Chapter 349

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Although the battle lines between the two sides were still maintained in the central area of Xuan Yuan realm, it’s only because the demon commander was cautious and he chose not to advance quickly. Once they finished building the cross-realm teleportation array, the fall of the Xuan Yu realm would become totally predictable!

Under such circumstances, there were still cultivators daring to take the initiative to fight the demon race outside. Even if the mantis demons they led were all low-level demons, it’s not like a group of building base cultivators could defeat them.

Besides, there were three nascent soul demon cultivators. Never would they expect to defeat them with just two cultivators having reached the early stage of nascent soul.

“Haha…this looks very powerful, don’t try to compete with me.” The demon with wings on its back was as tall as two mantis demons put together. He looked huge. He laughed wildly and said, then flapped his wings and flew towards Xu Ziyan.

Another bluish-gray demon with horns curled its lips in dissatisfaction, but it wasn’t moving fast enough, so it had to pick up a giant axe with indignation, and jumped off the shoulders carried by the demons. It came down, kicking up waves of dust.

“Tch, the one who looks powerful was picked up by the dragon with wings, so I have to choose this little guy instead. Hey, you, I’m telling you not to fight with me for this or I shall snatch back what I deserve. The dem on race of bulls aren’t afraid of your king with wings.” The demon race with horns stared at another demon and rushed towards Xu Zirong.

The demon wore a black hood, revealing only a clean chin. He raised his head gradually, as if he didn’t hear what the bull demon said at all. He just stared fixedly at the battlefield in front of him. When he saw the Xu brothers, his body trembled slightly, and he seemed to have discovered something that surprised him.

In the air, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong met their enemies respectively, while below, the three thousand mantis demons also fought with nearly a thousand cultivators.

The two sides kept fighting and shouting, and there were soon injuries. However, compared with the huge damages of the demons, most of the human cultivators suffered from milder injuries. Once someone was injured, he would be quickly transferred to the back of the battlefield for treatment, and the team that he was in would immediately join the nearby teams and continue to fight.

That particular demon wandered far away from the battlefield, as if he hadn’t noticed that the mantis demon below was being slaughtered by the human cultivators. He held his chin, as if he was thinking about something extremely profound, but if someone dared to remove his hood, he would be found simply daydreaming!

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On the battlefield of fierce human-demon confrontation, a traitor of the human race turned out to be daydreaming on the battlefield. No one would believe it unless he saw it with his eyes.

It’s a pity that the person who could notice his strange behavior was currently busy with the battle, and had no time to pay attention to such a small matter.

The fighting below was fierce, but the battle in the sky seemed very bright.

Xu Ziyan’s lightning spells were already very powerful in terms of attack, and after being coupled with Little Eight’s eight-fold copying, it gave him a combat power far superior to that of ordinary people.

Any cultivators of the same level would look pathetic unless for people like Big Foot Luo who’d been through countless battles, and who’d completed the level of nascent soul.

And obviously, the victim was this unlucky winged demon. He was also in the early stage of nascent soul, and while his power surpassed most of nascent soul cultivators, he was unlucky enough to have encountered Xu Ziyan who had the strongest attack power.

After a few big moves, the demon’s wings were burnt black, and his body looked even more miserable as he was bleeding everywhere.

At this time, the winged demon wasn’t that arrogant anymore. He squinted his eyes vigilantly. The cultivator in front of him didn’t really have a high level of cultivation, but he was extremely troublesome. He also confronted many human cultivators on the battlefields of other realms, and countless of them died in his hands. However, none of them would be as difficult to kill as this one.

Compared with the weak body of the human race, the bodies of the demon race were almost all tempered bodies. Their bodies were their weapons. More than 80% of the demon race used their bodies to fight, and this winged demon was no exception.

Usually, when he was fighting against cultivators, he only needed to charge a few times to his vicinity, and the battle would be over instantly. However, the one in front of him had such incredible attack power and the weapon spirit on his longbow also the rare ability to copy eight-fold.

What was originally one arrow became nine arrows, and even if eight of them were weaker, it was enough to attack. Moreover, all the arrows that he fired contained such a trace of the Purple Night Divine Thunder. When hit by this force, the person would have his body burnt and there was also a paralyzing effect.

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Just now, the winged demon was negligent, and he originally wanted to resist Xu Ziyan’s attack before approaching him, but he ended up being shot half to death by an arrow. If he didn’t feel bad at the last moment, he would force himself to use his wings to kill him. There might just be a corpse left there now.

