Chapter 3558: We’ll Be Too Late

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The depths of the Unknown Lands was a mystery!

No one had ever gone to the end of the Unknown Space, not even half step Universe Gods! Huang Xiaolong didn’t expect to be unable to break through the restrictions with 12 billion units of grand cosmos energy!

He could only turn back.

After meeting Wang Meiqi and the rest, he didn’t choose to remain in the Unknown Lands. They departed immediately.

Two years later, they finally left the Unknown Lands.

Looking at the vast space before them, Huang Xiaolong spoke to Tao Shi, “Go investigate the situation in the Creation Palace and the Eternal Heaven Alliance.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Tao Shi nodded before passing the order down.

Even though Tao Shi and the others were from the Eternal Heaven Alliance, they had celestial empires of their own. Their subordinates were all over the place! It didn’t take long for them to receive reports on the two superpowers.

When Huang Xiaolong was cultivating, everyone who went to the Unknown Lands eventually left.

The Creation Palace waged war on the Eternal Heaven Alliance because of the matter regarding Kai Dong, and more than a dozen battles broke out among the two superpowers. Both sides suffered considerable losses.

No one knew when, but the Eternal Heaven Alliance and the Creation Palace were showing sighs of reconciliation.

“Oh? What’s with the sudden change in attitude?” Huang Xiaolong asked. Wasn’t the Eternal Heaven Alliance created to oppose the Creation Palace? Why the sudden change of heart?

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“Do you know what their recent meetings were about?” 

“No. Not even the higher-ups of the organizations knew what Kun Feng, Xuan Hong, Chen Yizhen, and Lin Tong spoke about.” Tao Shi shook his head and sighed.

“What about Mei Jie?” Huang Xiaolong thought of another problem.

“We heard that Mei Jie hasn’t emerged from the Unknown Lands. There are some who say that he is trapped in a dangerous region, and there are others who say that he managed to enter the depths of the Unknown Space. Also…” Tao Shi paused all of a sudden.

“Speak.” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

 “There are some who said that Mei Jie managed to obtain the cosmos sphere. He might be hiding somewhere in the Unknown Space to comprehend the universe laws contained within.”

That wasn’t possible. Huang Xiaolong already combined both treasures to form the Universe Sphere.

With question marks floating in his mind, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t understand what happened. Did Mei Jie go missing?

There was no way for him to be trapped in the Unknown Space with the strength he possessed. The only other possibility was that he managed to enter the depths of the Unknown Space!

What could possibly be held in there to hold him back for millions of years?

From what Huang Xiaolong discovered, the Universe Boat was located there. That was all he knew for now.

Whatever the case, with Mei Jie gone, Huang Xiaolong was the strongest existence in the thirteen universes! There was no one capable of challenging him!

“Your Highness, where do we go now?” Wang Meiqi asked.

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Naturally, they were unable to return to the Eternal Heaven Alliance with all the ruckus they kicked up.

“We’ll go to the Hundred Empire Alliance!” Huang Xiaolong decided after a short while.

Out of all the superpowers in the First Universe, the Hundred Empire Alliance was the easiest to take over!

The Creation Palace lost Kai Dong, Ao Ying, and dozens of other experts. Less than three hundred Gods of Creation were left in the Creation Palace, and there were only a few of them at the peak of the grand completion stage.

If Huang Xiaolong could swallow the Hundred Empire Alliance and several other smaller powers, he could suppress the Creation Palace completely!

However, if the Creation Palace were to fix their relationship with the Eternal Heaven Alliance, things might get slightly more troublesome.

Without further delay, Huang Xiaolong charged towards the Hundred Empire Alliance.

Using a high-grade creation artifact-level flying ship he obtained, they flew straight towards their headquarters.

Half a month later, they arrived. However, they were met with an interesting scene on their arrival. Several dozen figures were chasing down a small group.

“Elder Hu, protect the young lady! We’ll hold them off!” Someone yelled.

“No! Elder Man, you protect the young lady! I’ll stop them!”

“Bullsh*t! None of you Solitary Alliance weaklings are getting away!”

When Huang Xiaolong heard the name ‘Solitary Alliance’, his heart fluttered slightly. He released his dao souls to check on what was happening.

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More than thirty experts surrounded the members of the Solitary Alliance who numbered slightly more than ten. Jiang Shaoyu was protected by several men, and she glared at her assailants angrily.

“Jiang Shaoyu, stop trying to escape. Even if you manage to leave, you won’t be able to hide for long! The First Universe will belong to our Creation Palace and Eternal Heaven Alliance soon!” Jiang Qiuping, a God of Creation at the peak of the grand completion stage, roared with laughter. He was someone from the Creation Palace.

The expressions of those from the Solitary Alliance were extremely ugly.

“Even if I die, I won’t give in to you b*stards!” Jiang Shaoyu sneered.

“Die? Do you really think that I’ll give you the chance to die? If you refuse to surrender, I’ll make your life a living hell!” Jiang Qiuping snorted in contempt.

“Kill them!” Someone from the Solitary Alliance roared. “We’ll kill our way out and bring the young lady away!” 

As soon as he spoke, he charged towards the nearest expert from the Creation Palace.

“Since you’re tired of living, I’ll grant your wish!” Jiang Qiuping’s expression fell and he closed in on Jiang Shaoyu. “Kill them!” 

He tried to grab her, but his plan was foiled by someone from the Solitary Alliance. In a fit of rage, he sent the other party flying.

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Jiang Qiuping didn’t give up on his attempt to capture her.

As the blood drained from her face, she watched as Jiang Qiuping’s palm grew larger and larger. Before it could land on her chest, a snort came from the void and golden dragons emerged from the space above Jiang Qiuping. Panicking, Jiang Qiuping redirected his palm to stop the sneak attack.


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As he was sent tumbling through the air, his arms exploded into a mist of blood.

Everyone stopped abruptly due to the sudden change in situation. When they discovered that there was another group of experts slowly flying towards them, everyone was shocked. Huang Xiaolong brought more than two hundred experts with him!

“Lord Zhu Yaowen, all of you…” Someone stared at the experts behind Huang Xiaolong and gasped in fright. 

“Capture them all.” Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother wasting time as he gave the order immediately.

Wang Zaixu, Zhu Yaowen, and the rest leaped into action immediately.

Seeing as the situation was spiraling out of control, Jiang Qiuping wanted to escape. However, his plan was promptly foiled by Zhu Yaowen and another expert at the peak of the grand completion stage.

“Zhu Yaowen, how dare you betray Lord Kun Feng?! Are you not afraid of the consequences?!” Jiang Qiuping roared.

He couldn’t understand why all of them would submit to Huang Xiaolong, a God of Creation at the large completion stage!

Ignoring the question, Zhu Yaowen worked with the other expert to take Jiang Qiuping down.

“Xiaolong, save my father! Please save the Solitary Alliance!” Jiang Shaoyu rushed over to Huang Xiaolong and she pleaded with him, “The Creation Palace joined forces with the Eternal Heaven Alliance to surround my alliance! They started killing the moment they arrived! Please… Please save them!” 

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