Chapter 3567: Yu Long

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When he realized that he wouldn’t be learning anything from Meng Tian and the others, Huang Xiaolong gave up reluctantly. Regardless, he would be heading over to the Unknown Lands in the future. He would know everything after some investigation. There wasn’t a need to worry about it now.

Leaving seclusion, Huang Xiaolong looked for the Star Dragon Couple and Starly before heading back to the Star Dragon Universe.

He needed to ask the Star Dragon universe something when he was back. He promised the Star Dragon Universe to kill Yu Long previously, and now, he might be unable to kill the man, but he could capture him!

“Why do you need to return to the Star Dragon Universe?” Huang Long and the others were shocked by his sudden intention to head over.

‘I promised the supreme existence in the Dragon Eye Cliff to kill Yu Long.” Huang Xiaolong didn’t hide anything from them. “I only managed to locate the Star Dragon Divine Tree because of the supreme existence. Now, it’s time for me to fulfill my promise.”

“There are some questions I wish to ask the supreme existence too.”

After hearing his reason, no one had a reason to stop Huang Xiaolong.

“When do you plan to head over?” Huang Long asked.

Huang Xiaolong thought about it for a moment before sighing, “I’ll go in a bit. I plan to head over to the World of Departed Souls to look for Xiaofei and the rest before leaving.” 

He hadn’t seen them in several millions years. He couldn’t help thinking of them from time to time.

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“Alright, I’ll go back with you.” Huang Long smiled.

It didn’t take long before they left for the World of Departed Souls.

They arrived several days later.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong had returned, everyone in the Huang Family cheered happily.

After so many million years, everyone in the Huang Family had broken through. The weakest of them had broken through to the Primal Ancestor Realm. Most of them were in the Dao Venerable Realm, but they were quite a distance away from comprehending the elements.

After spending several months with his wives, Huang Xiaolong decided to leave for the Star Dragon Universe. With the Star Dragon Couple, Starly, and the experts he brought with him from the First Universe, they headed towards their destination.

Huang Long and Pangu chose not to follow Huang Xiaolong this time. With the members of the Huang Family, they sent him off.

As for Wang Meiqi, she decided to remain behind with the Huang Family. As a God of Creation at the grand completion stage, she could guide everyone in their cultivation. 

Several months later, Huang Xiaolong and the others finally arrived at the Star Dragon Universe.

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Rushing towards the Submerged Dragon Institute in Xuan Hong’s flying ship, Huang Xiaolong discovered a ton of experts going in the same direction. When he finally asked around, he discovered that the Submerged Dragon Institute would only hold their martial arts tournament every one hundred million years. Anyone under the God of Creation Realm could participate, and anyone who entered the top ten ranks would be rewarded with Yu Long’s guidance and creation-level pills.

Yu Long invited the various celestial emperors and other Gods of Creation to the Submerged Dragon Institute for them to observe the competition.

“Seems like we came at a good time.” Ao Xing chuckled.

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Huang Xiaolong nodded with a smile on his face. “Since it’s a martial art tournament, I guess I’ll have to exchange pointers with Yu Long.”

“Heh, if Yu Long learns about your current strength, do you think he’ll agree to the exchange?” Ao Meixia snickered.

“Well, too bad he doesn’t know.” Huang Xiaolong grinned.

As laughter rang through the air, the group traveled happily towards their destination.

Several days later, they arrived at the entrance of the Submerged Dragon Institute.

Looking at the structures around him, Huang Xiaolong sighed. When he entered the Submerged Dragon Institute with Pangu in the past, all he wanted to do was to find a way to cure his father’s injuries. Everything seemed to pass so quickly!

When Huang Xiaolong was still thinking about the past, a voice rang through the air. “The Celestial Emperor of the Zhusheng Celestial Empire has arrived! Get out of the way!” 

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The Zhusheng Celestial Empire was ranked in the top ten ranks in the Star Dragon Universe. The Zhisheng Celestial Emperor’s strength was comparable to Ao Wen of the Bearded Dragon Celestial Empire!

Looking at each other, everyone on Huang Xiaolong’s ship chuckled.

A mere celestial emperor wanted more than three hundred Gods of Creation to make way for him! Nothing could be more amusing.

Huang Xiaolong turned to Zhu Yaowen and muttered, “Scare them away.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Zhu Yaowen nodded before turning around to point at the flying ship approaching them. A terrifying ray of light broke a hole through the fabric of space and it flew past the Zhusheng Celestial Empire’s flying ship.

A tear countless miles long could be seen as chaotic air spewed from within. 

Perhaps they were scared off by Zhu Yaowen’s display of strength, but the flying ship from the Zhusheng Celestial Empire stopped dead in their tracks. A shaky voice emerged from their flying ship after a long time. “Zheng Cheng didn’t mean to offend Lord Creation! Please forgive me!” 

Zheng Cheng was the name of the celestial emperor from the Zhusheng Celestial Empire.

“Leave.” Zhu Yaowen ordered.

“Yes, Lord Creation!” 

In the blink of an eye, the Zhusheng Celestial Empire’s flying ship disappeared. 

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“I’ll enter alone to capture Yu Long.” Huang Xiaolong addressed Ao Xing and Ao Meixia. “If you enter the Submerged Dragon Institute, Yu Long will probably pee his pants and run away!” 

“Alright. We’ll stand guard here. He won’t be able to escape.” Ao Xing chuckled.

He knew that Yu Long was extremely afraid of them.

After sending Zhu Yaowen and the others to surround the Submerged Dragon Institute, Huang Xiaolong entered alone.

When the disciples of the Submerged Dragon Institute wanted to approach him, they realized that none of them could move!

Wherever Huang Xiaolong walked, everyone would be stuck in place.

In the heart of the Submerged Dragon Institute, Yu Long was happily chatting with Xu Long and the others. 

Even though there was still some time till the start of the tournament, those who were supposed to come had already arrived.

Xu Long chuckled, “Fellow Cultivator Yu Long, you became so much stronger these past few years. I'm no longer your match.”

“Brother Xu Long is exaggerating. No matter how much I cultivate, I won’t be your opponent.”

The two of them continued to give in to each other.

When that was going down, one of the higher-ups of the institute charged into the hall. “Lord Director, someone barged into the institute! From what they say, it’s the long lost Huang Xiaolong!”

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