Chapter 3571: Zhu Qiming

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“Settling this matter amicably with them?!” Jiang Hong flew into a fit of rage instantly. “What if we refuse?! Who the hell do you think you are to order His Highness to settle things peacefully?!”

Even though Chen Bi appeared all friendly, his tone was full of contempt. No one in Huang Xiaolong’s faction could suppress their anger.

A frosty light flashed through Chen Bi’s eyes in response. “Are you Jiang Hong of the Solitary Alliance? Humph, do you really think that you’re impressive with your strength at the half step Universe Realm? Our lord possesses strength beyond your wildest imagination! Killing you will be as easy as breathing!” 

“As for our ancestor, you won’t be able to imagine how strong he really is! Haha! You’re not even fit to be the ancestor’s slave!” 

Jiang Hong felt anger surging in his heart, but Huang Xiaolong stopped him with a single gesture.

Turning to Chen Bi, Huang Xiaolong said, “I’ll accept the invitation. Tomorrow, we can head over to the Creation Palace together.” 

Jiang Hong and the others were shocked to hear that Huang Xiaolong’s agreement.

Chen Bi’s expression relaxed and a smile eventually formed on his face. “Seems like fellow cultivator Huang knows what’s good for him!” Turning to Jiang Hong, he sneered, “Unlike someone over here.”

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Huang Xiaolong remained completely impassive and he sent Zhu Yaowen to arrange the details with Chen Bi.

After sending Chen Bi away, Jiang Hong could’t hold himself back and he asked Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness, this is definitely a trap laid down by the Creation Palace! It’s too dangerous for us to attend the meeting…”

“That’s right! Your Highness, they chose to hold the banquet in the Creation Palace, and they might have already come to an agreement with Kun Feng and the others.” Wang Zaixu continued.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and chuckled, “It’s alright. Regardless of where they hold it, the outcome is the same.”

It didn’t matter what they were scheming. In the face of absolute power, no tricks would work!

With Huang Xiaolong’s strength at 14.5 billion units of grand cosmos energy and the Star Dragon Divine Tree, he wasn’t afraid of any trap they would set!

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A light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. From what Chen Bi said, their ancestor was likely a supreme expert in the Unknown Lands. It seemed as though the lord who was inviting him over was a descendant of the supreme expert.

To be able to deal with an expert at Jiang Hong’s level easily, they would probably possess 12 billion units of grand cosmos energy. With Kun Feng’s understanding of his strength, they would only be confident enough to invite Huang Xiaolong over if the expert had 13 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

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A sneer left Huang Xiaolong’s lips. It was a shame that none of them knew about Huang Xiaolong’s current strength.

Of course, it didn't hurt to be careful. Huang Xiaolong might be fearless, but it didn’t hurt to make some preparations. Huang Xiaolong gathered five hundred experts to follow him over to the Creation Palace.

All five hundred of them were carefully chosen by Huang Xiaolong. Even though there were only five hundred of them, their collective strength was double that of the experts in the Creation Palace.

As the night passed uneventfully, Huang Xiaolong met Chen Bi in the morning to head over.

They used the Xuan Hong Flying Ship to rush over to the Creation Palace as it was faster than whatever Chen Bi came in.

“Fellow Cultivator Huang, this flying ship should belong to Xuan Hong of the Creation Palace, right?” A look of interest appeared on Chen Bi’s face.

Chen Bi definitely knew how strong Huang Xiaolong was. Despite that, he refused to address Huang Xiaolong properly. It seemed as though he was still trying to put on airs in front of everyone present.

Moreover, he pointed out that the flying ship belonged to Xuan Hong of the Creation Palace. Reading between the lines, he was trying to say that Huang Xiaolong was a petty bandit.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled in response, “That’s right. However, it’s mine now.” He casually slapped the body of the ship and continued, “I’ll refine it again in a little and turn it into my very own Blue Dragon Flying Ship.”

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That was his actual plan.

When he dealt with the Creation Palace and Eternal Heaven Alliance, he would use all the treasures they had to refine the Xuan Hong Flying Ship. While he was at it, he would increase the power of the ship again.

With his current strength, he was more than capable of doing so.

Chen Bi roared with laughter when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said. “Haha! It’s not easy to do what you just said. Looks like you’re pretty rich!” 

“After capturing Kai Dong and Xuan Hong, I have all the treasures I need.” Huang Xiaolong smiled.

Snickering at the side, Chen Bi chose to remain silent.

Along the way, Chen Bi tried to hold a conversation with Huang Xiaolong but he was quickly brushed off with a few sentences.

From what they talked about, Huang Xiaolong learned that the person backing Chen Bi up was called Zhu Qiming. Due to Chen Bi’s refusal to reveal any more information, Huang Xiaolong only knew that Zhu Qiming was from the Unknown Lands.

When Huang Xiaolong was traveling towards the Creation Palace, Kun Feng, Chen Yizhen, and Lin Tong were standing respectfully before Zhu Qiming.

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“We will have to rely on Lord Zhu Qiming to capture Huang Xiaolong.” Kun Feng bowed.

Zhu Qiming snorted, “Relax. There is no way he can escape. If he chooses to submit to my Zhu Family, I’ll leave it at that. If he refuses, I have no choice but to eliminate him.” 

Chen Yizhen hesitated for a second and said, “Huang Xiaolong has the Star Dragon Divine Tree… It might not be as easy to deal with him as we think!” 

Zhu Qiming waved his sleeves and sneered, “So what! He won’t be able to escape anyway. Lord Mei Jie has been accepted into my ancestor’s service. He told me to relay a message. He’s doing extremely well in the Unknown Lands. There’s no need for you to miss him.”

“Yes…” Kun Feng and the others bowed in succession.

“The reason I came to the First Universe is to locate the universe sphere orb and the cosmos orb. All of you control a huge part of the First Universe, and if you manage to locate it, our ancestor will reward you greatly.”

Kun Feng and the rest bowed yet again.

Very quickly, Huang Xiaolong arrived in the Creation Palace.

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