Chapter 3592: Assault of the Ghost orpses

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Tao Han’er’s eyes were filled with stars when she walked around the manor. “Lord, is this really the place we’ll be staying in from now on?”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “It’ll do for now.”

The Golden Sea City was just a small city in the First Universe. Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan to stay for long, and that was the reason he only used the lowest quality material in the treasury to construct it.

As such, it was pretty much a temporary base.

When Tao Hang and Tao Han’er heard what he said, they couldn’t help but stare at him in shock. The manor they were living in was more luxurious than the royal palace!

“Lord, Patriarch Wei Long sent someone to request an audience with you. He wishes to apologize for Wei Dafa’s behavior, and he brought along Eminent Elder Wei Bi and Wei Dafa’s master, Wei Changqing.” Tao Hang reported.

“There’s no need for that. Tell them to go back.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Bowing respectfully, Tao Hang left the main hall. As soon as he left the gates of the manor, he saw the entourage from the Wei Family several hundred meters away.

When they saw Tao Hang, Wei Long ran over with an enthusiastic expression on his face. “Fellow Cultivator Tao Hang, what did he say?”

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Complicated emotions welled up in Tao Hang’s heart. That was the patriarch of the Wei Family! Even the patriarch of the Tao Family would have to lower his head respectfully, but the man was acting humbly in front of Tao Hang! 

“My lord requested for all of you to return.” Tao Hang eventually spoke.

Falling into silence for some time, a smile slowly returned to Wei Long’s face. “It’s alright. We’ll come another time.” After speaking, he left with the members of the Wei Family.

“Lord Patriarch, the youngster might not be a God of Creation!” An eminent elder of the Wei Family spoke up. “Who knows, he might just be a junior of the two lords of the Sentient Mountain Range. That’s the reason behind the beast kings’ loyalty.”

“That’s right! He might not even be a Son of Creation! For all we know, his relationship with the beast kings might be fake!” 

“Even if he is a God of Creation, how dare he refuse to meet the patriarch?!” Wei Tingxian, an eminent elder of the Wei Family grumbled.

In fact, everyone from the Wei Family was angry.

Even though Wei Long didn’t say anything, his expression said it all. He was equally as pissed off.

“If he really is a God of Creation at the level of Lord Jin Hai, it won’t matter.” Wei Xiaoyue spoke up all of a sudden. “Don’t forget, he didn’t even grant the celestial emperor an audience.”

The eminent elders of the Wei Family fell silent.

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“Xiaoyue, do you think that the youngster is a God of Creation at the large completion stage?! Is he really as strong as Lord Jin Hai?!” Wei Long pondered.

“It’s very possible.”

“This doesn’t seem too likely. If he really is as strong as that, we would have heard of him!” Wei Tingxian explained.

“We’ll know whether or not he’s a God of Creation as soon as Lord Jin Hai returns.” A light flashed in Wei Long’s eyes.

The moment the words left his lips, a heaven shaking blast caused the earth to shake. Rays of light surrounded the city as dao runes filled the skies.

Search for the original.

The faces of those from the Wei Family changed.

They could tell that the trembling came from an impact far beyond their abilities of comprehension. Clearly, someone wanted to destroy the city. It only managed to remain standing because of Jin Hai’s protective formations.

“What’s going on?!” 

Wei Long and everyone else opened their dao eye and they saw the giant army of ghost corpses hovering above the city. There were countless ghost corpses, and there were more pouring out from the massive black hole not too far away from the city.

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“It’s the ghost corpse army!” The members of the Wei Family gasped in shock.

It was obvious that the ghost corpse army arrived through the black hole, but no one had any idea how the Sea of Burial managed to create a spatial tunnel connecting them to the Golden Sea City!

How in the world did nobody notice the change?!

When everyone saw the amount of ghost corpses pouring out of the black hole, they were struck speechless.

The ghost corpse army was nothing like the random ghost corpses that roamed about the lands. If they chose to attack as one, a nightmare would descend on the land.

“Pass down my order! Open the grand formation around the manor! Every single disciple of the Wei Family is to get ready for battle!” Wei Long roared. 

As soon as they heard his order, the eminent elders stared at each other silently.

They would only activate the grand formation when the family was facing destruction!

“Lord patriarch, the city is protected by the formation laid down by Lord Jin Hai. The ghost corpse army wouldn’t be able to shatter it…” Wei Tingxian muttered.

After all, activating the formation would consume a lot of resources.

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Wei Long shook his head. “Lord Jin Hai isn’t in the city right now and neither is our old ancestor. The ghost corpse army chose such a convenient time to attack and there has to be more behind it. The grand formation around the city might not be able to hold them off!”

The Wei Family finally realized that things were much worse than they thought.

In fact, Jin Hai heading over to the Sea of Burial might be part of the giant conspiracy!

“However, our grand formation wouldn’t be able to hold them back if the city’s formation shatters…” Wei Xiaoyue frowned.

If the formation laid down by Jin Hai was shattered, there was no way their grand formation could hold the assailants back!

As for the grand formations of the other great families, there was nothing else to say.

“Should we pass down the order for every disciple to vacate the city?” An eminent elder asked.

“It’s too late for that.” Wei Long sighed.

In the blink of an eye, the entire ghost corpse army had surrounded the city. Not even Dao Venerables who had comprehended all thirteen elements to the grand perfection level would be able to leave, much less disciples of their Wei Family. There were too many ghost corpses, and the marshal leading them had to be peak-level experts in the Dao Venerable Realm too!

“What should we do now? The moment the grand formation protecting the city breaks, we’ll all turn into food for the ghost corpses!”

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