He patted Xu Zirong on the shoulder, motioned him to step aside, then cupped his hands towards the man, “it was purely an accident just now, please don’t mind, General.”

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The tall man narrowed his eyes slightly and suddenly stepped forward, “so what if I do mind?”

Xu Ziyan froze for a moment, then lowered his face and slowly released a kind of coercion as a nascent soul cultivator, “then, what do you think, General?”

The tall man’s eyes lit up slightly, and there was surprise in his gaze towards Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan was taken aback by this man, as he was clearly trying to threaten him as a nascent soul, what was he trying to say by acting so excited? Could it be that he loved being abused?

The tall man walked over with an expression of excitement, but he was immediately stopped by three or four thick blood vines before he reached Xu Ziyan.

Those blood vines were swaying gently, and the little white flowers at the top hadn’t blossomed yet, looking really cute. But this tall man never dared to underestimate these blood vines. He could sense a huge risk from them.

The excitement in the man’s eyes became more intense. He stretched out his tongue and licked his dry lips, then cupped his hands towards Xu Ziyan, “senior, I am Ao Yuanming, the leader of Jiaolong guards. Would you like a cup of tea?”

Xu Ziyan: …

Damn it! Am I being flirted by a…Jiaolong on the street? No way! My brother with clinginess disease is right beside me, and he’s ready to attack anytime!

Xu Zirong’s eyes turned cold, this man dared to seduce his brother in front of him! He’s certainly not afraid of death!

Ao Yuanming suddenly felt a sense of impending imminence, and before he even had time to think, he instinctively moved away from the position just now.

Then, there was a bang, and the ground he was standing on just now was pulled hard by a blood vine. The spider web-like trace made Ao Yuanming’s pupils shrink instantly!

The ground of Tengyun city was paved with white sand and iron stone, which was extremely hard. Even if he used all his strength to strike, he might not be able to leave any traces. It’s unexpected that this handsome-looking man would have such power…and if he happened to be hit, there would be unimaginable consequences. Although the Jiaolong clan had always been fearless, he wasn’t comparable to white sand and iron stone.

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“Zirong… wait!” Xu Ziyan knew that something was wrong when he heard so, but it was already too late to stop Xu Zirong’s attack.

Fortunately, the Jiaolong reacted quickly and dodged in time, otherwise there would be more troubles coming.

The manager of the Tengyun city was a deity Jiaolong. Xu Ziyan didn’t want to destroy the harmony between the human race and the Jiaolong clan because of such trivia.

“Zirong, it’s okay, he didn’t mean that.” Xu Ziyan hugged Xu Zirong tightly, rolling his eyes helplessly. ,

Xu Zirong frowned, “but he was trying to flirt with you.”

Xu Ziyan answered helplessly, “just let him do whatever. It’s not like I had the same idea, what’s the fuss about it?”

Xu Zirong didn’t speak, but he just stared at the Jiaolong fiercely.

“Okay, be good, I will give you benefits tonight. Don’t make trouble, just let me take care of it.” Xu Ziyan reluctantly made a promise with himself, and sure enough, the rain was over and the sky cleared immediately.

“Then, brother, you once promised me about…remember? You have to do it for sure!” Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed when he said so.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll do as you say!” Xu Ziyan had already expected such a result. He agreed directly without further delay.

Xu Zirong immediately took back the blood vine happily, but before doing so, he still stared at the Jiaolong with his beautiful yet cold eyes. It’s as if they wanted to say, “try to get near my brother and I’ll kill you!”

(Commander of Jiaolong guards: == I suddenly feel some pain in my knees…)

After comforting this guy with clinginess disease, Xu Ziyan still had to appease the leader of the Jiaolong clan. Although the incident just now was caused by the commander’s provocative words, he still needed to be more active as it was Xu Zirong who reacted first.

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“This…” Xu Ziyan looked at the big man and he felt a headache.

“Ao Yuanming. Senior, you can call me Yuanming. I was quite rude before, please forgive me.” Ao Yuanming cupped his hands.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help frowning when he heard so. Since Xu Zirong was not very friendly just now, logically, Ao Yuanming would want to fight back. However, not only did he stay polite, but he even said that it’d been his fault. It only meant that he’s either stupid or he actually had something to ask from Xu Ziyan.

Although the Jiaolong clan was not considered smart, a commander of the Jiaolong clan shouldn’t have acted this humbly. It only implied that he really came with a request.

Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead helplessly. He just came to eastern sea and he already got into such a trouble. Judging from Ao Yuanming’s attitude, it was definitely not a simple request, but the guy with clinginess disease was the first offensive one…

Well, if he wanted to make friends, Xu Ziyan wouldn’t say so. Also, even if Ao Yuanming needed help, Xu Ziyan still had to see whether he could offer any.

After understanding this, Xu Ziyan smiled slightly at Ao Yuanming, “sorry, my brother was rude to you before. However, people often know each other after arguments, right? If you have time, do you want to have a cup of tea together?”

