Chapter 3570: Giant Palm

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“The Unknown Lands is definitely left behind since the ancient era!” The Star Dragon Universe explained.

“Left behind since the ancient era…” Huang Xiaolong felt his soul trembling slightly.

There were countless rumors going around in the First Universe. The Unknown Lands belonging to an ancient era was one of them. With the Star Dragon Universe’s confirmation, it seemed as though the rumors were true!

“Yes…” The Star Dragon Universe became serious. “In fact, the thirteen universes were destroyed once before.”

“What?!” Huang Xiaolong gasped.

“That’s right. Other than the universes themselves, every single living creature was destroyed. Countless Gods of Creation fell…”

“Why?” Huang Xiaolong’s confusion was summed up in a single word.

The Star Dragon Universe sighed slowly, “No one knows the reason, not even myself. It seems as though there is a power stronger than the Thirteen Universes combined…” 

“Was the thirteen universes destroyed by someone?!” Huang Xiaolong was stuck in a state of disbelief. “This… Did a Universe God do this?! There shouldn’t be a Universe God born in the various universes you…”

The Star Dragon Universe muttered, “There hasn’t been a Universe God since the start of time. However, there are existences comparable to it.”

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Huang Xiaolong felt his heart pounding in his chest.

Existences comparable to a Universe God?

The very concept of a Universe God was terrifying! An existence like that could control the various universes with a single thought!

“There is no need to worry. Even if an existence like that is present, he is not a true Universe God. He doesn’t have the clairvoyance and control a Universe God has. At the very most, he has the ability to control space and time at an extraordinary level. You are a miracle who created three great worlds. It’s only a matter of time before you surpass him.” The Star Dragon Universe explained.

Nodding slightly, Huang Xiaolong finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“When the thirteen universes were destroyed previously, a majority of the experts died. However, there were some terrifyingly strong ones who banded together to resist the destructive energy.” 

“There were experts capable of doing that?” Huang Xiaolong gasped.

Even though they worked together, it was proof that they were extremely strong!

“The seniors who did that possessed supreme strength! They managed to reverse the yin and yang and they carved out a space for themselves. Hiding in there, they managed to avoid destruction.” The Star Dragon Universe continued.

“Is that… Is that the space located in the depths of the Unknown Lands?” Huang Xiaolong guessed.

“That is correct. However, they are unable to leave the Unknown Lands despite transcending destruction. The moment they leave, they will face the extermination tribulations.” 

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Huang Xiaolong felt a heavy weight lifted off his chest after hearing what the Star Dragon Universe Said.

If those experts could leave the Unknown Space, the thirteen universes would definitely be thrown into turmoil!

After all, they could resist the power meant to destroy the thirteen universes! Creating a space on their own, one could only imagine how strong they were!

Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts turned to the Dragon Overlord who was backing Meng Tian and Huang Sheng. Could he be an expert from the ancient era?!

“They might be unable to leave, but what about other experts?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Their descendants should be able to.” 

“Senior Star Dragon, do you know how many people survived during the destruction of the thirteen universes?” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

“This… I have no idea. There might be slightly more than a dozen of them…” The Star Dragon Universe replied.

Huang Xiaolong sighed.

Every single one of them should be a monstrous freak.

Huang Xiaolong changed his line of questioning to the thirteen universes. He wanted to know if there were natural worlds or regions where he could increase his strength.

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The Star Dragon Universe might have lived for a long time, but it couldn’t leave! It had no idea what went on in the other universes, and Huang Xiaolong could only search for clues on his own.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong left the Dragon Eye Cliff.

Yu Long was naturally left behind, and with his grand cosmos energy sealed, he would never be able to leave.

Despite the very obvious grudge between the Star Dragon Universe and Yu Long, Huang Xiaolong managed to suppress his curiosity. 

When he emerged from the Submerged Dragon Institute, the Star Dragon Couple approached him immediately.

“Now, you’re the most famous expert in the Star Dragon Universe!” Ao Xing roared with laughter.

“Should we head over to the Bearded Dragon World to eat some Fire Bugs?” Huang Xiaolong suggested.

Jumping in excitement, Starly roared, “Alright! That’s a great idea!” 

The Star Dragon Couple looked at each other and chuckled in amusement.

After arriving at the Bearded Dragon World, Huang Xiaolong and the three dragons ate their fill. When they were done, Huang Xiaolong bade his farewell and returned to the First Universe.

Since Meng Tian, Huang Sheng, and Yu Long were dealt with, the only thing left was the alliance between the Creation Palace and the Eternal Heaven Alliance. Once he was done with them, he could enter seclusion in peace. He would prepare himself to enter the Unknown Lands!

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The Star Dragon Couple thought of going back to the First Universe with Huang Xiaolong, but they were stopped by him. With Huang Xiaolong’s strength, he could easily suppress Kun Feng, Chen Yizhen, and Lin Tong even if they worked together. With the three of them gone, their alliance was headed for destruction.

Several months later, Huang Xiaolong led Zhu Yaowen and the others back to their home base in the First Universe.

“Your Highness, you’re back!” Wang Zaixu and the others cheered when he returned. Even though they were given full control over the faction, Huang Xiaolong’s absence meant that their strongest expert was gone! There were lots of trouble they had to deal with!

“Did anything happen in the years I left?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

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Wang Zaixu looked at Jiang Hong and they started to hesitate. 

Jiang Hong eventually broke the silence, “Nothing happened thus far, but they seem to be gathering their strength now. It seems as though they found some sort of support.” 

Huang Xiaolong raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Oh?” 

Did they receive some sort of support from the Unknown Space?

Someone paid a visit to Huang Xiaolong the very next day, and he was a God of Creation at the peak of the grand completion stage. He was called Chen Bi, and he claimed to be from the Unknown Lands.

“Your lord is inviting me over to the Creation Palace?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Chen Bi grinned. “Our lord has arrived in the First Universe and when he heard about the misunderstanding between all of you, he decided to be the mediator. He wishes for all of you to settle your difference amicably.”

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