Chapter 3563: Appearan e of Meng Tian and Huang

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“What?! Meng Tian actually found Huang Sheng and they formed an alliance?!” Huang Xiaolong stared at Pangu in shock.

“Yes.” Pangu sighed. “The two of them gathered more than two hundred Gods of Creation from god knows where to launch an all-out attack against the Blazing Dragon World! If not for the Star Dragon Couple and the three Bamboo Ancestors, the Blazing Dragon World would have long since been destroyed!” 

“Even with their strength, we can’t hold out for long! The other side brought too many experts over! There are more than thirty of them at the peak of the grand completion stage!” 

“There are over fifty of them at the grand completion stage!” Pangu gnashed his teeth in annoyance. “Meng Tian and Huang Sheng also declared that they would destroy the Pangu World after they are done with the Blazing Dragon World! They plan to destroy everything related to you!” 

Huang Xiaolong planned to deal with Kun Feng, Lin Tong, and Chen Yizhen now that he left seclusion. After hearing what Pangu said, he could only return to the Blazing Dragon Universe to deal with the two.

He had been looking for the two of them for a long time. Now that they finally appeared, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t going to let them escape. It was especially so for Huang Sheng. The moment he captured Huang Sheng, his father would be able to recover!

Pangu shook his head when he heard that Huang Xiaolong wanted to return to the Blazing Dragon Universe. “Even if you, Ao Shenghai, Ao Guang, and Wang Meiqi return, you won’t be able to do anything.”

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When he rushed into the First Universe in a state of panic, he contacted Ao Shenghai immediately to look for Huang Xiaolong. He didn’t learn about anything that happened in the years that passed, and he didn’t know that his disciple had subdued countless experts.

As for the fact that Huang Xiaolong had more than 10 billion units of grand cosmos energy, it was impossible for Pangu to find out. After all, he didn’t even try!

Huang Xiaolong stared at Pangu in stunned silence for a moment before bursting out in laughter, “Master, didn’t you hear about everything that happened in the First Universe?!” 

“Huh?! What are you talking about?” Pangu frowned.

“Ao Shenghai, Ao Guang, and Wang Meiqi won’t be the only ones following me back to the Blazing Dragon Universe! Now, I control half the forces in the First Universe!” Huang Xiaolong explained.

“What?!” Pangu roared as he stared at Huang Xiaolong, flabbergasted.

That wasn’t half a great world they were talking about! That was half the First Universe!

Hold up… Wasn’t there more than thirteen hundred Gods of Creation in the First Universe?! 

Wouldn’t that mean…

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The look in Pangu’s eyes changed when he stared at his disciple.

“I have more than eight subordinates at the God of Creation Realm now.” Huang Xiaolong snickered.

“?!” Pangu felt his tongue going stiff and a look of confusion formed on his face.

In the Blazing Dragon Universe, there were forty Gods of Creation at best.

“Yes…” Huang Xiaolong smiled. In the years he spent in seclusion, a large group of experts came to swear their loyalty to him. 

Without exaggeration, Huang Xiaolong controlled the strongest faction in the First Universe. Not even the combination of the Eternal Heaven Alliance and Creation Palace could rival him! Their remaining forces numbered in the five hundred range at best.

After thinking about it for a moment, Huang Xiaolong gathered everyone and chose three hundred of them to follow him back to the Blazing Dragon Universe.

When he left, he told Wang Zaixu and the others to wait for his return. They were to guard the headquarters at all cost and they had to avoid clashing with the members of the Creation Palace.

Boarding a top-grade creation artifact-level flying ship, they left the First Universe.

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The flying ship was something he managed to obtain from Xuan Hong, and it was the fastest flying ship he had in his possession.

When Pangu stared at the flying ship beneath his feet, he sighed, “Xiaolong, thanks to you, I can finally step foot on a top-grade flying ship. Hahaha!”

“You can have it when we return. Play with it however you wish.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Pangu stared at Huang Xiaolong in fright. “What?! I can’t accept something so expensive?! Isn’t this the only top-grade flying ship you have?! If I take it, what are you going to use?” 

“Kun Feng has another one on him. I’ll rob him later.” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

“I’ll definitely not take it then! If the old dragon asks me where I get it, you’ll look like a bad disciple for favoring one master!” 

Huang Xiaolong nodded eventually. Since Pangu didn’t want it, he wouldn’t force the matter.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong didn’t stop for a second. He charged straight towards the Blazing Dragon Universe. If they ran into any planets or great worlds, he would shift them to the side.

Even so, it took them several months to return. After all, the distance between two universes was too large!

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Huang Xiaolong charged straight for the Blazing Dragon World the moment they returned.

When that was happening, Meng Tian and Huang Sheng were staring coldly at the Blazing Dragon Celestial Palace. They sent their disciples to bombard the grand formation endlessly.

In the time it took Huang Xiaolong to return, Meng Tian and Huang Sheng had long since destroyed the formation around the Blazing Dragon World. Now, everyone focused their defenses on the grand formation around the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire.

“God damn it! How did Huang Xiaolong get to know the Star Dragon Couple?! If not for them we would have wiped out the old dragon a long time ago!” Meng Tian roared.

Huang Sheng sneered in response, “So what if they’re half step Universe Gods, this will end soon.” 

Even though the Star Dragon Couple were strong, they only had thirty odd experts defending the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire. Meng Tian and the others brought two hundred Gods of Creation over. They won in sheer quantity! 

Half a month passed, and the barrier around the celestial palace started to tremble.

“If this keeps up, the barrier will shatter in less than an hour!” Ao Xing started to panic. Turning to Huang Long, he said, “The moment it does, I’ll cover your escape.”

With their strength, the Star Dragon Couple would be able to ensure the safety of Huang Long. However, the same couldn’t be said for the others.

“But…” Huang Long frowned.

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