Chapter 3573: apturing Kun Feng

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Zhu Qiming slammed into the ground unceremoniously. 

Outside the main hall, the experts of the Eternal Heaven Alliance and Creation Palace were staring coldly at Wang Zaixu and the others when they heard a loud crash. Raising their heads, they were greeted with the sight of Zhu Qiming’s face getting kicked in.

When Zhu Qiming crashed into the hall, Chen Bi and the others stared blankly behind them.

“That… Was that Lord Zhu Qiming?” The experts of the Creation Palace asked.

Chen Bi slapped him instinctively. “How can that be Lord Zhu Qiming?!” 

A giant palm print could be seen on the expert’s face.

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Unable to retaliate, the expert could only laugh it off. “That’s right… How can that be Lord Zhu Qiming?” 

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However, he was sure he saw Zhu Qiming crashing into the main hall earlier.

Inside, Huang Xiaolong stared at Zhu Qiming who had a giant dent in his face.

Zhi Qiming was too careless when facing Huang Xiaolong. Otherwise, there was no way Huang Xiaolong could have dealt with him so easily. After all, their strength didn’t defer too much as Huang Xiaolong wasn’t using the Star Dragon Divine Tree.

Waving his hand, Huang Xiaolong decided to end the battle as soon as possible. Summoning the Star Dragon Divine Tree, countless roots appeared and sent Zhu Qiming flying once again. He wasn’t going to give his opponent the chance to breathe.

After all, it was possible for Zhu Qiming to escape given his strength.

When the roots of the Star Dragon Divine Tree landed on his body, wounds could be seen reaching into his bones.

Roaring with rage, a giant sword appeared in the skies above Zhu Qiming and it slashed downwards at Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’ll die miserably!” Killing intent leaked from his eyes.

The giant sword surpassed any top-grade creation artifact they knew. When it appeared, space itself was sliced into bits.

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Huang Xiaolong fused with the Star Dragon Divine Tree instantly. With the branches forming a giant wall before him, a defensive barrier was created to stop the giant sword from Zhu Qiming. All of a sudden, Zhu Qiming saw four mysterious flames appearing on the crown of the tree.

The Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise leaped at Zhu Qiming in unison.

Turning pale, Zhu Qiming couldn’t dodge in time as the White Tiger Flame crashed into him. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air.

“This… This is the four Universe Origin Fires!” Zhu Qiming roared in disbelief.

Among the thirteen universes, one would be extremely lucky if they managed to obtain a single universe treasure! They didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to possess both the Star Dragon Divine Tree and the four Universe Origin Fires!

When he was stuck in a state of shock, the Star Dragon Divine Tree swept its branches towards him again and he was sent crashing deep into the earth.

The formation around the main hall of the Creation Palace was shattered by the impact.

An hour later, Huang Xiaolong dragged the ragged Zhu Qiming towards himself.

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Taking shallow breaths, Zhu Qiming glared at Huang Xiaolong and threatened, “Huang Xiaolong, I am the grand prince of the Zhu Family! The great ancestor will never let you off!” 

“We’ll talk when he can leave the Unknown Space.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“You… How do you know?!” Zhu Qiming’s eyes widened.

“I wouldn’t dare to kill you if I didn’t know.” Huang Xiaolong snorted.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong searched through Zhu Qiming’s soul. To his surprise, Zhu Qiming had two great worlds like Mei Jie! However, he didn’t understand why Zhu Qiming only had 14 billion units of grand cosmos energy despite being at the half step Universe God Realm.

After careful inspection, a frown formed on his face. Zhu Qiming only managed to create his second great world after entering the half step Universe God Realm. That was the reason behind the disparity in grand cosmos energy.

A commotion broke out outside the main hall when Huang Xiaolong was still thinking about Zhu Qiming’s lack of strength. As it turned out, Kun Feng, Chen Yizhen, and Lin Tong tried to escape when they realized that things went horribly wrong. They were stopped by Jiang Hong and the others.

After Huang Xiaolong tossed Zhu Qiming into the Sun Moon Furnace, he strolled out of the main hall and looked at the battle that was taking place.

Kun Feng and the rest might be half step Universe Gods, they were up against five hundred experts on Huang Xiaolong’s side! They were unable to escape even after giving it their all.

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Seeing that Huang Xiaolong had emerged, their expressions changed instantly. They didn’t expect him to deal with Zhu Qiming so quickly! If he was strong enough to capture Zhu Qiming in such a short amount of time, wouldn’t that mean that…

Huang Xiaolong looked at the panicked expression on their faces and a sneer formed on his lips. He appeared in front of them instantly, but he was met with an enraged cry. “Huang Xiaolong, what have you done to Lord Zhu Qiming?! Release him right now! Otherwise, you’ll regret your decision!” 

Huang Xiaolong stared at Chen Bi who was charging towards him and shattered the man’s bones into dust. Sealing Chen Bi’s grand cosmos energy, he threw him into the Sun Moon Furnace to reunite with Zhu Qiming. When he was done, he turned to look at Kun Feng’s trio.

Before coming, he instructed Jiang Hong and the rest to never let Kun Feng, Chen Yizhen, and Lin Tong escape no matter what. As such, they bore the brunt of the attacks. Eventually, they were captured and sealed by Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing the three of them falling into the enemy’s hands, the experts of the Creation Palace and the Eternal Heaven Alliance lost all fighting spirit. Those who ran, ran. There were also many who fell to their knees to surrender. In several short minutes, the once glorious Creation Palace and Eternal Heaven Alliance ceased to exist.

Huang Xiaolong told Jiang Hong and the others to clean up the battlefield before heading over to the treasury. Breaking open the restrictions by force, he swept everything clean.

No matter what, the Creation Palace had been the strongest power in the First Universe for countless years. The amount of treasures they accumulated wasn’t something imaginable by ordinary experts. The treasures that were stacked into planet-sized mountains entered the Sun Moon Furnace and a satisfied smile could be seen on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

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