“What?!” Ao Yuanming was taken aback. It was a place for treatment he specially prepared for his younger sister. How could there be a trap? If there was really a trap, wouldn’t it mean that someone else had already noticed his every movement?

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“Tch! I was so looking forward to enjoying your sister after I caught you. Speaking of which, I haven’t played with a half-dead woman yet.” A tall and slender man came out from the depths of the cave, followed by a big man with a huge ax on the back.

This man looked handsome, but his eyes were full of lust and tyranny. It’s obvious that he’s not a nice person.

He was wearing a navy blue robe, with a long sword on his waist, holding a folding fan. He had the appearance of a handsome young man, but unfortunately, there was no trace of elegance in his whole body, which was completely destroyed by his dark and vicious eyes.

“Suo Yin! How dare you appear in front of me?!” Ao Yuanming’s eyes were filled with hatred the moment he saw this man.

“Haha… so what? What can you do to me?!” The man named Suo Yin laughed loudly, then suddenly turned cold and looked at Ao Yuanming with disdain.

“Let me tell you! Not only am I here, but I’m also going to eat you! I am going to eat your dragon body! Then enjoy your sister! I will eat her dragon body too! So? What are you going to do about that?” Suo Yin laughed arrogantly.

Ao Yuanming clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth. If it was just him and Suo Yin there, he would be able to tear the other party into pieces with his eyes closed, but the big man behind Suo Yin was his personal bodyguard and he had the level of nascent soul. Last time, he was defeated by this person. If his elders hadn’t happened to pass by at that time, he would have died already.

But this time…

With a sudden move in his mind, he secretly looked at Xu Ziyan. Although he shouldn’t pin his hopes on the two people who had just made deals with him, there could still be a turnaround if they were willing to help!

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Suo Yin’s bodyguard couldn’t help frowning when he saw Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong, then whispered to Suo Yin.

Suo Yin also glanced at Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong, a sense of doubt flashed in his eyes.

He arched his hands towards Xu Ziyan and squeezed a smile on his face, “this cultivator, this is a private matter between me and Ao Yuanming, you’d better not intervene. As long as you promise not to leak this matter, you will automatically become my friend!” After speaking, there was a sense of coldness under his eyes.

Two nascent souls? And so what? I’ve already asked for assistance from my elder. As long as he sends somebody here, you won’t be able to escape from me!

His actions of killing Suo Yin was extremely secretive, and it would be troublesome if the Jiaolong clan found out about it. Therefore, from the very beginning, he had no intention of letting these two go.

What he said earlier was just to delay the time, besides…he glanced at Xu Zirong with a dark gaze. Although he had no interest in men, he remembered that a certain uncle in the clan seemed to like this kind of handsome man. However, that uncle was usually quite demanding. Up to now, it seemed that he’d only had three servants, and if he could contribute this person as a sacrifice, things might change…

Suo Yin was secretly proud of himself. Among the descendants of the clan, he was probably the only one who could win the favor of the two elders. In the future, the position of patriarch would surely come easily!

He came back to his senses and looked at the Xu brothers with a smile, “so, what do you guys think about it? The sea snake clan is the only clan sticking to their promises!”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows and didn’t speak, but he couldn’t help laughing, “could it be that he thinks of himself an idiot? Or why would he say that?”

Let’s just watch what he was doing! He ambushed and killed the disciples of the Jiaolong clan near Tengyun…no matter how ignorant Xu Ziyan was, he could tell that this Ao Yuanming was definitely not an ordinary Jiaolong. If he died, how could his clan let the matter go? And since it’s a serious matter, how could Suo Yin simply let it expose?

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Xu Ziyan didn’t answer, and Xu Zirong didn’t even bother to raise his eyelids. Talking to such an idiot would definitely lower his IQ. Although the two first arrived in Tengyun and they didn’t know much about the situation in the eastern sea, they were still aware that the Jiaolong clan was the boss of the eastern sea. So, does it matter whether someone’s from the sea snake clan or sea bird clan? Also, as long as he’s not an idiot, he’d definitely want to kill whoever knew about the matter. It’s only that he’s in a rather inferior situation and wanted to stall things.

——Xu Zirong sneered, he would not give the other party any chance!

“Do it!” The thought from the blood contract made Xu Ziyan shoot a purple arrow without hesitation.

Although Suo Yin wanted to procrastinate, he was quite wary of the two nascent soul cultivators who appeared suddenly. Therefore, under the guard of the big man, he escaped the sword very barely.

At the same time that Xu Ziyan shot the arrow, Ao Yuanming also made a move. His body swelled several times, dark purple dragon scales appeared on the outer skin, and he charged towards Suo Yin with a halberd in his hand. It happened to be one step slower than Xu Ziyan’s attack.

“How dare you! You don’t know what the right virtues are anymore! I’m the old grandson of the sea snake clan, how dare you…!” Suo Yin sounded furious but he actually felt terrified.

