Chapter 3582: Pulling Your Ears

The eminent elder related to the Sword Dao Patriarch was at odds with Aunt Hong, and they wouldn’t stop till one of them was dead. As such, the Sword Dao Gate’s survival wasn’t her concern.

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In fact, she might celebrate quietly when the Sword Dao Gate was eliminated!

Wei Xiaoyue knew about the problems within the family, and she hesitated for a moment before asking, “Will it affect our Wei Family?”

“Of course not. Relax, the Sword Dao Gate is a lackey of our family. We can cast it aside whenever we want. If he chooses to destroy the Sword Dao Gate, he wouldn’t dare to offend our family. After all, we’re no pushovers.”

Wei Xiaoyue nodded slowly.

After leaving the shop, Huang Xiaolong was in a great mood. It was the first time he felt at ease in a long time. After all, the Universe Boat was finally in his hands!

With the Star Dragon Divine Tree and the Universe Boat, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be afraid of Mei Jie even if the man reached the peak of the God of Creation Realm. So what if the man had 18 billion units of grand cosmos energy?! Huang Xiaolong was confident that he could beat the man to death.

Huang Xiaolong felt his body loosening up as the worries slowly left his mind. His dao souls started to experience a subtle transformation.

He was in no rush to refine the treasure even after he got his hands on it. Instead, he started to stroll down the streets with no worry. He bought everything that caught his eye, and for once, he splurged with no restraint!

When Huang Xiaolong, Tao Hang, and Tao Han’er rode on their beasts back to the manor, a huge group of experts from the Sword Dao Gate arrived in the city! Other than the members of the Sword Dao Gate, there were many members of the Wei Family.

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The Sword Dao Gate didn’t make any moves the moment Liu Qi was killed because they were waiting for the members of the Wei Family!

Every single expert who arrived were Dao Venerables, and they were much stronger than Liu Qi!

The disciples of the Wei Family stood at the very front, and they puffed their chests out as they strolled down the street. More than a hundred Dao Venerables of the Sword Dao Gate followed closely behind.

“That brat is pretty strong. We might have to trouble several lords…” An eminent elder of the Sword Dao Gate, Zhu Quan, spoke to the members of the Wei Family.

Even though the patriarch of the Sword Dao Gate didn’t personally come, he sent several eminent elders out. Zhu Quan was ranked slightly above average among those who came, and he was a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable.

Wei Dafa, a disciple of the Wei Family, roared with laughter, “It’s nothing! After all, I’ll be in the area anyway. We’ll complete our task after dealing with that little punk. It won’t take up too much time…”

The disciples of the Wei Family were all inner disciples, and they were pretty famous even in the family. All of them comprehended the elements, and they were sent out by the eminent elder related to the Sword Dao Patriarch. 

Zhu Quan chuckled, “Lords, you are geniuses among geniuses! You managed to comprehend the elements when you’re so young, and you will definitely become a core disciple of the family!” 

Wei Dafa snickered, “The geniuses in the Wei Family are uncountable! We need to work harder if we want to enter the ranks of core disciples.” Despite what he said, everyone could hear the smugness in his voice.

As the members of the Wei Family and the Sword Dao Gate entered the city, the members of the Zhang Family, and the various large families in the city were waiting respectfully at the side. The city master was also present.

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They got to their knees the moment the members of the Wei Family approached.

The old ancestors of the great families in the city were rarely seen, now, they were kneeling before a group of experts without so much as a complaint!

It was a rare sight indeed.

Even though the city master of the Falling Water City was someone of considerable status, he was a disciple of the Sword Dao Gate. With the power of the Sword Dao Gate and the Wei Family, it was no wonder their disciples could turn into city lords.

There were countless cities ruled by the ancient races and super families, and the celestial empire was too lazy to be bothered with it.

“You can rise.” Wei Dafa spoke.

When they received the order, they got to their feet.

“Lead the way. Bring me to the youngster’s manor.” Wei Dafa snorted. “Also, get some men to head over there first to wait for us to arrive.”

“Tell him that the members of the Wei Family are there to question him.”

He was like a king passing down his decree.

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However, it was true. For inner disciples like Wei Dafa, he was like an emperor in a small city like that.

The Wei Family was a behemoth in the Golden Sea Celestial Empire, and the status of an inner disciple was impressive.

As soon as Wei Dafa gave the order, the city lord and the old ancestors of the other families didn’t dare to dally. They sent their experts over to Huang Xiaolong’s manor immediately.

They also told their disciples to pass down Wei Dafa’s order, word for word.

When that was done, Wei Dafa and the others started to set out for Huang Xiaolong’s manor.

Not too long after they passed down the order, the faces of the old ancestors present turned ugly. They received a report that every single disciple who went over to Huang Xiaolong’s manor was killed by the beasts who served him.

“What’s wrong?” Wei Dafa asked when he saw the looks on their faces.

The city master and the various ancestors stared at each other before telling Wei Dafa everything.

When they heard the reports, their expressions sank. 

“They were killed by the beasts?! Do you know how strong the beasts actually are?” Zhu Quan frowned.

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“We have no idea.” The old ancestor of the Zhang Family shook his head. “Tao Hang strolled around with the beast, but we are unable to determine its strength. It should be in the Dao Venerable Realm.”

Wei Dafa snorted openly. “It’s not like we haven’t killed beasts who had comprehended the elements…”

“Lord Wei Dafa is right. With so many lords present, the beasts will be dead no matter how strong they are!” Zhu Quan continued to suck up to them. “Since the brat dares to defy Lord Dafa’s order, he’s asking to die! Let’s see how he begs for mercy later!”

Another eminent elder smiled, “He better pull his ears while begging for mercy later…”

Amidst their laughter, they arrived around the manor.

When they saw the restrictions around it, Wei Dafa roared with laughter, “Primal Ancestor level restrictions?! Hahaha! Is he trying to scare off kids?!”

Laughter filled the air once again.

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Since Huang Xiaolong couldn’t be bothered with strengthening the restrictions, he left it the way they were. After all, not many people would be able to cause trouble with him holding the fort…

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