Chapter 3583: Killing Members of the Wei Family

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Of course, there were also three beasts who had comprehended all thirteen elements to the grand perfection level standing guard around the manor. There was no point in strengthening the restrictions.

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“Watch how I shatter the restrictions around the manor!” Wei Dafa roared.

Zhu Quan approached him quickly and chuckled, “Lord Wei Dafa, there is no need for you to dirty your hands by shattering a Primal Ancestor level formation. Any one of us can do it for you!”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll shatter the restriction while killing the beasts! Let’s see if Huang Xiaolong dares to stay in hiding after that happens.”

Zhu Quan and the others didn’t dare to go against his will.

As a sword emerged from Wei Dafa’s back, he pointed at the manor and screamed, “Go!” 

The sword turned into a ray of light that was several thousand miles long as it covered the entire manor. It slashed downwards as a sea of light engulfed the entire city.

The light contained the power of gold at its peak level.

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Wei Dafa not only managed to comprehend the power of gold, he reached the minor completion stage in it!

Under the power he unleashed, sword qi filled the air. The power was shocking, and the experts standing all around felt the world around them shaking. The faces of those from the Sword Dao Gate changed, and there was less to say about the Primal Ancestors under the families in the city. Their legs trembled under the pressure.

Seeing as the ray of light was about to crush the manor, a bear’s paw reached out from inside the manor to shatter the blade formed with light. Next, the paw came crashing down, causing the entire city to shake.

When it was done, the paw returned to the manor.

The change was too sudden, and the experts standing around were unable to react in time. Like the city lord and the old ancestors all around, they stared at the skies in shock.

“This… This… This..” The disciples of the Wei Family gasped in fright. They failed to close their jaws, and they looked at the giant abyss that formed before them. All that was left of Wei Dafa was a puddle of blood.

The man who had been ordering everyone about like a god who descended from the heavens was lying dead in a deep abyss! His sword had been crushed into countless pieces, and he couldn’t be more dead!

An inner disciple of the Wei Family who had comprehended the power of gold to the minor completion stage was killed just like that!

Silence descended on the lands.

The disciples of the Wei Family didn’t know what to say, and the members of the Sword Dao Gate remained quiet.

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While the deafening silence filled the lands, several voices slowly transmitted over. An old man, a youngster, and a little girl rode on ferocious beasts as they strolled over.

“Tao… Tao Hang!” The old ancestor of the Zhang Family stuttered.

The three of them were precisely Huang Xiaolong and gang who were getting back from their shopping spree.

The members of the Wei Family who were dragged there to deal with an unknown man called ‘Huang Xiaolong’ widened their eyes when they saw the youngster riding towards them. Wasn’t that guy…

Their faces started to change as Huang Xiaolong’s group arrived before them.

“It’s pretty lively here.” Huang Xiaolong looked at them and commented casually.

He knew what happened the moment the members of the Wei Family and the Sword Dao Gate entered the city. After all, his dao souls weren’t for show. He could cover the entire city if he so wished.

“Lord, these are the disciples of the Wei Family!” Tao Hang’s expression changed as he addressed Huang Xiaolong.

When they bumped into Wei Xiaoyue and the other lady she called Aunt Hong in the city, Tao Hang didn’t recognize them as they weren’t wearing the robes of the Wei Family. Things were different this time. After all, the disciples standing before them wore the robes of inner disciples of the Wei Family. 

As an inner disciple of the Tao Family, Tao Hang knew how prestigious their status was! In the past, an inner disciple of the Wei Family went to their Tao Family and everyone above the grand elder level was summoned to welcome them!

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The Wei Family members who were stuck in a state of shock snapped back to reality and they heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that someone recognized them.

“That’s right, we are inner disciples of the Wei Family!” Someone glared at Huang Xiaolong and snorted, “Which family are you from?! How dare you kill an inner disciple of the Wei Family?!” He pointed at Wei Dafa’s corpse and continued, “Senior Brother Dafa isn’t a mere inner disciple of the Wei Family! He’s the second disciple of a grand elder!”

Tao Hang’s expression changed once again.

They actually killed a disciple of a grand elder!

He felt the world crashing down on him.

“Oh. What about you guys? Are you disciples of grand elders?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

The disciples standing around had no idea what Huang Xiaolong meant, and they stared at him in silence.

“Since I’ve killed a disciple of a grand elder, it doesn’t matter how many more I kill.” Huang Xiaolong muttered. 

The faces of those from the Wei Family changed. They were about to rage when the beast Huang Xiaolong was riding on casually swiped its paws. It sent everyone deep into the earth.

The disciples of the Wei Family were killed just like that.

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Everyone else who was standing around nearly fainted when they saw what happened. There were even several old ancestors who fell to their knees.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhu Quan and the others as he sighed, “I didn’t go to the Sword Dao Gate to mess with you, and here you are looking for me.”

Zhu Quan and the others fell to the ground and he stammered, “Lord, I… We…”

“What else do you have to say? Speak your last words.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

No one dared to raise their heads.

As his beast flicked a single finger, everyone who stood against Huang Xiaolong was sent flying into the skies. They flew out of the city, and they turned into puddles of blood when they landed.

As for the city lord and the rest, Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to get rid of them. “Go report to the Wei Family and the Sword Dao Gate that I won’t spare them if they try to mess with me again!”

Everyone slammed their heads into the ground in acknowledgement. 

It didn’t take long before Huang Xiaolong entered the manor with the other two.

Those kneeling outside the manor only dared to raise their heads after a very long time.

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