Chapter 3562: 13.4 Billion

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Jiang Hong declared his loyalty towards Huang Xiaolong. From what he said, there was no doubt about it. The Solitary Alliance would listen to Huang Xiaolong from that moment on.

Waving his hands casually, Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Alliance Leader Jiang Hong is taking this too seriously.” 

After talking for a little longer, Wang Zaixu, Tao Shi, and the others reported the outcome of the battle.

Due to their relentless pursuit, they managed to capture eighty experts in total. One of them was at the peak of the grand completion stage!

“It’s too bad the rest escaped…” Ao Shenghai sighed.

More than three hundred of them managed to escape!

“It’s fine. We’ll kill our way over. They won’t be able to run forever.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

After the battle, the strength of the two greatest alliances took a massive hit. Even someone at the level of Xuan Hong was captured! Even if Kun Feng worked with Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong, there was nothing for Huang Xiaolong to be afraid of. 

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong ordered for all the captured experts to be brought to him.

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The experts of the Creation Palace and Eternal Heaven Alliance trembled uncontrollably when they were brought over.

They saw how badly Xuan Hong was beaten up by Huang Xiaolong earlier. Even a half step Universe God was trashed to the point of despair. If he wanted to deal with them, they would suffer endlessly!

Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze across the prisoners and locked on to two of them.

There were five experts in the First Universe who possessed the Huang Long Bloodline, and the last two were kneeling before him! One of them was called Ao Fei, a God of Creation at the grand completion stage, and the other was Ao Bifeng, a God of Creation at the large completion stage! 

When they saw him walking over to them, they felt despair blooming in their hearts.

“Lord… Lord… Lord Huang Xiaolong, we don’t mean any disrespect! We only fought you because we had our orders!” Ao Fei stuttered.

Ao Bifeng nodded and begged for mercy.

Without the patience to explain himself, Huang Xiaolong tossed them into the Sun Moon Furnace.

No one dared to speak up for them for fear of incurring Huang Xiaolong’s wrath.

“Relax. I won’t kill anyone who surrenders.” Huang Xiaolong spoke while looking at the others. “You only have one chance. Think carefully about the decision you’re about to make.” 

“I… I am willing to submit! I will fulfill Lord Huang Xiaolong’s orders even if it costs me my life!” One of the God of Creation Realm experts from the Creation Palace yelled.

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In the headquarters of the Eternal Heaven Alliance…

“What?! The great army formed by the experts of our faction and the Creation Palace lost?!” Lin Tong stared at Jiang Yan in disbelief.

With a complicated expression Jiang Yan continued, “Yes… The Solitary Alliance was about to be exterminated when Huang Xiaolong showed up! He saved Jiang Hong from Xuan Hong and Chen Yizhen’s combined assault.”

“Huang… Huang Xiaolong?!” Lin Tong stared at Jiang Yan with his eyes wide open.

“That’s right… We’ve been underestimating the kid all this while. He managed to create three great worlds!” Jiang Yan felt his throat going dry and he explained, “From those who escaped, we learned that Huang Xiaolong has more than 11 billion units of grand cosmos energy! In fact, it’s possible that he has already surpassed the 12 billion units mark! Moreover, he has the Star Dragon Divine Tree!” 

“Xuan Hong and Alliance Leader Chen failed to deal with him even when they worked together.”

Lin Tong fell back in his chair as waves crashed against his heart. 12 billion units of grand cosmos energy?! Star Dragon Divine Tree?!

“Ao Ying and the rest were captured by Huang Xiaolong alone… He didn’t bring any hidden experts along with him.” A bitter smile formed on Jiang Yan’s face. “This time, our alliance leader managed to escape. Xuan Hong wasn’t so lucky.”

With a frown on his face, Jiang Yan muttered, “Now, only Palace Master Mei Jie can suppress Huang Xiaolong! However, he’s been missing for some time now. Not even Kun Feng can contact him.”

In other words, in the First Universe, no one could stop Huang Xiaolong!

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Jiang Yan mentioned some stuff about the battle, and Lin Tong’s face turned green when he heard that Tao Shi and the others had submitted to Huang Xiaolong.

“Send out our men to exterminate Tao Shi’s celestial empire!” Lin Tong roared with rage.

“No!” Jiang Yan pleaded. “Alliance Leader, the most important thing is for Chen Yizhen to return. We need to form an alliance with Kun Feng immediately to resist Huang Xiaolong. Exterminating Tao Shi’s celestial empire will appease your anger for now, but it’s useless!” 

Lin Tong’s expression sank and he eventually decided to listen to Jiang Yan.

“Also, we need to call upon the Hundred Empire Alliance for support.” Jiang Yan continued, “With the Creation Palace and the Hundred Empire Alliance, we won’t be afraid of Huang Xiaolong!” 

“But… That’s easier said than done.” Lin Tong frowned.

“They should have already learned about the battle in the Solitary Alliance. They should be afraid that he would move against them next, and we can use that to pull them in!” 

“Alright, let’s do it!” Lin Tong nodded in agreement.

It was too bad the news of the Hundred Empire Alliance’s surrender came a few days later. Huang Xiaolong made his move earlier than expected. With Huang Xiaolong’s strength and Wang Zaixu’s assistance, the Hundred Empire Alliance quickly surrendered.

“F*CK!” Lin Tong roared with rage as he destroyed everything around him.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t stop there. He brought everyone to launch a massive offensive on the Eternal Heaven Alliance. When he arrived, Lin Tong was nowhere to be seen.

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“Your Highness, we discovered that Lin Tong, Chen Yizhen, and Kun Feng are currently hiding in the Creation Palace.” Ao Shenghai said. “Should we attack them right now?” 

Huang Xiaolong shook his head slowly. “Not for now.”

With the grand formation left behind by Mei Jie, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to do a thing to them with 12 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

After deciding against launching an offensive, Huang Xiaolong chose to enter seclusion.

Before he did, he passed down an order to gather every single expert in the God of Creation Realm.

Other than those in the great alliances, there were close to four hundred Gods of Creation lying around. They were an extremely powerful source of strength if he could gain their support.

Huang Xiaolong entered seclusion for over two hundred thousand years. When he devoured the Huang Long Bloodline in Ao Fei and Ao Bifeng, the amount of grand cosmos energy he accumulated reached the 13.4 billion mark.

Huang Xiaolong also used the treasures Kai Dong, Xuan Hong, and the others had on them to bring the Purple Lightning Peak and Sun Moon Furnace to the high-grade cosmos artifact level. 

When he emerged from his seclusion, he was shocked to discover a message delivered by Pangu.

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