He just asked for help from the elder just now, but even if the ancestor was really to send help, it would take half an hour.

The Sea Snake Clan and the Jiaolong Clan had always been difficult to deal with, so once a master of the Sea Snake Clan appeared in Tengyun, it would definitely attract the attention of the Jiaolong Clan. In order to avoid being noticed, the ancestor’s subordinates would definitely choose to advance by breaking through the void, but a nascent soul cultivator had limited grasp of space ability, and with the special environment of the seabed, there was no way to rescue them in time.

Suo Yin had only reached the later stage of golden core, which was even lower than Ao Yuanming, who had completed the whole stage. If he hadn’t brought the big man as a bodyguard, he would not dare to provoke Ao Yuanming at all.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that the trap he set for Ao Yuanming there would be faced by two nascent soul cultivators. Even if they’d just reached the early stage of nascent soul, Ao Yuanming could abuse him to death if they had their eyes on the big bodyguard.

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Suo Yin was insidious and cunning, but he never expected that these two nascent soul cultivators would attack him suddenly.

Speaking of which, he was actually unlucky. When Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong first came to the eastern sea, they only knew that it was headed by the Jiaolong clan, but they didn’t know that the sea snake clan was also a big one in the eastern sea. Moreover, a few months ago, a deity cultivator from the sea snake clan emerged. The Sea Snake Clan and the Jiaolong Clan were now evenly matched in terms of high-end combat power. Although the Sea Snake Clan had no intention of challenging the Jiaolong clan’s supremacy, they were actually competing for resources.

It can only be said that Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong encountered the opportunity at the right moment. They originally thought that it’s just a transaction, yet there would be endless troubles once they interfered in the dispute between the sea snake clan and the Jiaolong clan.

Of course, it was unavoidable for the two to make a move. What the other party had done must be kept secret, but since the two already participated, they would naturally become the target to kill. Since they didn’t want to die, they could only choose to sacrifice the other party…

The occurrence of this battle was a coincidence, but it was inevitable. In short, on the second day after Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong arrived in Tengyun, the two killed the favorite great-grandson of the black-tailed ancestor of the sea snake clan…

“Thank you cultivator Xu for saving my life!” Ao Yuanming bowed respectfully and bowed to Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan waved his hand casually, indicating that it was nothing to be thankful for. After all, it was Ao Yuanming who wanted to kill. Since he didn’t have plans to be killed, he naturally had to fight back.

It’s just that Xu Ziyan couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed when he thought of the curse Suo Yin made before he died. No one expected that Suo Yin would blow himself up. Although he didn’t cause a lot of danger, the curse of the sea snake clan fell on the remaining four people.

Which included the Xu brothers and the Ao siblings. All of them had a bluish-black sea snake pattern on the back of their hands. This sea snake imprint was lifelike, and those dark red eyes look extremely vicious, as if it was ready release toxins into their bodies anytime.

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This kind of toxin was not fatal, but it required the cursed person to send spiritual power to the hand all the time to resist the poison. With the transmission of the spiritual power, this imprint could continuously release a specific kind of fluctuation, and by chasing this fluctuation, one would be able to find the murderer who killed the disciple of the sea snake clan!

Ao Yuanming didn’t seem to have expected that Suo Yin would be so cruel as to release such a curse before he died. This curse acted like a double-edged sword, hurting others and himself at the same time. And since it burned Suo Yin’s soul as energy, that is to say, Suo Yin could be regarded as truly evaporated, and he couldn’t even be reincarnated.

“I’m really sorry for dragging down cultivator Xu.” Ao Yuanming said embarrassingly.

“It’s okay, although we offended the Sea Snake Clan…” Xu Ziyan frowned, and showed the curse on the back of his hand to Ao Yuanming, “with this thing, I should be considered a friend of the Jiaolong Clan, right?”

Ao Yuanming was taken aback for a moment, then slowly grinned and laughed silently. Xu Ziyan’s meaning was very clear. He offended the Sea Snake Clan to protect the Jiaolong Clan, so the latter couldn’t the Sea Snake Clan take revenge. Otherwise, the Jiaolong clan would have nothing to do with anyone in the eastern sea.

Besides…Ao Yuanming sneered from the bottom of his heart and thought, “Suo Yin dared to ambush me near Tengyun, it shows that he doesn’t give a damn about Tengyun at all. It seemed that the Jiaolong clan had been two low profile recently, failing to suppress the other clans.

“If you don’t mind, cultivator Xu. When my younger sister gets better, why don’t you join me and visit my elder together?” Ao Yuanming said with a smile.

Xu Ziyan also smiled and thought, “it’s definitely easier to talk to smart people!”

“Let’s get out of here first, the enemy may appear at any time.” Xu Zirong said indifferently, deliberately separating Xu Ziyan and Ao Yuanming.

Xu Ziyan nodded, and Ao Yuanming also smiled, both avoided to look at someone who’s cramping and twisting at the moment…

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