Chapter 130

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An impossible situation had occurred.

Arcane Power and Demonic Energy. These two incompatible sources of energy were present together.


[The effect of Arcane Sword increases.]

[The effect of Sensory Field increases.]

[The effect of Cinder Eyes…]


With the activation of Demonic Energy, all the skills YuWon was using also increased in effectiveness.

However, unlike Arcane Power, the Demonic Energy stat was still only a measly 20. Naturally, as it was lower than the other stats, it was used up much faster.

But even then, the Demonic Energy seemed to not want to lose to Arcane Power. Even though it was lacking, it was burning quite fiercely, blasting as hard as it could.

‘I only have a short window to use it.’

At most, it was only a minute.

As expected, it would be difficult to do anything big with just 20 stats’ worth. But this was still better because in this short time, it was able to bring forth more explosive power.

“Since it looks like both of us are running out of time…”

[Cinder Eyes] was able to see the flow of mana that was enveloping the sword floating in the air.

On the 25th Floor, using this much mana, and against a player at that, was the same as accepting death.

Although Chryses did the same on the 1st Floor, Thal was overexerting even more.

“Let’s do this.”


The strength in YuWon’s legs increased. The ground under him buckled and sank, and the force pushing off the ground became stronger.


YuWon kicked off the ground and closed the distance in an instant.

At that moment, Lollit strengthened his grip on his shield.

And so…


YuWon’s sword and Lollit’s shield collided.


The large shield, which was big as a castle, shook.

If he hadn’t used his skill, his shield might have been knocked out of his hand. That was how strong of an impact it was.


His arms were shaking. The ultimate shield started to crack, and the strength in his arms started to give as the shield wavered.

‘I can’t withstand him like this.’

Although he was overextending right now as well…


He couldn’t just let his defenses be broken.


Accepting the penalty, he brought up his Arcane Power to the limit.

Although he was just defending right now, the Tower saw this as a ‘battle’ against a player.

The shield became sturdier, and the penalty grew stronger as well.

However, in the end…

“It’s done.”

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He was able to stop YuWon until Thal’s skill could be activated.


Thal plunged his sword in reverse grip into the ground, and with it, the giant sword hanging in the sky started to move as well.

“This is the end.”

YuWon, who was busy attacking the shield, looked up.

The sword created by condensing massive amounts of mana looked like divine punishment from the heavens.


[‘Judgment of the Round Table’ descends.]



The flow of mana was so fierce that it shook the entire training grounds.

YuWon couldn’t tell how much penalty Thal had endured, but when he looked over the shield, Thal’s body was in a mess. It wouldn’t have been odd if Thal just collapsed then and there.

If this was a skill that was activated by a knight who was worthy to sit on the Round Table while taking that much of the penalty, its power would be fearsome.

‘That is dangerous.’ He couldn’t just ignore it and continue to pummel the shield. ‘For now, I need to block…’

As he was making that decision…


[The effect of Cinder Eyes increases.]

[Cinder Eyes reads the path.]



To his eyes, the scene changed while looking at the sword. He could see through the densely packed flow of mana.

The eyes to see through the essence. Through them, YuWon was able to see things he hadn’t seen before. For example…

‘I can see it.’

The weak point of that giant sword that Thal had just created.


He still had enough Demonic Energy left, just enough to make one or two moves.

‘If it’s like this…’


If it was like this, then it was only natural for his decision to change.

This was doable.

‘Hit it.’


Arcane Power poured out of 「Kyneē.」

He squeezed out all his remaining Demonic Energy and concentrated it at the point of his blade.

Compared to the giant sword striking downwards, YuWon’s sword was just a dot.


As the two swords collided…


A blinding light shone out from the center of the training grounds.


* * *


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* * *



Vwoong, vwoong, fwooooo—

The two sources of Arcane Power collided and overturned the training grounds. 

To prevent himself from flying away with the strong winds, Lollit put strength in his shield again and protected his body.

“Thal! Are you alright?”

There was no reply.

Glancing to his side, Thal was on his knees while holding onto his sword that was struck into the ground.

There was no response.

A flash of panic went through Lollit as he brought his hand up to Thal’s nose. 

Thankfully, he was still breathing.



Strength left his legs as he sat down where he was standing.

Although it wasn’t as much as Thal’s, Lollit’s body was also damaged quite a bit from the penalty. Several veins had burst on his body, blood flowing out of them, and he couldn’t put strength into his arms or legs. Right now, it was hard to even try to stand up.

But still…

‘We somehow won in the end.’

The Arcane Power and Demonic Energy that could be felt from YuWon was definitely threatening. Since he was able to use both types of powers at the same time, even if he had the same stats as them, he would be able to put out much more power. But even still, it was unexpected that the gap between them was this much.

‘But with this, it seems we won’t be able to find the one who killed His Highness.’

With it ending like this, it was like they were only able to half-avenge him. It wasn’t a satisfying conclusion.


‘But we have a clue.’

Although the fight was short, he was able to get one clear indication.

Strength that was impossible for someone born a human to obtain—Demonic Energy. 

There was no story of someone being able to obtain Demonic Energy through a skill. If a player was able to handle Demonic Energy, there was definitely something wrong with them. Demonic Energy was like the demons’ inheritance.

Lollit was able to confirm that the demons were the ones backing YuWon.

