Chapter 3561: Bad Lu k

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When the experts of the Creation Palace saw how easily Huang Xiaolong eliminated two experts at the peak of the grand completion stage, they screeched to a halt. Those were experts at the peak of the grand completion stage! They failed to survive a single blow!

Xuan Hong and Chen Yizhen couldn’t believe their eyes. Their eyelids didn’t stop twitching.

Not even top-grade creation artifacts could destroy the body of an expert at the peak of the grand completion stage easily. Chen Yizhen only managed to injure Jiang Hong after repeated attacks in their drawn out battle.


When Xuan Hong and the others were thinking of what to do next, a crisp voice rang through the air. “Father!” 

Everyone turned to see a giant flying ship traveling towards them. It was the flying ship Kai Dong used when he left to huntdown Huang Xiaolong, but now, it changed hands! The experts standing on the bow of the ship were on Huang Xiaolong’s side! 

As the situation was getting too dire, Huang Xiaolong chose to fly over alone. Jiang Shaoyu and the others could only try to keep up in the flying ship.

“Shaoyu!” Jiang Hong yelled when he saw his daughter.

Jiang Shaoyu and the experts of the Solitary Alliance who left to protect her quickly flew over to Jiang Hong’s side.

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“Father, are you alright?” Jiang Shaoyu asked after inspecting the wounds on her father’s body.

“I’m fine.” Jiang Hong chuckled. “As long as you’re alright, nothing else matters. When you left, I thought…” Several days ago, he fell into despair after learning that the Creation Palace was hunting his daughter down. Now that she returned in one piece, he could stop worrying about her.

“I’m fine! Xiaolong saved me when we were surrounded by the members of the Creation Palace!” Jiang Shaoyu explained.

Wang Zaixu and the others disembarked the flying ship and flew towards Huang Xiaolong. Getting to their knees, they greeted him together, “Your Highness!” 

Their greeting ignited the rage in Xuan Hong and Chen Yizhen.

“All of you f*cking traitors! How dare you betray the Creation Palace?!” Xuan Hong growled, “When I return, I’ll exterminate your celestial empires! I’ll kill every living being there! If I fail to do so, I’ll change my name!”

Chen Yizhen looked at Tao Shi and the others and he swore, “Tao Shi, do you know how well we treated you all these years?! Since you chose to betray us, you can’t blame us for being heartless. We’ll kill every single person related to you!”

Tao Shi snorted in response, “Chen Yizhen, didn’t you and Lin Tong create the Eternal Heaven Alliance to go against the Creation Palace? Now, all of you chose to work with them! You’re the true traitor! All of you deserve to die!” 

Chen Yizhen screamed in anger, “Kill them all! Kill the traitors!” 

The war that was placed on hold started once again.

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“Kill Huang Xiaolong and the traitors!” Xuan Hong’s order came too.

The experts of the Creation Palace and Eternal Heaven Alliance swarmed Huang Xiaolong instantly.

Once again, the universe trembled under the shockwaves of the battle.

The battle was even more intense than before. The space around them crumbled like dust as their attacks smashed into each other.

“Brothers, we’ll fight to the death!” Jiang Hong passed down his order too. The experts of the Solitary Alliance joined Huang Xiaolong to launch their counterattack.

The members of the Solitary Alliance might have suffered some injuries, but that didn’t diminish their strength. After all, they were Gods of Creation. With the support from Huang Xiaolong’s army, they were more than capable of standing up to the combined forces of the Creation Palace and Eternal Heaven Alliance.

The others might be stuck in a deadlock, but Xuan Hong and Chen Yizhen were questioning life as they fought with Huang Xiaolong. They might be able to suppress Huang Xiaolong’s strength with their control over the universe energy, but Huang Xiaolong had 12 billion units of grand cosmos energy! It wasn’t a small gap at all! His physical body was stronger than that of ordinary half step Universe Gods! When he transformed into the Star Dragon Divine Tree, the two of them were beaten to a pulp!

Huang Xiaolong didn’t waste the past millions of years for nothing. Now, his offensive and defensive abilities had far surpassed the Huang Xiaolong of the past! Even if he stood there without moving, the two of them would find it hard to break through his defenses!

Chen Yizhen and Xuan Hong weren’t as sturdy as him! Every time they were stuck by his attack, they would vomit mouthfuls of blood.

In less than half an hour, the two of them were close to being defeated.

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“Everyone at the peak of the grand completion stage, listen up! Come here and assist us in killing Huang Xiaolong!” Xuan Hong yelled in desperation.

Chen Yizhen did the same.

To begin with, they didn’t have that many experts at the peak of the grand completion stage. The experts on Huang Xiaolong’s side and the Solitary Alliance weren’t useless either. The only ones who came to Xuan Hong and Chen Yizhen’s aid were three miserable individuals who managed to leave the encirclement. One of them was from the Creation Palace and the other two were from the Eternal Heaven Alliance.

It was too bad they were sending themselves to their deaths. The three of them were wiped out instantly by Huang Xiaolong and he threw their dao souls into the Sun Moon Furnace.

Xuan Hong and Chen Yizhen felt a stabbing pain running through their body and they knew that the outcome of the battle had been decided.



They gave their final order before they tried to escape.

The battle field erupted into chaos instantly as the experts of the two factions fled for their lives.

Search for the original.

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How could Huang Xiaolong allow any of them to escape? He quickly gave the order to hunt all of them down before chasing after Xuan Hong himself.

Xuan Hong snapped when he saw how Huang Xiaolong gave up chasing Chen Yizhen to hunt him down. “Huang Xiaolong, what’s the meaning of this? Why don’t you go for Chen Yizhen?!”

“Well, you’re just unlucky. I don’t like the look on your face.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Bad luck?! Xuan Hong nearly vomited another mouthful of blood.

As he ran for his life, he was eventually stopped by Huang Xiaolong. Like Kai Dong, he was suppressed in the Sun Moon Furnace.

By the time Huang Xiaolong returned to the Solitary Alliance, they were cleaning up the battlefield.

“Your Highness!” 

Jiang Hong approached Huang Xiaolong and he bowed respectfully, “Many thanks to fellow cultivator Huang Xiaolong for saving my Solitary Alliance. Without you, we would have been exterminated! In the future, we will follow fellow cultivator Huang’s order without any questions!”

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