Chapter 3564: No One an Run

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“What will happen if we leave?!” Huang Long asked.

The old dragon shook his head and sighed, “We’ll save anyone we can. The reason you were captured was because of me. If you fall into Huang Sheng’s hands again, I won’t be able to explain myself to Xiaolong!” 

Huang Long stared at the old dragon and sighed.

Very quickly, half an hour passed.

The formation around the palace shattered with a massive blast and debris was flung everywhere.

The faces of the old dragon and the others changed.

They didn’t expect the enemy to break their defenses so quickly!

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

As soon as the formation was shattered, Meng Tian and the rest charged into the palace with their creation artifacts in hand.

Roaring with laughter, Huang Sheng addressed them, “You old f*ck, we meet again!” 

He turned to look at Huang Long and he continued, “Huang Long, since you chose to return, you can’t blame me for what is about to happen! Huang Xiaolong won’t be able to save you this time!” 

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Huang Long glared at Huang Sheng as killing intent flashed through his eyes, “Huang Sheng, watch yourself. One day, Xiaolong will refine your bloodline and devour your soul!” 

“Devour my soul? Haha! Let’s see if that little brat is capable enough.” He waved his hand and ordered, “Take them down! Do not let a single one escape!” 

The experts behind him nodded in unison and they pounced at Huang Long, the Blazing Dragon, and the others.

In order to stop the Star Dragon Couple, Meng Tian led twenty experts over to surround them.

They failed to break through the encirclement in a short amount of time.

As for Huang Long, he was under attack by four experts at the grand completion stage. None of them were weaker than him when he was at his peak state! Due to his injuries, he was quickly taken down.

Meng Tian and Huang Sheng rejoiced when they saw that Huang Long had fallen into their hands.

“Huang Long, this time, you should surrender to fate. I’ll devour your bloodline and dao soul this time!” Huang Sheng roared with laughter.

However, a ray of silvery light tore through the void and shot towards the giant group of attackers. Meng Tian and Huang Sheng failed to react when a horrible shriek came from one of their men.

The individual who was sent flying had a hole in his forehead by the time they looked at him.

Three more rays of light tore through the skies.

“Be careful!” Huang Sheng and Meng Tian yelled at the same time.

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They were a tad too late. The three Gods of Creation who were standing beside Huang Long were sent flying.

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the sudden change in situation.

Silence descended on the lands.

“It’s the Silver Soul Spike from the Creation Palace!” The Star Dragon Couple recognized the weapon immediately.

Creation Palace!

Silver Soul Spike!

The faces of Meng Tian and the others changed.

The Silver Soul Spike was one of the most terrifying weapons in the Creation Palace. It was said that there were only a hundred of them to begin with! Only the four palace masters were able to use them. Whenever a Silver Soul Spike was used, they would pierce directly into the target’s soul! Their grand cosmos energy would be sealed immediately and they would enter a state of paralysis.

Did a palace master of the Creation Palace arrive?

The Star Dragon Couple were shocked. They didn’t understand why the Creation Palace would save Huang Long.

When everyone was confused, a massive flying ship appeared in their sights.

The flying ship approached at a terrifying speed and it emitted extremely powerful waves of energy.

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“This is a top-grade flying ship! It belongs to Xuan Hong of the Creation Palace!” Ao Xing was shocked.

A flying ship belonging to a palace master of the Creation Palace!

When they saw who was standing on the bow of the ship, they were shocked.

“Huang Xiaolong?!”


“Your Highness!” 

Meng Tian, Huang Sheng, Ao Xing, Huang Long, and everyone present yelled in unison.

Huang Xiaolong was standing beside Pangu, Ao Shenghai, Ao Guang, and Wang Meiqi as they stared at everyone standing below. The three hundred experts Huang Xiaolong brought back were nowhere to be seen.

When everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock, he retrieved the ship and approached Huang Long.

“Father, Master, I’m late.”

Huang Sheng roared with laughter all of a sudden. “Huang Xiaolong, you’re right on time! Hahaha! You’re here for the best part!” 

“Hold it. Be careful. It might be a trap.” Meng Tian reminded him. Huang Xiaolong’s sudden arrival made him slightly cautious. After all, why would the Creation Palace give Huang Xiaolong a top-grade flying ship? Did a palace master come with Huang Xiaolong? Where were they?

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Huang Sheng nodded when he heard what Meng Tian said. He turned to Huang Xiaolong and muttered, “Huang Xiaolong, you’re pretty capable! Who would have thought that you could invite the members of the Creation Palace over to help you?” Alright, there’s no need to hide it anymore. You can bring them out now.” 

Huang Xiaolong frowned. It seemed as though Huang Sheng was pretty confident in himself. He didn’t seem to look highly upon the Creation Palace at all! What could he be relying on?

Huang Xiaolong looked at Huang Sheng and Meng Tian before staring at the experts they brought over. Other than the Creation Palace and Eternal Heaven Alliance, no other alliance seemed to possess so many experts.

As for thirty over experts at the peak of the grand completion stage, not even the Creation Palace would be able to mobilize so many of them!

Where in the world did Huang Sheng and Meng Tian find them?

Huang Xiaolong summoned the experts he brought while questioning the source of Meng Tian’s power.

With his summon, three hundred experts appeared in the skies.

Huang Sheng and Meng Tian looked around them in shock. They couldn’t believe their eyes. “Three… Three hundred experts at the God of Creation Realm?!” 

The Creation Palace only had three hundred of them at the peak of their strength. How could they send everyone to assist Huang Xiaolong?!

Huang Long, the old dragon, and the Star Dragon Couple were equally as stunned.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at Huang Sheng and Meng Tian and returned their threats from earlier. “Huang Sheng, Meng Tian, I’ve been looking for you guys all these years. Who would have thought that you would jump out yourselves?! Today, none of you will escape.” 

Huang Sheng and Meng Tian’s expression fell, but they lunged at Huang Xiaolong in unison. No one expected them to move so suddenly. They couldn’t help Huang Xiaolong even if they wanted to!

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