Chapter 3585: Son of reation of Another elest

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Wei Changqing wanted to say something when he saw the look on Wei Bi’s face, but Wei Bi spoke before he could say anything. “The patriarch sent a message for us. We are to report to him right now.”

A frown formed on Wei Changqing’s face. “Just us?” 

Wei Bi nodded.

“Did the patriarch say anything else in the message?” Wei Changqing frowned. 

“No.” Wei Bi shook his head and continued, “Let’s go over right now.” Since the patriarch had sent a message summoning them both, it had to be something important.

“Alright.” Wei Changqing was a little more nervous as he followed closely behind the doyen to meet with the Wei Family Patriarch.

When they arrived in the main hall, they saw Wei Long, the Wei Family Patriarch, sitting in the main seat with a solemn expression on his face. Wei Bi and Wei Changqing felt their hearts pounding in their chests.

“We greet Lord Patriarch.” They bowed the moment they entered the hall.

Wei Long nodded slightly and he gestured to the seats beside him. “Take a seat.”

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The two of them slowly lowered themselves onto the chair.

“I learned about everything in the Falling Water City.” 

They nearly jumped in fright when they heard what he said. After all, they didn’t think that the patriarch would summon them because of the matter in the Falling Water City! However, the question remained. How in the world did he learn about that?!

The death of several inner disciples of the family might cause the higher ups like the doyens to frown, but the patriarch wouldn’t care about such matters! As the Wei Family Patriarch, Wei Long had more important things to deal with!

Wei Bi stood up and he asked cautiously, “Patriarch, I’ll definitely deal with it personally! There’s no need for Lord Patriarch to pay attention to such a small matter! I will bring the kid down and uphold our family’s prestige!”

Wei Changqing stood up as soon as Wei Bi spoke and continued, “Yes, Lord Patriarch, you can rest assured that we will never allow that brat to escape!” 

The two of them had evidently messed up Wei Long’s meaning.

With fury burning in his heart to begin with, Wei Long snapped when he heard what the two of them said. A snort left his lips, and it was like a clap of thunder that rang in their minds. In fact, it affected a good half of the family.

Wei Bi and Wei Changqing were shocked. They didn’t think that the patriarch would fly into a rage all of a sudden. From what they knew, the patriarch had a mellow temper. He only became angry when something huge happened!

“Do you really think that our Wei Family can do whatever we wish in the Golden Sea Celestial Empire?! Do you really think that we are omnipotent?! Must everyone submit to us just because they appear in the Golden Sea Celestial Empire?!”

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Wei Bi and Wei Changqing fell to their knees instantly.

“Lord Patriarch, we…” Beads of cold sweat dripped from Wei Bi’s forehead.

He might be an expert who had comprehended nine elements to the grand perfection level, he couldn’t stand up to the fury of Wei Long who had comprehended all thirteen elements to the grand perfection level.

Wei Changqing was even worse. 

A sneer left Wei Long’s lips when he saw the two trembling individuals. “Xiaoyue has been traveling around the Falling Water City with Hong Su. Just yesterday, they met the man you’re talking about. From Hong Su’s reports, there are several beasts following the kid around and every one of them might have comprehended twelve or thirteen elements!”

“What?!” Wei Bi roared in fright.

“Hong Su also said that the youngster might be a Son of Creation from another celestial empire.” Wei Long continued.

The blood slowly drained from Wei Bi and Wei Changqing’s faces.

“Do you know why I summoned you?!” Wei Long continued, “If not for my timely summons, you would have changed all the way over with guns blazing! Weren’t you planning to raid the city to capture the kid?!”

Wei Bi and Wei Changqing lowered their heads and apologized, “Lord Patriarch, we were too rash! Please forgive us!”

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Wei Long’s rage had yet to quell and he continued, “Nonsense! You’ve grown too accustomed to using the power of the family! You were too lazy to investigate the background of the other party, and you’re lucky Xiaoyue made the report to me! If not for that, what do you think would happen?!” 

Wei Bi and Wei Changqing slammed their heads into the ground.

“Enough. Because of all the merits you gained during your service, I’ll lighten the punishment seeing as you haven’t done anything. Both of you shall be placed under house arrest for ten thousand years! Reflect on your actions and focus on your cultivation!”

Placing them under house arrest was all he could do.

However, the two of them didn’t say a word as they bowed respectfully.

There were no secrets in the world that could be kept forever. The news of the Wei Family disciples’ death quickly reached the ears of the various powerhouses in the Golden Sea Celestial Empire. There were many families curious about the Wei Family’s reaction, but they were shocked to realize that the Wei Family didn’t make any moves.

Instead, the news of Wei Bi and Wei Changqing’s imprisonment of ten thousand years started to spread.

Everyone became confused and rumors started to spread.

Many powers started their investigation on Huang Xiaolong, but it didn’t come as a surprise that they returned empty handed.

Initially, there were many powers who continued to pay attention to Huang Xiaolong. However, he didn’t appear due to the refinement of the Universe Boat, and many powers eventually forgot about his existence.

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Several dozen thousand years passed in the blink of an eye, and the star dragon energy slowly started to fuse with the universe light that came from the boat. Now that so many years had passed, Huang Xiaolong managed to brand his dao soul imprint into the Universe Boat. 

Next, he retrieved the Universe Sphere. He tossed it into the eye of the grand formation on the Universe Boat, and he fully activated it. 

In an instant, rays of light emerged from the Universe Boat. It became pillars that rose into the skies. If not for the fact that Huang Xiaolong had laid down countless formations around them, the light would have alerted the members of the Golden Sea Celestial Empire.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Huang Xiaolong stopped the refinement, and he looked at the gigantic Universe Boat sitting before him. He felt the power of the universe surrounding him, and it was a boundless power that contained endless might.

For someone at his level, Huang Xiaolong was unlikely to be shocked by many things, his heart pounded in his chest when he felt the aura from the treasure.

The Universe Boat was several million feet long, and dao runes could be seen all over its body. The runes slowly converged into the eye of the formation.

Walking to the prow of the Universe Boat, Huang Xiaolong seemed to have entered a separate space. He could feel the mysteries of the universe clearly, and it was as though he entered the space closest to the source of the universe. He had the feeling that he could touch the mysteries of the universe if he reached his hand out.

Huang Xiaolong started walking towards the eye of the formation before him, and the feeling became clearer and clearer.

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