Chapter 3590: Five Great Beast Kings of the Sen

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The palace trembled slightly.

“Who?!” The experts stationed within jumped in fright.

There were countless powers situated in the Golden Sea City, and all of them were shocked by the sudden cry. They stared in the direction of Huang Xiaolong’s manor in unison.

In an instant, the bustling city fell completely silent.

As the night was still young, the city was at its busiest. There were countless people roaming the streets, but not a single one dared to move a muscle after hearing the roar. Looks of fear formed on their faces.

Experts all around opened their dao eye in order to locate the source of the roar, but none of them managed to catch a glimpse of anyone on Huang Xiaolong’s side. Not even the ancestors of the great families, or Celestial Emperor Jin Chengguang was able to.

“Your Majesty, should I go down personally to take a look?” Marshal Sun Fu muttered. 

Sun Fu was one of the ten strongest experts in the celestial empire, and he was the leader of the marshals of the empire. His status was second only to the celestial emperor!

Even though he wasn’t from the Royal Jin Family, he was able to rise to the position of Grand Marshal! One could only imagine how highly he was valued by the celestial emperor.

Jin Chengguang growled, “Alright. Go verify the source of the roar. Bring Jin Ding and Jin Suyuan with you.”

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Jin Ding and Jin Suyuan were marshals of the celestial empire, and they were part of the top ten strongest experts in the celestial empire. They had 1.2 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

Sun Fu was stunned for a second. He planned to go alone, but since Jin Chengguang had already made his stance clear, he could only follow the decree. Whatever the case, he would follow Jin Chengguang’s order to the letter. That was the reason behind the trust the celestial emperor had in him.

The three of them charged straight for Huang Xiaolong’s manor.

An hour later, they returned with their faces swollen. If not for the fact that their auras were the same, no one would recognize them in the royal palace! 

“You… You guys…” Jin Chengguang gasped.

The three of them looked at each other with complicated emotions in their eyes.

“Your Majesty, the Golden Bear King of the Sentient Mountain Range was there!” Sun Fu eventually forced the words out of his lips.

“What?!” Everyone in the hall jumped in fright.

There were five beast kings in the Sentient Mountain Range, and all of them were experts who had comprehended all thirteen elements to the grand perfection level. They were extremely strong, and their physical bodies were in another league compared to those of human cultivators. They didn’t lose out in terms of cultivation either, and it was no wonder Sun Fu and the others were beaten up so badly.

Jin Chengguang didn’t think that the roar came from the Golden Bear King!

However, the beast kings would usually cultivate in seclusion in the depths of the mountain range. Why would they run over to the Golden Sea City?

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Jin Chengguang wasn’t the only one who was confused. The experts in the hall were curious too.

When everyone was stuck in a state of confusion, Sun Fu continued, “The Poison Dragon King, Silver Wolf King, Black Lion King, and the Azure Phoenix are here too!”

“WHAT?!” Celestial Emperor Jin Chengguang leaped to his feet and yelled.

Theft is never good, try looking at

All five beast kings from the Sentient Mountain Range were currently in the Golden Sea City!

The faces of everyone in the hall changed.

They might be able to deal with a single beast king if he came alone, but the combined strength of all five beast kings was something they couldn’t take lightly. God of Creation Jin Hai was currently away, and there was no one strong enough to deal with them!

“Do you know the reason behind their appearance?” Jin Chengguang asked as panic started to set in.

Sun Fu shook his head. “I am unable to figure it out. However, they’re traveling together with an inner disciple of the Tao Family, Tao Hang.”

“Inner disciple of the Tao Family?!” Jin Chengguang felt the world spinning around him. How in the world did an inner disciple of the Tao Family get involved with the five beast kings?!

“Yes. There’s also a couple following the beast kings around.”

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“A couple?!” A frown formed on Jin Chengguang’s face.

“Your Majesty, could it be the two lords of the Sentient Mountain Range?” Someone asked.

There were two Gods of Creation in the Sentient Mountain Range, and everyone’s thoughts turned to them.

It was no wonder they would think that way. After all, there was no way the five beast kings would appear in the Golden Sea City otherwise. 

A terrified gaze appeared in the eyes of everyone present.

However, Sun Fu shook his head and denied, “According to the description, it’s not them. The girl is at the True Saint Realm.”

True Saint Realm?!

Doubt formed in their eyes as they looked at each other quietly.

“Go look into the young man.” Jin Chengguang frowned. “Investigate the relationship he has with Tao Hang and the five beast kings. I want to know the reason they’re here.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Sun Fu replied instantly.

When that was going down, Tao Hang was busy buying out everyone store on the surrounding streets.

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As Tao Xinren’s attendant was killed alongside the hundreds of experts he brought along with him, a light red mist filled the air.

The roar that came from the Golden Bear King helped Tao Hang out a whole lot. Not many people dared to oppose Tao Hang when he came over to buy out their store.

Even so, it took quite some time to travel around the streets. Dawn had broken and Tao Hang only completed the purchase of several dozen stores.

Finally, Tao Hang could no longer bear dealing with them one by one and he gathered every single shopkeeper on the streets. He dealt with the buy over procedure on the spot, and the process became a lot faster.

As for the death of the disciples of the Tao Family, it started to spread through the city.

“I heard that the disciples of the Tao Family were killed by the Golden Bear King of the Sentient Mountain Range! That’s where the roar came from!”

“What?! Why would a beast king from the Sentient Mountain Range come to our city?”

“Why would the Golden Bear King make a move on the disciples of the Tao Family?! He’s an exalted Beast King!”

In the main hall of the Tao Family, doyens sat all around as an oppressive atmosphere filled the air. The brows of the old ancestor were tightly locked together, and no one dared to breathe loudly.

“Have you investigated the matter?! Is the Golden Bear King really the one who killed them?”

“We… We have… It really is him!” Tao Shengfei’s expression was solemn. “After the roar shook the city, His Majesty sent Sun Fu, Jin Ding, and Jin Suyuan over to verify the news. They returned in an hour with their faces beaten black and blue, and other than the Golden Bear King, the four other beasts kings were present!”

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