Chapter 3591: S ram?!

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“What?!” The faces of everyone in the hall changed. Many people gasped in fright.

There had never been a time in history when all five beast kings gathered.

It was no wonder the royal family hadn’t done a thing!

“But… Why would the Golden Bear King kill disciples of our family?!” An eminent elder asked.

That was the true question they wanted an answer to. It was also the reason behind Old Ancestor Tao De’s summons.

Tao Shengfei, the patriarch of the Tao Family, continued, “It’s said that the beasts kings occupied core disciple Tao Xinren’s store the moment they entered the city. Tao Xinren’s men didn’t verify their identities, and they led several hundred disciples over to kick the beast kings out of their territory…”

Everyone knew what happened after that.

“Why would the Golden Bear King take over their store?!” Old Ancestor Tao De was getting more confused by the minute.

With their statuses, why would they bother with such a secluded area?! They could go anywhere they wanted, including the royal palace! Who would care about the storefront of a disciple of the Tao Family?

There was no way it was a coincidence. The street they were on wasn’t even located in a good area in the city!

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Tao Shengfei explained, “The beast kings were spotted with three other individuals. One of them was Tao Hang, an inner disciple of our Tao Family. Tao Hang offended Tao Xinren in the past, and he escaped in order to keep his life. All these years, Tao Hang has been hiding in the Falling Water City.”

Those in the hall were in the upper echelons of the family, and they stared at the patriarch in a daze.

Why in the f*cking world would an inner disciple of their family be traveling with the five beast kings of the Sentient Mountain Range?!

Could they be here because of Tao Hang?!

Tao Shengfei and the others felt their eyes widening as they turned to glare at Eminent Elder Tao Xian. Tao Xian was Tao Xinren’s grandfather, and there was no way he had no idea what Tao Xinren did.

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“This… This isn’t possible…” Tao Xian felt the world crumbling around him as his face turned green.

“How in the world did Tao Hang form a connection with the beast kings?!” Old Ancestor Tao De asked.

“Tao Hang was saved by a youngster when he resided in the Falling Water City, and the beast kings seem to listen to the kid.” Tao Shengfei explained.

Everyone stared at Tao Shengfei in silence.

“This… This… Is the youngster a lord from the Sentient Mountain Range?!”

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“That doesn’t seem to be the case. I asked around, and the kid doesn’t resemble the lord from the Sentient Mountain Range at all. Grand Marshal Sun Fu has also confirmed the fact.”

“If that’s the case, why would the beast kings listen to him?” Another eminent elder asked.

The moment the question left his lips, the entire hall fell silent.

They held their breaths and a terrifying conclusion flashed through their mind. 

Toa Shengfei muttered, “I’ve heard that His Majesty, the celestial emperor, sent a royal statement to the youngster stating that he would pay him a personal visit.” 


Even the celestial emperor wanted to pay the man a personal visit! How terrifying did the youngster have to be?!

“But… But… The youngster refused to see him.” Tao Shengfei muttered.

Refused to see the celestial emperor of the Golden Sea Celestial Empire?!

The members of the Tao Family felt their hearts trembling.

“We managed to uncover the deaths of those of the Wei Family back in the Falling Water City. They were also killed by the Golden Bear King.”

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“It’s no wonder the Wei Family refused to do anything after their disciples were killed!” Tao De muttered to himself. As the old ancestor of the family, he heard a lot more news compared to the eminent elders.

“Old Ancestor, this…” Tao Shengfei asked.

Getting to his feet, Tao De glared at Tao Xian. “Pass down my order. Summon Tao Xinren right now! Get the hell back to the manor now!” 

“All of you here, we’ll bring Tao Xinren to the lord! We’ll give him a proper apology!” Turning to look at Tao Xian, Tao De continued, “We’ll also apologize to Tao Hang!”

The entire upper echelon of the Tao Family would apologize to an inner disciple!

If the news were to spread, they would become a laughing stock of the world! Even so, Tao De still chose to give the order.

Not a single person in the hall dared to oppose the idea.

In the vicinity of the Sea of Burial…

Tao Xinren slayed a ghost corpse along with several other disciples, and they reveled in their victory. However, his transmission symbol trembled slightly, and he discovered that there was a message from his grandfather.

As an eminent elder of the family, Tao Xian was busy most of the time. Even though he doted on Tao Xinren, he wouldn’t be able to send him a message most of the time. He jumped in joy, but when he was done reading the message, his expression froze.

“Get back to the Tao Family Manor?” Tao Xinren didn’t believe his eyes. Why would his grandfather summon him back with such urgency?

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It was an order from the old ancestor!

When that happened, the transmission symbols of the other core disciples shook. It was an order from the patriarch, and they were to capture Tao Xinren immediately! All of them were responsible for bringing him back to the manor!

Their expressions became weird when they looked at Tao Xinren.

“Brother Xinren, we received an order from the patriarch to escort you back to the manor immediately. Please forgive us.” One of them spoke.

Charging towards Tao Xinren, they took him down instantly.

“You! This can’t be happening! I didn’t do anything wrong! Why will Lord Patriarch do this?!”

The disciples were clueless, but they had to follow the orders of the patriarch. After all, going against the patriarch’s order would land them in a lot of trouble. Even though they had been hunting ghost corpses with Tao Xinren recently, they had to do as the patriarch said!

In the blink of an eye, several days passed.

After some effort, Tao Hang finally bought over the surrounding streets.

Huang Xiaolong sent the five beast kings out to build the manor immediately.

As the Black Lion King summoned a ball of black flames, he leveled everything in the plot of land. The Golden Bear King stomped on the ground and it became as hard as iron. The three other beast kings made their move, and a grand manor was soon constructed.

The material that they used to build the manor came from the Submerged Dragon Institute, and they used the worst material they could find. Even so, the quality of the manor far exceeded the grand palace.

The manor was countless times bigger than that in the Falling Water City, and Huang Xiaolong personally imprinted the mark of a blue dragon at the entrance. At the same time, he casually threw down several formations around the structure.

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