Lord of the Mysteries

Chapter 1385: Chapter 1385 - “Madness“

Chapter 1385 “Madness“

Amon and the strange door of light were “Grafted” together.

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“His” face grimaced as the darkness in “His” eyes intensified.

At the same time, more slippery tentacles appeared under “His” classic black robe, fully showcasing the crazy feeling was completely displayed.

Just as Klein was preparing to sever the connection between Amon and Sefirah Castle and make “Him” maintain “His” madness, the corners of Amon’s mouth curled up.

It was as if he was saying:

“Congratulations, you have fallen into a trap.”

“His” face was immediately covered with a translucent mask that was similar to The Fool’s Uniqueness, but one that was even more illusory.

Klein’s mind tensed up, and without a second thought, he immediately used the authority of “Fooling” without any regard for the consequences.

But before he could react, his thoughts slowed down. He was in a dazed state that he didn’t know what to do.


Amon actually used the temporary “Reassembly” between “Him” and Sefirah Castle to escape Klein’s interference and activate the power of The Fool’s domain.

Such an action completely exceeded his instincts and was more like a meticulous trap.

Amon didn’t seem to be crazy enough!

This true god of the Error and Door pathways immediately removed the “Grafting” of “Himself” to Sefirah Castle, allowing the mysterious door that was tainted with hints of bluish-black to quickly fade away to prevent “Him” from being tainted further.

After dealing with this latent danger, Amon raised both hands, “His” thumbs and index fingers touching each other to form an oval.

In the oval, starlight lit up, perfectly embracing Klein’s figure.

Right on the heels of that, Amon’s hands suddenly parted to the side as though they were tearing something apart. This seemed to be a heavy task.

With the tearing sounds of paper, the area where Klein’s body was in seemed to turn into glass. Under the intense impact, countless cracks appeared as they shattered bit by bit.

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This was a form of regression and the destruction of space. Unable to withstand it at all, Klein’s body could only turn into paper fragments that flew in the air as the surrounding void collapsed and shattered. These bits of paper were instantly swallowed up by the darkness.

By the time the space collapsed, Klein’s paper figurines were almost exhausted.

Of course, he also relied on the level and traits of The Fool to forcefully escape the effects of “Blind Stupidity.”

And at this moment, Amon had already split into countless figures. Some of them were purely avatars, some were replicas on the level of symbolism, while others were left behind from constantly “Blinking.”

At that moment, the sky above Klein’s head and the surrounding wilderness were occupied by Amons. “They” wore pointed hats and monocles, blocking every single loophole.

Some of these Amons transformed into old, mottled, bluish-black wall clocks. Some of “Them” turned into pure starlight, as though “They” were trying to create a cage. Some extended “Their” hands, doing different levels of “Theft.” Some of the monocles glowed as “They” used various items that “They” had stolen from the past. Some simulated various abilities, either exerting limitations, interference, or attacks.

In the Marauder pathway, “Theft” was a core skill, one of its main symbols. The difference between it and a Seer’s control of Spirit Body Threads was that, as one advanced through the Sequences, not only did its effects and success rate increase, it also obtained a deeper level of conceptualization.

At Sequence 9 to Sequence 7, “Theft” happened on items. At Sequence 6, “Theft” happened on Beyonder powers. After advancing to Sequence 5, “Theft” happened on thoughts and ideas. At Sequence 4 and Sequence 3, “Theft” became life, including parasitic theft at the physical level. And at Sequence 2 level, the range of “Theft” broadened to fate, identity, self-awareness, and Beyonder characteristics. As for Sequence 1, “Theft” could temporarily happen on time, anchors, and authorities.

Therefore, when an Error faced a true deity, “He” could also use “Theft” that had reached the level of authority.

With a gong, the ancient wall clocks paused in unison.

This caused the surrounding environment to freeze, causing the destroyed wilderness from the sun’s blast to become extremely quiet. Even the destruction was frozen.

At that moment, Klein seemed to lose his body. All that was left was a translucent dark-colored cloak and a bizarre ice-cold mask.

Under the cloak and mask was rich darkness. Nothing could be seen other than the slippery and sinister tentacles that extended out.

In such a state, Klein seemed to escape the limitations of time. In a frozen environment, he moved like a fish. Through various cracks in reality or concept, he emerged from the encirclement of the Amons.

He once again used his “Fooling” authority.

This time, he “Fooled” time.

The ancient wall clocks vanished, and in the desolate wilderness that had almost completely collapsed, time returned to its normal flow. The Amons stopped “Their” attempts, suddenly merged into one, and “Blinked” behind Klein, preventing him from having a breather.

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“His” left palm reached out, and as “He” retracted it, “He” clenched “His” fingers.

Around Klein, the space suddenly became shrouded in shadows, making it look like a thin fishnet veil.

The “fishnet veil” began to twist and reassemble, as though they formed a sufficiently strong cage that trapped Klein inside.

An illusory door appeared above the cage as it moved quickly without being fixed in place.

However, Klein’s figure suddenly appeared outside the cell, as though he had never been sealed by Amon’s Door authority.

