In order to ensure that his evil reputation was only a misunderstanding of the people, Su Shi had to make sure that any methods he took against them would not directly harm their lives. Even when he fought against that thunder-type ability user, his intention was to leave him as an ordinary person at the end of the battle. It was only because the opponent was crushed by fear and despair that he gave up on using his mental power to heal himself, so he lost his life in the end.

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The gray mist was just a mutated spore that could cause people to lose their consciousness. As for the vines, they could trap people but would not threaten their life.

While being besieged by powerful firepower, Su Shi also had to conside the strength of his counterattacks. In the short term, Su Shi could still keep this up, but he was already vaguely feeling himself buckle under the onslaught.

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The electric light surrounding his crystal core kept flickering. The lightning-type powers that he had just absorbed were clearly dissatisfied at the current disadvantageous situation. It stirred violently within him, and even began to try to break through the containment of spiritual power.

Su Shi took a deep breath and then let go of the restraint. The fierce electricity jumped and circled around the vines in an instant, and a tragic cry of pain suddenly sounded from the edge of the forest.

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At most, he could only shock the opponent once. Any more than that and the consequences could be serious. Su Shi suppressed the lightning ability again. His chest couldn’t stop heaving. His eyes swept across the crowd, and the always indifferent and calm dark pupils finally showed some coldness.

His opponents were already trembling in fright, so when they heard the screams of their companions, many of them threw down their weapons and fled without looking back.

The battle entered a temporary stalemate.

Sun Shuo’s face was practically dripping with sweat. He issued an order to suspend the attack.

The vines that were getting ready for battle also gradually hibernated, and the figure in the forest [Su Shi] relaxed slightly from the tense posture of preparing for the battle. The chill in his eyes gradually eased, but his eyes were still full of vigilance.

“Actually, we don’t necessarily have to clash in battle. If we can come to an agreement, why don’t we use this method to settle our dispute?”

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Seeing that the soldiers at Base B were unscathed in the back, while their own side and several other bases had suffered heavy losses, the person in charge of Base T stepped forward and calmed down with a meaningful tone.

“There will be no results if we continue like this. Why don’t we each take a step back for the time being? If the Unbounded City and the Dark Forest can be incorporated into the subsidiary areas of Base B, and Base B becomes responsible for the communication and exchanges between the two parties, we do not necessarily have to participate in the encirclement and suppression here…”

Sun Shuo glared at him fiercely, and his eyes almost showed some real anger.

If the Unbounded City could be annexed, then Base B would have taken such action long ago. They wouldn’t have to wait until now.

According to the person in charge of the other party, as long as the Son of Hell was willing to admit his affiliation, from now on, no matter what mishaps or what base he robs, Base B would be responsible for it.

This solution was simply too whimsical. Sun Shuo was about to sternly counter him, but Su Shi spoke first, “I won’t give the Unbounded City to anyone.”

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His tone was very flat, with almost no special emotions, but inexplicably showed a decisive attitude.

Sun Shuo’s eyes wavered slightly and then fell upon the figure of the Son of Hell, who has been isolated from society for a long time. His gaze suddenly showed some mocking coldness.

“Your strength is indeed beyond my expectations. In fact, we may not necessarily have to become enemies. If you don’t want to be an affiliate of a certain base, you can also consider joining the base alliance…”

Just now, he was clamoring to get rid of the Son of Hell, but now his attitude has made a sharp one hundred and eighty degree turn. The heads of the other bases were all stunned for a while. They watched Sun Shuo’s calm expression as he walked towards the Son of Hell step by step.

Su Shi raised his head to look at him, and surreptitiously put a hand behind his back.

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Sun Shuo’s expression softened as he slowly walked towards the Son of Hell: “We know that you have been wronged in the past, but those things are over. You don’t need to take revenge on anyone, and you can put forward any other conditions…”

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His tone became more and more careless. The moment he stepped into attck range, the supernatural power that he had condensed to the extreme exploded out of his body in an instant, and the dense and fiery wind blades with a faint blood-red glow shot out towards the opponent like a shower.

Su Shi was prepared for this ahead of time, and instead of retreating, he moved forward. He covered his head and neck with one hand, and turned a leaf into a knife and slashed the opponent’s chest.

The two men separated as soon as they made contact with each other. Their chest heaved violently up and down from that brief collision. Su Shi already had numerous fine wounds on his body, but Sun Shuo’s chest was also plowed open and oozed with blood.

The wind blades were far sharper than the previous thunder-type abilities, and Sun Shuo has been acknowledged as an S-rank ability user for a long time. Before the vines could attack, he had already cut them up into multiple pieces that plopped onto the ground to be swallowed up once again.

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