Chapter 3587: Tao Han’er’s Identity

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“Golden Sea City?!” The two of them yelled in fright.

They didn’t think that Huang Xiaolong would set his sights on the Golden Sea City.

“Lord, why are we going to the Golden Sea City?” Tao Hang asked.

It had been so long, and the Tao Family had turned into a thorn in his heart.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you feel like going back to look at how things are?” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

As different expressions formed on his face, Tao Hang didn’t know what to feel. He was obviously not resigned to staying in the Falling Water City, and he had been dreaming of returning! 

However, despair filled his heart when he thought about Tao Xinren and the old ancestor who had comprehended four elements to the perfection level supporting him. Hesitation and fear filled his heart.

After some time, he sucked in a cold breath and bowed respectfully to Huang Xiaolong, “Lord gave me a new lease on life, and I shall follow you wherever you choose to go!” 

Tao Han’er nodded slowly at the side.

A smile formed on Huan Xiaolong’s face. He sent them to pack their things, and he got ready to depart. Half a day later, each of them got on the back of a beast as they left their manor. The two that weren’t carrying anyone followed behind, and Huang Xiaolong knew that he would probably never return to the Falling Water City. As such, there was no point in keeping anyone in the manor.

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The news of their departure quickly reached the city lord. When the old ancestors of the various families heard the news, they fell to their knees in joy.

“Lord, will we never come back?” Tao Han’er asked Huang Xiaolong as she looked at the city below with a reluctant gaze.

“What’s wrong?” 

 A sheepish look appeared on her face and she continued, “I’m a little sad to leave. After all, I’ve grown up here.”

“You can come back anytime you like in the future.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

However, Tao Han’er shook her head. “I will follow you wherever you go. If you choose to never return, I shall not step foot in the Falling Water City again. After all, no one else is left here.”

She fell silent after she spoke. Ever since she was born, she had no idea who her parents were. She was an orphan, and she was lucky to meet Tao Hang. Otherwise, she would have long since returned to the earth.

“In the future, we’ll care for each other.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Tao Han’er nodded as tears filled her eyes. 

“Han’er, in the future, I will definitely get someone to look into your identity. We will definitely be able to find an answer.” Tao Hang explained.

In the past, Tao Hang had been looking for Tao Han’er’s parents for as long as he could remember. He looked outside the city, and he even tried to look around in the cities in the region. Despite that, he failed to discover any news.

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“Father, it’s alright.” Tao Han’er shook her head. “In my eyes, you’re my only father.”

Tao Hang nodded solemnly.

The beasts were quick and Huang Xiaolong and the others soon left the region controlled by the Falling Water City. Even so, Huang Xiaolong had already instructed the beasts to move as slowly as possible.

Not too long after they left, they heard weird cries coming from somewhere in the distance. The cries caused their hair to stand on end. Dull yellow smoke rose into the air.

Tao Hang and Tao Han were shocked.

“That’s corpse qi!” Tao Han looked at the dull yellow smoke and gasped.

“That’s no ordinary corpse qi!” Tao Hang turned serious. He turned to Huang Xiaolong and asked, “Your Highness, should we go over and take a look?”


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The three of them changed their course as they headed towards the source of the dreadful cries.

Before they could even approach, countless weird creatures approached them. The creatures weren’t corpses, but they weren’t human either. Corpse qi surrounded them as they lunged at Huang Xiaolong’s group of three.

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“Those are Ghost Corpses from the Sea of Burial!” Tao Hang’s expression changed as he screamed.

The Sea of Burial was the second most dangerous region in the Golden Sea Celestial Empire. It was only second to the Sentient Mountain Range.

If the Sentient Mountain Rage was the domain of ferocious beasts, the Sea of Burials would be the haven of the Ghost Corpses. They were all powerful in their domain, and the number of ghost corpses were much higher than the number of ferocious beasts. They were extremely hard to kill, and no one would be willing to fight ghost corpses for the sake of it.

The beasts following behind Huang Xiaolong’s group roared and slapped the ghost corpses before they could approach. With a single slap, they were completely destroyed. Not even their bodies remained.

Tao Hang felt beads of cold sweat dripping off his forehead when he saw that happened.

It was said that one would suffer a miserable end if they ended as food for the ghost corpses. The ghost corpses would devour one’s soul before corroding one’s body. Death was a luxury if they fell into the hands of the ghost corpses.

“Are these from the Sea of Burial?” Tao Han looked in the direction of the crushed corpses and she gasped.

“They have to be. Only creatures like that would emit corpse qi.” A trace of fear formed in Tao Hang’s eyes. “However, they would never leave the Sea of Burial… Why are they here?”

Huang Xiaolong looked at the place where the corpse qi was the most concentrated, and he directed the beasts over.

It didn’t take long for another group of ghost corpses to jump at them. The ghost corpses were at the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, but they were no match for the ferocious beasts.

Soon after, they arrived only to see a group of more than a dozen ghost corpses surrounding a couple.

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Tao Hang flinched when he saw the ghost corpses. He was equally as shocked when he saw the robes on the couple. “Disciples of the royal family!”

Even though they looked like branch disciples of the royal family, they were enough to shock Tao Hang.

Anyone who had the halo of the royal family above them possessed absolute status in the Golden Sea Celestial Empire.

“Fellow cultivator, please lend us a hand!” The lady among the two yelled when she saw Huang Xiaolong’s party.

The two of them were at the First Estee, Dao Venerable Realm, but there were several ghost corpses of similar cultivation among the group attacking them. The others were Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm ghost corpses, and the two of them wouldn’t be able to escape no matter how hard they tried. If that kept up, they would be dead by sunset.

“Why aren’t you doing anything?!” The man screamed, “We are disciples of the royal family, and if you refuse to help us, you’ll be deemed a traitor of the empire!”

There was a rule in the Golden Sea Celestial Empire that stated that anyone who refused to lend the members of the royal family a helping hand would be deemed a traitor!

However, that referred to core disciples of the royal family, not branch disciples.

There was no way the celestial empire could do anything to Huang Xiaolong as they couldn’t really pin a crime onto any random bystander.

Even so, they tried their best to force Huang Xiaolong into helping them. 

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