Chapter 3584: Refining the Universe Boat

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Following closely behind Huang Xiaolong, Tao Hang said anxiously, “Lord, the Wei Family is the greatest family in the Golden Sea Celestial Empire! They are only second to the royal family, and not even my Tao Family can come close to their power!”

Huang Xiaolong glanced at him casually and spoke, “There’s nothing to worry about. Don’t think about the Wei Family. Even if the royal family of the Golden Sea Celestial Empire arrives, there’s nothing to be afraid of!”

Under Tao Hang’s weird gaze, Huang Xiaolong entered the main hall.

“Father…” Tao Han’er softly called out to her father after a long time.

Snapping back to reality, he quickly followed Tao Han’er into the courtyard. Even so, Huang Xiaolong’s words rang in his mind. He couldn’t understand what he meant.

After they returned to the manor, Huang Xiaolong quickly told them about his intention to enter seclusion, and for the two of them to continue cultivating by themselves. He also sent the five beasts to guide the two of them.

As soon as Huang Xiaolong entered his palace, he retrieved the Universe Boat. He looked at the little boat that was stained with dirt, and an indescribable feeling formed in his heart. If not for the Universe Sphere, locating the Universe Boat wouldn’t be as easy as he thought.

With the power of radiance swirling around his hand, he cleaned the boat thoroughly. The exterior that looked like a dilapidated temple was wiped completely clean. It sparkled with endless radiance, and it was breathtaking. 

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The unassuming little boat finally regained its appearance of a treasure. Even so, no one would be able to connect the weird little boat in his hands to the Universe Boat.

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a long breath and calmed himself. Turning into the Star Dragon Divine Tree, he circulated the Soaring Dragon Art, Blazing Dragon Grand Art, and the Pangu World Creation Art. Waves of star dragon energy started to fall from the void as it enveloped the Universe Boat.

Under the power of the star dragon energy, the Universe Boat finally started to resonate. Rays of light came from the boat, and it was completely different from the starlight emitted from the divine tree. Instead, the radiance of the Universe Boat seemed to swallow everything, and it seemed as though it transcended the universes.

Initially, the light from the Universe Boat tried to resist the star dragon energy pouring into it. No matter how hard Huang Xiaolong tried, he was unable to inject any energy into the treasure.

When Huang Xiaolong started the refinement of the Universe Boat, the events that happened in the city caused the region to tremble! The news of the deaths of the disciples of the Sword Dao Gate and Wei Family had already spread across the region!

Countless cities were trembling in face of the news.

When Zhou He, the Sword Dao Patriarch, heard of the news, he started to panic.

“Wei Family?! Wei Dafa and the others were killed?!” Zhou He asked the various eminent elders standing around.

“Yes… Patriarch, that’s right.” The eminent elder lowered his head and stuttered, “Do you think we should… Do you think we should report this to Lord Wei Bi?”

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The death of several disciples of the Wei Family was nothing special. However, if the Wei Family wanted to use this matter to mess with the Sword Dao Gate, they would be in for a hard time.

After all, everything started because of the Sword Dao Gate.

Zhou He’s expression sank and the blood started to drain from his face. Eventually, he sighed, “I’m afraid Eminent Elder Wei Bi already knows…”

As the eminent elders in the hall stared at each other, they saw the look of fear in each other’s eyes.

“We have to make a report to the Wei Family no matter what. They might not blame us for anything. After all, Lord Wei Dafa was killed by that young man. Our Sword Dao Gate lost several hundred Dao Venerables too…” An eminent elder continued, “The only thing we should be worried about is that youngster.”

When they spoke about Huang Xiaolong, their chests tightened a little.

They might not know Huang Xiaolong’s background, but they knew what happened. With the strength he displayed, there was no way their Sword Dao Gate could mess with him.

“Relax. Wei Dafa is the second disciple of Wei Changqing. He should be in line to enter the core disciple ranks of the family, and Grand Elder Wei Changqing spent a huge amount of effort on him. Now that Wei Dafa has been killed in the Falling Water City, Wei Changqing will never choose to let things rest. He will personally head over to the city in order to kill the kid.” Another eminent elder sighed. “I heard that Grand Elder Wei Changqing comprehended three elements to the grand perfection level a few years ago.”

Zhou He shook his head. “Since the youngster could kill Wei Dafa, Wei Changqing wouldn’t be able to do a thing to him. It’s not like the kid is afraid of the Wei Family anyway.”

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“The only power in the celestial empire that isn’t afraid of the Wei Family would be the royal family! Don’t tell me the kid hails from the royal family…”

“Probably not. If he’s from the royal family, the Wei Family definitely has news on him.”

The eminent elders broke out into discussion.

In one of the cities near the Falling Water City, Wei Xiaoyue and Aunt Hong heard about the news and they were shocked. They didn’t think that things would progress to such a point.

“How dare he! Zhou He and the Sword Dao Gate can offend the youngster for all we care, but why did he drag our family into this?!” Wei Xiaoyue gnashed her teeth in rage.

Aunt Hong sighed, “I was too rash. I didn’t think this through. Who would have thought that they would send inner disciples to deal with the matter…” She continued, “Wei Dafa is the second disciple of Wei Changqing. The man has always doted on Wei Dafa, and he’s definitely going to make a move now.”

Wei Xiaoyue’s face changed. “Aunt Hong, we should tell my father everything about the young man! He has to stop Wei Bi and Wei Changqing!”

If Wei Bi and Wei Changqing actually made a move to offend the youngster, their Wei Family would be in deep sh*t!

“I’ll contact the patriarch right now!” Aunt Hong nodded. She knew how serious things were, and she had to send the report immediately. She contacted the patriarch of the Wei Family instantly.

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After reporting the matter, she turned to Wei Xiaoyue. “Xiaoyue, the patriarch instructed me to bring you back to the family. It’s no longer safe outside.” It was clear that Huang Xiaolong’s presence had already alerted the Wei Family.

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“... I shouldn’t have told you to inform my father.” 

A helpless smile appeared on Aunt Hong’s face. “Xiaoyue, you have to be obedient. The patriarch says that he will personally send out several experts to capture you if you refuse to return. Let’s return for now. We can always come out again after a few years.”


When the two of them started to make their way back to the family, a murderous expression could be seen on Wei Changqing’s face as he stood before Wei Bi. “I have to avenge my disciple! How dare that man kill my disciple?!”

Wei Bi nodded. “We can’t let things go now that he killed an inner disciple of our family. Even if his background is shocking, he’ll have to leave his life behind today!”

All of a sudden, his transmission symbol trembled and he nearly jumped in shock. After reading the message, he realized that the patriarch was summoning him and Wei Changqing.

From the message, the patriarch wasn’t playing around!

A weird look formed in Wei Bi’s eyes. He didn’t understand why they were summoned by the patriarch. Moreover, he was summoned along with Wei Changqing.

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