Chapter 50.3

Fu Yanzhi nodded expressionlessly.

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Liu Man clearly felt bored not speaking, so he asked, “I heard that you’ll be tackling pediatric heart problems this time around?”

Fu Yanzhi simply replied, “Hmm.”

Liu Man chuckled lightly and asked, “What made you want to do this?”

Fu Yanzhi looked at him but declined to answer.

When he decides to do something, he just does it. No second thoughts.

“Forget it,” Liu Man said. “Let’s just get ready first.”



When Ji Qingying arrived, the competition was just about to start.

Zhao Yidong quickly pulled her to their seats, which was a little in the middle.

As soon as she sat down, someone came on the stage.

Zhao Yidong served to introduce the various academics that came from their respective institutions.

Ji Qingying was intrigued and couldn’t peel her attention away.

The early stages had mainly researchers, who were all optimistic and encouraging.

Ji Qingying paid very close attention. For an inexplicable reason, she felt she was also taking part in this competition.

After the researchers, it was the doctors’ turn to present.

Fu Yanzhi seemed to be scheduled nearer to the end. She hardly knew the people who were presenting right now. She recognized a few faces, but couldn’t call them by name.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

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All the while, Zhao Yidong whispered various information into her ear, which caused her to recall a lot of information.

When Liu Man came on stage, Zhao Yidong inadvertently coughed while saying in a low voice, “This person is one of ours, but is in the Cardiology Department.”

Ji Qingying nodded, “Spill?”

“He takes Dr Fu as his rival, and the competition between the two is particularly fierce.” She added, “Whenever the two meet, you can expect some explosions.”


She thought for a moment, “Dr. Fu is not such a person, is he?”

Zhao Yidong snorted a reply, “Of course Dr Fu isn’t the type to go down to his level, but Liu Man is incorrigible! He’s always finding little issues for Dr Fu.”

Ji Qingying nodded her head, expressing her understanding.

As soon as Liu Man took the stage, he received the attention of his colleagues who were familiar with him.

Even while being the center of attention, Liu Man vaguely felt that there was someone staring at him rather fiercely, as if he were an enemy.

He frowned.

He looked around the audience before catching a glimpse of a stunning beauty seated among the medical staff.

He was momentarily dumbfounded.

He was wondering how he would end up offending such a beauty, when Fu Yanzhi flashed across his mind.

‘Oh? So she’s Fu Yanzhi’s girlfriend?’

Liu Man sneered.

When Liu Man finished his presentation, the auditorium was full of applause.

Even Ji Qingying couldn’t help but applaud as well. Though she didn’t really understand everything, she still felt like the presentation was excellent and the presenter was confident.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

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Despite her dissatisfaction with him targeting Fu Yanzhi, he deserved to be praised.

After his presentation, the floor was opened for questions from the expert panel.

Ji Qingying tried to listen, but her ignorance of the subject matter led her to doze off–until she heard a certain name.

It’s Fu Yanzhi!

Her eyes lit up as she stared at the stage.

Today, Fu Yanzhi was wearing a formal suit. On closer inspection, Ji Qingying noticed that he was wearing the dress shirt and tie she had bought him. He was as exceptionally dressed as he was handsome.

As soon as he took the stage, many audience members couldn’t help but cheer.

Everyone’s attention fell on him and only him.

He was so dazzling, whether it was his appearance, temperament or ability, he shone as bright as the stars in the night sky.

Even Zhao Yidong couldn’t help but say, “Dr Fu really is worthy of being called the flower of the Diyi Hospital. He’s just that handsome!”


She knew that Fu Yanzhi wouldn’t have liked this kind of compliment.

Nevertheless, she also loudly cheered for him together with the crowd!

“Goodness gracious! How can Dr Fu be so handsome?!”

“Uwuuu~ This is why Dr Fu is so famous!”

“The poster-boy of the Diyi Hospital lives up to his reputation!”

“Shush! You know his girlfriend is right there, right?!”

Ji Qingying merely smiled as she accepted everyone’s gaze.

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Fu Yanzhi’s speech tackled congenital heart disease in children.

Needless to say, this all went over Ji Qingying’s head, but that didn’t stop her from looking at him with starry eyes the whole time.

Of course, she didn’t forget to record his speech with her phone. While filming, she felt that Fu Yanzhi’s gaze lingered on her, so she couldn’t help but smile.

Ji Qingying imagined reaching out and pinching his face, which forced her to stifle her laughter.

Normally, Fu Yanzhi’s voice was calm and powerful. But, when it comes to children, she felt that his voice indescribably softens.

He clearly had his favorites.

Everyone was deeply engrossed in his lecture, with some even becoming a bit emotional.

Ji Qingying also listened and couldn’t help but get caught up in the mood.

Those with congenital heart disease could be said to have been born into a nightmare.

Ji Qingying couldn’t help but think of Xiao Meng and the things she’s read about the topic.

She suddenly understood the meaning of Fu Yanzhi’s speech.

She suddenly understood Fu Yanzhi’s ‘why’.

After Fu Yanzhi finished, he was met with a thunderous ovation from the entire auditorium.

His expression never wavered all throughout. From the very beginning, to the very end, he remained calm to the extreme, even while the expert panel peppered him with questions.

“As expected of Dr Fu,” whispered Zhao Yidong.

Ji Qingying smiled as she looked on stage, “That’s my man. Powerful!”

Zhao Yidong nodded in agreement, “If Dr Fu’s presentation could be spread, it could lead to families gaining a greater understanding of the procedures for heart transplantation in children suffering from congenital heart disease, and could also give them greater hope!”

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Ji Qingying could only say, “Um”.

She had always known Fu Yanzhi as a big softie, with a cold exterior, but a warm interior.

To him, he loved and had faith in his profession that every drop of blood or every tear he shed was worth it.

In no time at all, the scores were tabulated and the results were out. Gasps could be heard all around.

Zhao Yidong exclaimed, “AWESOME!”

Ji Qingying looked up to see Fu Yanzhi’s score was clearly displayed on the big screen.

The highest score so far!

Close to perfect!

She was happy for him and gave him a thumbs up from the audience seating.

Seeing this, Fu Yanzhi couldn’t help but chuckle on stage.

With his calm expression abruptly ending, the host couldn’t help but ask: “Dr. Fu, what are you laughing at?”

She followed Fu Yanzhi’s gaze as she asked, “It appears that Dr Fu was glancing over there. Mayhaps, can we know what was the object that fascinated you so?”

Fu Yanzhi smiled and directly answered, “Just my girlfriend.”

The crowd was in an uproar.

In an instant, countless curious eyes followed his gaze, which all eventually fell on Ji Qingying.

The host was wide-eyed, following up her question, “Dr Fu… what you just said… it broke the hearts of so many of your fangirls, you know?”

Fu Yanzhi was too stumped that he could only reply with an “Um”. Though, his smiling face loudly proclaimed: “I’m flattered!”

The host was speechless once again. She didn’t want any more cheesiness from two. “Doctor Fu, take care~ Let’s welcome our next speaker…”

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