“I’ll need to look deeper into this.”

“Deeper into what?”

Hearing the voice coming from inside the tangled mess of mana, Lollit was startled into standing. However, the strength in his legs soon gave out, and he collapsed in an unsightly manner onto his backside again.



Strength refused to go into his legs. He smacked his leg with one hand to put some energy into it, but nothing changed.

As he lifted his head, he could see YuWon approaching him.

“How could this…?”

“It definitely was dangerous.”


YuWon popped his stiff wrist. The shock was considerable.

“It also hurt quite a bit.”

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However, he had not even a major injury, he wasn’t even bleeding. Seeing this, Lollit was shocked. He hadn’t expected YuWon to face it head on.

“Damn it!”


Lollit punched his knees again.

He needed to stand up.


If he stayed sitting like this, it would be the end not just for him but Thal as well.


“Are you putting on a show?”

Lollit, who was punching his knees as if he wanted them to break, looked up.

He could see YuWon who had approached until he was right up in his face.

YuWon sheathed his sword and settled all the Arcane Power he had brought out.

“You’ll injure your knee like that. Stop it.”


Lollit had a dazed expression, not understanding the situation. Since the fight had ended, he definitely thought his and Thal’s heads would be sent flying.

“Why aren’t you ending this?”

“Are you telling me to kill you?”

“Isn’t that how it normally is?”

“Well, it is…”

This was more annoying than just fighting. What useless explanations. However, it wasn’t like he couldn’t explain himself.

“Just like I told you before, I had no relation to the death of the King of Knights. It started from a misunderstanding, so there’s no need to go out of my way to kill you.” YuWon’s gaze landed on Thal, who was collapsed on the ground. “On top of that…”

“—Don’t kill them. You mustn’t!”

YuWon frowned from hearing Arthur’s voice ringing loudly inside his head. Although he had replied that he got it, Arthur had continued to repeat the same words.

Thal and Lollit. 

It was because these two were followers of Arthur from a long time ago.

‘I’m doing what you said,’ YuWon answered frustratedly and shook his head. 

He said, “No, it’s fine. You won’t believe me even if I continue to explain.”

“Are you still claiming that you aren’t until the end?”

“That’s right. The sins you have committed right now, solve them later through your court of law. Let’s do this within the laws of Britain.”

Hearing him confidently talk about doing this through legal measures, Lollit lost his words. For an instant, he even thought, ‘Is he telling the truth?

‘Then did His Highness lie? No, there’s no way. Then does that mean Asgard leaked false information?’

His head was filled with conflicting thoughts. The disparity between the information he received from Lancelot and what YuWon was saying now…

He fell into conflict, unable to choose a side to deem correct.

But then…

“Yeah. That’s a good way. Through the law.”

Someone had walked up behind the exhausted Thal and Lollit.

Lollit turned his head, and his eyes became so wide they looked like they would pop out.

“Y-Your Highness!”

“What a mess,” the green-haired man muttered while surveilling the training grounds

YuWon looked at his face. It was just like the one he had been hearing about.

‘Lancelot. The Knight of Betrayal.’

A High-Ranker of The Round Table, and the King of Britain. The Ranker who was like the icon of betrayal appeared before them.

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“My apologies.”

Lollit was barely able to kneel in front of Lancelot who had approached him.

Kneeling and maintaining his manners in that state, YuWon was amazed at the knight’s mentality toward his king.

Lancelot looked down at Thal, who was collapsed on the ground, and Lollit who was out of strength.

And then…

“Yeah,” he spoke more coldly than ever before. “You should apologize.”


“Apologize for the sin of daring to taint the name of The Round Table of Britain doing something like this.”


YuWon’s eyes opened wide. An unbelievable scene was occurring before him.


“Receive the death penalty.”

A thin line of blood appeard on Lollit’s neck. His eyes were wide open and looked at Lancelot with an expression of disbelief.



Lollit’s head was sent flying, and a fountain of blood shot upwards.

It was the same for Thal on the ground. With his body sliced in twain, he wasn’t even able to leave a ‘Why’ like Lollit.

It all happened in an instant.

“Tsk. They brought too much shame to this country.”

As if he was looking down at disgusting bugs, Lancelot looked away from the two corpses and sheathed his sword.


“Are you alright? You look to be quite shocked,” Lancelot greeted YuWon with a warm smile.

Right after that…


Arthur’s voice roared like a lion’s inside YuWon’s head.

It was an intense rage. It made him feel like he should walk up to Lancelot right this instant.

But he couldn’t do that.

YuWon ignored Lancelot’s greeting and turned away. 

He couldn’t attack YuWon right now anyway. If that happened, Thal and Lollit’s attack on him wouldn’t be unrelated to Lancelot, and if that happened, he would receive punishment from the Administrator.

‘Hold back for now.’

YuWon suppressed Arthur’s soul. He felt like if he left Arthur be, he would come out by himself and attack Lancelot.

YuWon knew how much anger Arthur had right now. Although Thal and Lollit were YuWon’s enemies, they were still faithful subordinates of Arthur.

Even though dying of ignorance was a common thing in the Tower, it at least shouldn’t have been Lancelot who killed them.

‘For now, hold it in.’

Even as he turned his back, he could feel it. With this, he was confident.


[?’s Egg bares its teeth.]


Lancelot’s body contained an Outer God.




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