Ao Yuanming’s eyes flashed immediately, “then I can only thank you! I still have some duties, and I’ll surely come and visit tomorrow.”

Xu Ziyan smiled at him and nodded, then Ao Yuanming led the team of Jiaolong guards to continue patrolling.

However, before he left, he didn’t forget to pick up the person who was thrown out of the shop, and after sending someone to question him, the owner followed him, sweating profusely.

Seeing the shop owner, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but feel his heart twitching. It seemed that this Ao Yuanming was not just an ordinary leader of the Jiaolong guards!

“Let’s go.” He turned and left the huge shell shop, and his idea of buying some materials had completely disappeared.

“Hey…who is this? How come he didn’t die in the hands of a Jiaolong guard?” A man with a snake tail behind him couldn’t help poking a passer-by beside him.

The man immediately looked at him with contempt, “why do you even care? Since he can make a Jiaolong guard behave, he’s definitely not someone that we can mess with.”

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The snake-tailed man couldn’t help making a hissing sound. He said unwillingly, “but they destroyed the city regulations of Tengyun, and the Jiaolong guards don’t care about that either?”

The passer-by was startled and he jumped a few steps away, “even if you want to die, don’t me drag me along! I am not familiar with you at all! You even dare to gossip about the Jiaolong guards, I think you don’t want to live anymore.”

The man with the snake tail was also startled, but he looked around and saw that there was no one else, so he muttered in a low voice, “the city regulations of Tengyun…”

“Why are you so stubborn?!” The passer-by looked at him helplessly, “the so-called city regulations are just there to stop us from causing troubles. Look at what happened just now, it was obviously a misunderstanding. Even so, the Jiaolong guard would have taught him a lesson, yet he’s so powerful and the Jiaolong guard wasn’t stupid, so why would he offend such a high-level cultivator easily?”

The snake-tailed man seemed to be still very dissatisfied, but the passer-by didn’t dare to chat with him anymore. If he continued, who knew what else this idiot would say? On the land of Tengyun, it’d still be better to be more low profile. They’d better grasp the time to hunt instead of complain!

He heard that someone was buying butterfly winged fish two days ago, but he knew there was a secret place where there was a large group of butterfly winged fish appeared, so he’d better hurry up and make some money!

What happened just now was like waves splashing in the sea – it quickly dissipated under the deliberately low-key handling of both parties.

No one noticed that on the first day Xu Ziyan came to Tengyun, he came into contact with the Jiaolong clan. The beginning of the matter might have been a bit discordant, but the subsequent development was beyond everyone’s expectations.

The next day, Ao Yuanming went early to the Luoxin Inn where Xu Ziyan rested. It was a huge conch with a height of more than ten stories, with lots of opened windows.

Ao Yuanming was waiting for Xu Ziyan’s reception in the lobby on the first floor.

Many passing guests were shocked when they saw him in the costume of the leader of the Jiaolong guards.

As the guards of Tengyun, he was definitely a very vicious existence in the hearts of these cultivators! Usually, they were only responsible for patrolling the streets and dealing with those who dared to challenge the city rules, so when they saw him appearing, many cultivators couldn’t help but tremble with fear, secretly wondering if they had broken any rules.

Not long after, Xu Ziyan brought Xu Zirong downstairs together, and after seeing the respectful face of Ao Yuanming, Xu Ziyan only felt that he was more troubles than expected. Could he possibly solve problems that would bother the Jiaolong clan?

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And if it couldn’t get resolved, would he get into trouble immediately?

There were people in this world who could be respectful and flattering when they wanted something, and would turn on you immediately when they knew that you couldn’t help, Xu Ziyan had to be prepared no matter what.

In addition to the lobby on the first floor, the second and third floors of Luoxin Inn were all private dining rooms.

Xu Ziyan didn’t intend to go far, so he simply picked a private room and walked in. Ao Yuanming seemed to feel that the environment was not perfect, but he didn’t comment any further after considering the level of cultivation of Xu Ziyan.

Moments later…

“So…you want me to strike you with the Purple Night Divine Thunder?” Xu Ziyan asked with his eyes twitched.

Ao Yuanming shook his head, “senior, it’s not me wanting to do so, it’s my younger sister.”

Xu Ziyan quickly waved his hand, “okay, okay, just call me cultivator Xu, there’s no need to call me senior anymore. Although my level of cultivation is higher than yours, your level of golden core is almost completed and you’re about you break through as well, as I can tell.”

Ao Yuanming said with a serious expression: “yes, senior is indeed very insightful.”

Xu Ziyan curled his lips and thought, “well, this guy isn’t well trained for his flattering skills, or he wouldn’t have sounded so plain and cold in his sentence…”

“Okay, let me sort it out. Your sister was injured not long ago, and there is a ray of evil spirit in her body. If she can’t expel it in time, it may damage her original power. Am I right?”

“That’s right!”

“And you want me to help your sister expel it, since you know that I’ve master the Purple Night Divine Thunder?”


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