He had “Fooled” history and had split his previous and future self.

Hence, the one imprisoned in the cell became his historical projection.

This was the Scholar of Yore’s powers deepening under the “Fooling” authority.

As he had relied on an advancement ritual based on “Fooling” history, Klein’s The Fool powers in such a domain were stronger than when he “Fooled” time and fate.

As soon as he escaped the spatial cell, Klein immediately used the Realm of Mysteries to create a new divine kingdom of The Fool. This was to stall for time and find a chance to stabilize his mental state. He had used the Fooling authority multiple times, and the weak balance in his body was on the verge of collapsing. If he didn’t stabilize his mental state as soon as possible, the will of the Celestial Worthy would awaken further.

This was also a serious problem.

At this moment, a huge crystal monocle appeared in front of him.

On this monocle, layers of sparkling lights surged out and flooded him instantly.

Klein’s mental state suddenly stabilized, but the price was to lose all his emotions and desires. He didn’t even want to resist. All he wanted was to stand there quietly and wait for the impending destruction.

This was like an ordinary person being injected with a huge dose of anesthetic.

At the same time, an illusory book appeared in the layers of light.

The book opened, revealing a sentence:

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“Tormented by the Lord of the Mysteries’s mental corruption, Klein Moretti had always been in great pain and a state of extreme exhaustion. After the intense battle, he has finally reached his limits due to the influence of his mind. He had decided to give up and stop resisting.”

Behind the huge crystal monocle, Amon, who was wearing a pointed hat and classic black robe, quickly outlined “Himself” like a mountain.

“He” looked at Klein, who had given up resisting, and “His” dark eyes turned lighter as the corners of “His” lips curled up.

“I stole it. How is it?”

Klein raised his head to look at Mr. Error, and he tried hard to open his mouth. He said weakly, “You were pulling off a deception from the beginning?”

Amon raised “His” hands and said with a smile, “Unfortunately, you realized it too late.”

“He” made “His” thumbs and index fingers touch each other, forming an oval.

In the oval, starlight lit up, illuminating Klein’s figure.

Right on the heels of that, Amon solemnly separated “His” hands, tearing apart the void where Klein and the surrounding environment relied on to live.

The void was like glass, shattering into pieces like the collapse of a skyscraper.

However, all the collapsing and destruction circled Klein’s body without directly affecting him.

He was like a small fishing boat that calmly cruised through a storm. It appeared out-of-place and disharmonious, as though it didn’t seem to belong here.

Amon raised “His” hand and adjusted “His” monocle on “His” right eye, the smile on “His” face somewhat faded.

A translucent cloak kept popping up and disappearing over the surface of Klein’s body.

He looked at the mountain-like Amon, his eyes turning darker.

“From the moment you entered Sefirah Castle and said the first word, you began your deceit.”

At that time, Amon said that “He” had taken the risk to release the suppression of the Lord of the Mysteries in “His” body, in exchange for the identity of Sefirah Castle’s owner.

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At that moment, Amon didn’t take the opportunity to continue attacking Klein. “He” floated in midair and looked down at Mr. Fool.

Klein didn’t make any attempts either. His tone was strangely calm, as though he was preparing something.

“If simply releasing the suppression of the Lord of the Mysteries’s will allows you to enter Sefirah Castle at the cost of being half-crazy, Antigonus could’ve done so back then. The Annihilation Demonic Wolf, Flegrea, from even earlier could’ve done it as well. You and Mr. Door previously had countless opportunities.

“Clearly, it’s impossible to invade Sefirah Castle by just making the Lord of the Mysteries awaken to a certain extent, and using half-craziness in concert with Error. There’s no way you can find a usable bug in this matter unless you directly get ‘Him’ to replace you.

“Only when you possessed the Door authority to go anywhere did you see hope. By creating a back door and using bugs, you could make Sefirah Castle treat you as the Lord of the Mysteries and give you the corresponding authority.

“Of course, this will definitely require the awakening of the Lord of the Mysteries to a rather dangerous state. Without this hidden identity, you won’t be able to deceive Sefirah Castle without any reason.

“After absorbing Door’s Uniqueness, you didn’t immediately infiltrate Sefirah Castle to deal with me who was even weaker back then. It was because at that time, you were unable to completely withstand the awakening of the Lord of the Mysteries’s will, with you having just advanced.

“I believe you’ve already found a relatively safer solution. If I hadn’t advanced to The Fool so quickly, you would’ve been able to enter Sefirah Castle in the best state to resolve everything sometime later. And now, you have no choice but to bring this plan forward. There’s definitely a very serious problem with you.

“You took the initiative to throw out the price of becoming half-crazy to, on the one hand, make me think of countermeasures in this direction so as to lay a deadly trap in key areas, and on the other hand, you also wanted to divert attention and use this opportunity to conceal other problems.

“You’re not half-mad at all.”

Amon quietly listened to Klein’s words. Rather abnormally, “He” didn’t interrupt him, nor did “He” attempt to attack. Only when Klein was done did “He” say with an odd expression, “You’re crazy.”

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