the opponents.

Richard immediately opened the character’s attribute panel.

[Guardian of the Treasury]

[Undead Naga]

Level: 19

[Status: Immune to Death]


One could not detect the unique power that shrouded the naga.

The attributes were simple, but its expression was sparingly odd after Richard read it.

“Immune to death?

“This state was too much.

“Wasn’t this equivalent to activating Invincibility?”

Richard frowned as he watched the eight-armed naga rampage through the dungeon barbarians like a human tank.

He thought of Renee.

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This divine soul had the protection of the ancient god statue. One could incessantly resurrect it. It was similar to the other party.

The naga that protected the treasure vault was most likely a similar existence…

To deal with this life form, one needed to destroy the object it stored.

Richard’s expression softened. After some thought, he looked at the king of the imperial troop he had just recruited. These were radiant moon-tier troops that could reach Level 17 at birth.

He ordered decisively.

“Bloodhoof City’s troop, retreat! All the kings of the imperial army surround and slay the naga!”

His orders were the only direction the troop could take.

Sel immediately commanded the troop to retreat.

The eight-armed naga would not pursue, although it was extra fierce, as long as it was a hundred meters away from the two guardian mummies at the door.

It wriggled its snake body back to the entrance of the treasury. The guards protected the door like a tiger eyeing its prey.

The king of the imperial troop stepped onto the battlefield after the dungeon troop withdrew.

These soldiers looked cool. Sandstorms shrouded their bodies. Invisible hands seemed to hold their five sabers that orderly or disorderly danced in the sky.

The position of the king of the imperial troop was more relaxed. No one has squeezed together.

In the desert, the length of the void rope could reach up to 30 meters. It could reach up to 20 meters when it left the desert.

Murderous intent has overflowed amidst the turbulence.


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The eight-armed naga was enraged when it got within 50 meters of the monster.

It charged forward with a roar.

The two-meter-long saber in its hand tore through the air. It vowed to slaughter all its enemies.

But before it could get close.


Long blades crossed the void and blocked the eight-armed naga.

It was like a sword immortal from another mythological system. That shocked everyone.

The eight-armed naga waved the long saber and forcefully knocked away these weapons.

However, there were too many sabers, and it could not take care of everything. The opponent quickly slashed its body.

However, its wounds healed in the blink of an eye after the saber cut through the other party’s body.

It was like one slashed a sword to cut the sea. The sea would remain untouched after the slash.

The king of the imperial troop’s attack was terrifying.

It could quickly flatten some if they saw the city wall before them.

The eight-armed naga rushed over quickly. The king of the imperial troop did not show any weakness. Two combat weapons fell into its hands. They rushed forward with a wave.

The best way to deal with an enemy like the eight-armed naga was to kite it.

However, Richard did not execute this tactic. He wanted to see how fierce the king of the imperial troop was.

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The two of them entered the battle.

The king of the imperial troop exploded with infinite power.

The naga waved its hand.

Ten saber lights tore through the sky.

It broke the enemy troop and unleashed ten flashes of Sword Qi. It dealt damage to a fan-shaped area 50 meters before it.

The kings of the six squads attacked simultaneously.

One could only describe the scene as horrible.

Heaven and earth instantly lit up. There were only hundreds of saber lights left in front of everyone.


However, the body of the eight-armed naga was somewhat illusory and could not dodge.

The opponent tore the body apart like paper.

The terrifying saber light hung up the storm.

The hard floor was like a finger had scratched tofu. Tons of debris shattered and flew everywhere.

A terrifying scene appeared after the energy dissipated.

The eight-armed naga’s body had recovered.

The attack just now was enough to make the giant dragon feel resentful. But this mysterious existence completely ignored it.

The eight-armed naga rushed toward the king of the imperial troop angrily.

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