What made him even more depressed was that he suffered a bad loss for the first time. Later, he became smarter and stopped resisting Xu Ziyan’s attack. There was one time when he was extremely close to Xu Ziyan, but he was immediately struck by the Purple Night Divine Thunder after stretching his claw.

Just this blow almost frightened the winged demon to death, as he had never seen anyone using the Purple Night Divine Thunder as a weapon for protection…

The winged demons relied on nothing more than their wings and sharp claws. The wings could give them a kind of speed far exceeding that of other demons, and the sharp claws were like two daggers, causing continuous damage to the enemy with an increasing speed.

There were very few ordinary cultivators who could forcibly resist the attack of the winged demon. Even the spells of the cultivators needed to be locked. If they could not keep up with the speed of the winged demon, then how could they attack the opponent?

In the past, the winged demon relied on his strong body and didn’t pay attention to the opponent’s spells at all. However, since Xu Ziyan’s lightning arrows were causing such big damages to him, he had to make good use of his talent.

People like him hated those who fought with human shield. Although Xu Ziyan wasn’t one, his Purple Night Divine Thunder was much scarier.

The winged demon fled back and forth around Xu Ziyan at his erratic speed, and neither of them seemed to be able to defeat each other, so the battle fell into a stalemate.

The winged demon’s eyes were shining with a faint red light, while dodging Xu Ziyan’s lock at an extremely fast speed. He forced out waves of magic energy from his body and gathered them at the elbows of his arms.

Xu Ziyan put a purple arrow on the longbow and kept adjusting the direction of the arrow without shooting it.

His eyes looked extremely sharp, but there’s a slight trace of playfulness deep down.

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“Just be ready to die!” The winged demon suddenly yelled, rushed forward and crossed his hands. Then, two sharp devil thorns protruding from his elbows, heading towards Xu Ziyan.

“I was waiting for it!” Xu Ziyan smiled slightly, closed his eyes suddenly, and let go of his fingertips, yet the purple arrow seemed to have suddenly lost the support of spiritual power and shattered.

The winged demon was overjoyed at first, mistakenly thinking that Xu Ziyan’s arrow would collapse on its own if it wasn’t shot for a long while, but his expression changed in an instant as he realized that a huge crisis was coming!

“It’s not looking good!” The winged demon felt his heart tremble, as if he was locked by an extremely violent force.

The corners of Xu Ziyan’s mouth curled up slightly, yet he soon clenched his fist and roared, “the Thunderfall!”

In mid-air, along the trajectory of the winged demon, countless purple bright spots emerged. These bright spots, like sparks, quickly formed a prairie fire in the blink of an eye, and they gathered to form a huge thundercloud.

The winged demon’s expression changed drastically, and before he could react, he was smashed to pieces by countless huge thunder balls falling from the cloud.

After the violent roar, the winged demon disappeared without a trace, let alone a corpse. Even the soul of the nascent soul did not manage to escape and was completely blasted to pieces.


Absolute silence—

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After this move of Xu Ziyan, the entire battlefield was stunned by the huge momentum, and there was a short period of silence.


The human cultivators below roared loudly. Not only were they cheering for Xu Ziyan’s victory, but they were also thrilled for their great strength!

Xu Ziyan completely shattered the fighting spirit of the demons below. Those mantid monsters had never seen such a powerful trick before, and they all looked up in despair, and they didn’t even care about the attacks of the remaining cultivators.

The one who was also frightened was of course the bull demon who was fighting Xu Zirong – his expression was not much different than those of the mantis demon. After all, the strength of the winged demon was even better, and now that there wasn’t even a full corpse of the winged demon, could he still survive after taking another blow?

The bull demon reflected his intention of retreating in his moves. Once he slowed down, Xu Zirong naturally grabbed the chance.

“Since you miss your comrade so much, I’ll be a nice guy and send you to him.” Xu Zirong said coldly.

The bull demon felt uncomfortable after hearing this. Since just now, he’d had a weird feeling, as if the young guy in front of him was simply restraining his strength on purpose.

He had always thought that it’s his illusion as the battle was in full swing, but he soon understood that it’s all because the other party wasn’t using his full strength yet. After being distracted, Xu Zirong already turned himself into a sea of blood and wrapped the bull demon inside.

“Ah!” The screams of the bull demon came from the sea of blood.

The sea of blood that Xu Zirong turned into was like a bright red curtain, wrapping tightly the bull demon in it. People around could even see its figure constantly struggling and shrinking under the curtain.

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