Chapter 3581: Pretty Fero ious

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Initially, Huang Xiaolong was unable to confirm the legitimacy of the Universe Boat. However, the Universe Sphere in his hands trembled slightly, and joy quickly filled his heart. If the little boat could resonate with the Universe Sphere, it was more than likely for it to be the Universe Boat!

Huang Xiaolong’s heart jumped in joy.

Universe Boat!

The universe-grade treasure born from the First Universe!

It was the fastest treasure in all thirteen universes, and it possessed the strongest offensive abilities!

Moreover, there was a rumor that one could comprehend the mysteries of the universe when they cultivated in the formation of the Universe Boat! It would greatly assist them in breaking through to the Universe God Realm!

The boss was slightly stunned when he saw Huang Xiaolong’s expression. The little boat was something he managed to pick up god knew how long ago. It seemed as though he found it when he was searching for precious herbs in the mountain ranges. He picked it up as it looked pretty cool, but he couldn’t understand how special it was. As such, he tossed it in the corner.

“How much for the boat?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Hesitating for a moment, the boss was no amatuer. From the look on Huang Xiaolong’s face, the boss knew that the boat was something special. Even so, he had no idea what it exactly was, and he could only try his luck.

“Lord… How about a hundred… A hundred thousand dao coins?!” After all, no successful businessman would give up a chance to make more money. The man looked at Huang Xiaolong cautiously after offering the price.

Huang Xiaolong’s laughter shook the heavens when he saw the hesitant look on the boss’ face.

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When the boss thought that things were about to go south, Huang Xiaolong tossed over a spatial ring.

Opening the ring, the boss saw dao coins piled up to the heavens. There were countless dao coins in the ring, and they were more than enough to form several mountain ranges. With his hands trembling in shock, he nearly dropped the ring.

How many dao coins were in there?!

A billion?!

Tens of billions?!

“Lord… Lord… This… Are these really for me?!” 

Search for the original.

“What’s wrong? Is it too little?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“No, no, no, in fact, it’s too much!” The boss stuttered.

With the amount of dao coins in the ring, he would be more than set for life.

“I hope that no one learns about what happened today.” Huang Xiaolong reminded.

“Lord, you can rest assured that no one will learn of the events that happened here today.” The boss spoke hastily and he quickly swore an oath. In fact, he wouldn’t go around telling people what happened anyway. After all, he would suffer a fate worse than death if people learned that he managed to obtain several billion dao coins!

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Even the families that stood at the peak of the universe would be tempted by the amount of money he had!

In order to play safe, Huang Xiaolong laid down a restriction in the boss’ body. “If you speak of the little boat, the restriction will tear your soul to shreds.”

As the blood drained from the boss’ face, Huang Xiaolong continued, “Not to worry. No harm will befall you as long as you keep the secret.”

The boss nodded hurriedly.

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong’s group left the store.

The moment he left, the pretty lady who brought around the little girl with her hid somewhere in the city. The lady comprehended eight of the thirteen elements, but there was a look of fear in her eyes.

“Aunt Hong, what’s wrong? Is that young man really that scary?” The young girl frowned and asked, “Didn’t you say that Yu Chai probably had a peak-grade grand dao artifact crafted by a God of Creation?!”

The lady revealed a bitter smile and continued, “Xiaoyue, even if we wish to snatch their treasure, we need to be strong enough to do it!” 

Wei Xiaoyue continued, “Is the young man as strong as you? However, he looks extremely ordinary. He shouldn’t be an expert, right?”

The lady shook her head and sighed, “I have no idea how strong the young man is, but the beasts around him are terrifyingly strong.”

“Terrifyingly strong?” Wei Xiaoyue gasped. “Do you think that they’re experts who comprehended ten elements? There’s no way! This is just a tiny little Falling Water City…”

“I’m afraid that they’re stronger than that…” 

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“What?! Aunt Hong, do you think that they comprehended eleven elements?!”

The lady shook her head again. Her expression turned extremely serious and she muttered, “They might be experts who have comprehended thirteen elements to the grand perfection level!”

“How is that possible?!” Wei Xiaoyue yelled in fright.

The Wei Family she came from was one of the strongest powers in the Golden Sea Celestial Empire. Several billion years ago, their Wei Family produced a God of Creation Realm expert. As such, their influence in the world was only lower than the royal family of the celestial empire! Even so, the number of experts who had comprehended thirteen elements to the grand perfection level could be counted on both hands.

Experts who comprehended the thirteen elements to the grand perfection level were only weaker than God of Creation Realm experts, and they weren’t common even in the celestial empire.

How could three of them appear in a tiny city like that?

“Aunt Hong, do you think you might have made a mistake?”

Hesitating slightly, the lady continued, “Perhaps… They might have comprehended twelve elements, but even so, it speaks volumes of the youngster’s identity.”

For someone to be protected by three beasts at that level was something unheard of! Not even the young master of the Wei Family would be given such treatment.

“Do you mean that the youngster might be a Son of Creation? He might also be the son of a God of Creation! However, that doesn’t seem possible. He looks too ordinary!” 

Wei Xiaoyue continued, “A Son of Creation paying a visit to a tiny city like this doesn’t make sense!”

The lady started to think of the reasons and a frown foremed on her face. “Could he also be here because of Yu Chai?! I’m afraid that that’s the only possible explanation. He might have obtained some news on the treasure before coming over to pay Yu Chai a visit!” 

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Whatever the case, a peak-grade grand dao treasure crafted by a God of Creation was definitely worth looking into. It wouldn’t be weird if a Son of Creation personally showed up.

“Do you think we should give up on Yu Chai?” Wei Xiaoyue was a little reluctant to leave like that. After all, that was a peak-grade grand dao artifact they were talking about!

“If that young man really is a Son of Creation, not even your father would choose to offend him over a mere treasure!” 

Wei Xiaoyue’s father was the patriarch of the Wei Family, and his influence in the region was huge.

Even so, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to offend someone like that!

“Should we notify the patriarch of the Sword Dao Gate?” Wei Xiaoyue continued.

Running into Huang Xiaolong’s group was no coincidence. Originally, Wei Xiaoyue’s plan was to travel around the places of interest in the Falling Water City. She heard that someone killed the direct disicple of the Sword Dao Patriarch, and she decided to look for the murderer in the city.

The Sword Dao Gate was closely related to the Wei Family, and the patriarch was the uncle of someone in the Wei Family.

Due to their relationship, the patriarch of the Sword Dao Gate would frequently bring gifts over for the doyens of the family in order to show his loyalty. As such, the Sword Dao Gate could be considered a power under the Wei Family.

A frosty look appeared on Aunt Hong’s face. “If the Sword Dao Patriarch is stupid enough to offend that youngster, they deserve everything coming to them!”

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