Chapter 3589: Senten e to Death

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They quickly made their way over to the courtyard.

“It’s not a huge courtyard, and there are only three small rooms…” Tao Hang revealed an embarrassed expression as he explained to Huang Xiaolong. “Please make do.”

After all, his courtyard was incomparable to the manor they had in the Falling Water City.

“It doesn’t matter.” Huang Xiaolong muttered. 

“We’ll just buy every single manor around the courtyard in a few days.” 

Tao Hang stared at him in shock.

Covering her mouth, Tao Han’er giggled. She turned to Huang Xiaolong and laughed, “Do you know how much a plot of land costs in the Golden Sea City?!”

“My courtyard was worth three thousand dao coins in the past.” Tao Hang shook his head and sighed, “It might be located in a secluded spot, but it should be worth a lot more now.”

Three thousand dao coins was equivalent to three million holy bills!

Even though it only had three small rooms, it was considered a luxury! The manor Huang Xiaolong had in the Falling Water City was located on the busiest street, and it cost ten thousand dao coins at best!

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Tao Han’er gasped in fright when she heard the price of the courtyard. “That’s really expensive!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “If you auction off the jade hairpin I gave you, you’ll be able to buy a ton of residences in the city center.” 

After all, that was a peak-grade grand dao artifact made by a God of Creation!

Tao Han’er shook her head resolutely and sighed, “Even if they give me a million manors, I won’t sell it away!” 

Tao Hang laughed. “If you buy a million residences in the city, you’ll be able to rent them out for an astronomical price! You’ll be able to buy anything you want!” 

“No! I’ll keep my hairpin…” Tao Han’er snorted.

She completed the initial refinement of the artifact, but she had no idea it was a peak-grade grand dao artifact. The only reason she liked the hairpin was because it was a gift from Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw the look on her face.

Several moments later, they arrived at Tao Hang’s courtyard.

They were shocked to discover that the courtyard was nowhere to be seen. Instead, it turned into a storefront, and the surrounding courtyards faced the same fate. The entire street was filled with stores selling jadestones, and it was called the Xinren Jadestone Store!


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Tao Xinren!

Tao Hang realized what was going on the moment he saw the name of the store. Flames of rage burned in his heart. “Tao Xinren, you motherf*cker! You killed my wife and you stole my courtyard! I hereby swear I’ll stop at nothing till you’re dead!” 

Huang Xiaolong patted his shoulders to calm him down. He made his way over to the shop and he spoke to the attendant, “Are all of you slaves of Tao Xinren?”

The attendant glared at Huang Xiaolong when he heard the unfriendly tone. He yelled, “That’s right! The owner of our shop is the core disciple of the Tao Family, Tao Xinren! Do you have a problem with that? Brat, are you here to cause trouble?”

“Cause trouble?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled slightly.

One of the beats approached the store and released a heaven shaking roar. As the roar left its lips, the attendant was sent flying to the end of the street.

Blood leaked from the attendant’s face.

“Go back and tell Tao Xinren that Tao Hang is back. He’s claiming his land. Oh right, tell him to wash his neck. We’ll go over to behead him soon.” Huang Xiaolong continued.

The attendant stared at Huang Xiaolong in fright and he didn’t dare to make a peep. He turned and fled instantly.

Everyone else on the street stared at Huang Xiaolong with fear.

Ignoring all of them, Huang Xiaolong brought Tao Hang and Tao Han’er into the shop. Even though they changed the courtyard to a storefront, there were still two rooms in the back.

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Huang Xiaolong casually looked around and tossed Tao Hang a spatial ring. “Go ahead and purchase every single store in the surrounding area. If they refuse to sell, pay them double. If they are still unwilling, give them three times the asking price!”

Tao Hang stared at the contents of the spatial ring and his jaws dropped when he saw hundreds of millions of dao coins laying in there.

“Go ahead and spend everything in there.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Tao Hang stammered, “All… All of it?!”

How many stores did he need to buy in order to spend all the money?!

Even if he bought out all the stores along the street, he wouldn’t be able to finish spending the mountains of dao coins in the ring!

Huang Xiaolong nodded. “That’s right. Buy over every single structure surrounding us.”

Tao Hang couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was Huang Xiaolong really planning to buy over the entire plot of land in order to construct a manor?! How large would it be?!

“Lord, are you planning to construct a manor using the surrounding land? You need the permission of the royal family if you wish to build such a massive structure!” Tao Hang explained.

It was like the time when his Tao Family constructed their manor.

The royal family restricted the size of one’s residence, and their Tao Family wasn’t the only one who were restricted. Even the peak families in the celestial empire were affected. When the Wei Family wanted to build their manor in the Golden Sea City, they had to get permission from the royal family!

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Huang Xiaolong laughed. Even if Jin Hai, the God of Creation who created the celestial empire personally appeared, he wouldn’t dare to speak out against Huang Xiaolong.

“Go. You don’t have to worry about things like this.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Opening his mouth slightly, Tao Hang chose to do as he said. He went around buying over all the stores, and with the power of the dao coins, everything went smoothly. Basically every single shopkeeper agreed to sell their stores, and those who refused were slapped with a fistful of money according to Huang Xiaolong’s wishes.

When Tao Hang was busy buying the shops, the attendant who was sent flying earlier returned with a ton of experts from the Tao Family.

All of them were people who helped Tao Xinren, but there were many who were still out on a mission to kill ghost corpses running around the land. As such, a huge chunk of his power was missing.

The attendant brought the experts over to Tao Hang’s original courtyard, and he roared at Huang Xiaolong, “That’s him!”

“Take him down!” The expert in the lead snorted, “Bring him back. We’ll torture him with everthing we have and the young master can deal with him when he returns.”

“Yes, Manager Tao Fei!” The experts bowed respectfully.

The instant they set foot in the shop, another one of the beasts appeared. It released a roar that caused the earth to tremble and the sound wave tore through the streets in the city.

Even though Huang Xiaolong was currently located in a random corner of the city, the roar caused the manors in the area surrounding them to shake. It eventually reached the ears of those in the royal palace.


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The grand formation laid down by Jin Hai activated instantly as rays of light pierced into the skies.

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