Chapter 3552: No Way To Es ape

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“This…” Lin Tong muttered, “We thought about it, but splitting our troops up into four groups increases the danger to a whole new level.”

Qian Shaolin added, “Even though we might be splitting up our strength, every single group will be enough to hold their own against the dangers in the Unknown Lands. The search for the cosmos sphere will be much more effective that way.”

Feng Tianquan continued, “Lords Tao Shi and Qian Shaolin are right. We will be able to assist each other if we run into danger along the way.”

Eventually, Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong agreed with their suggestion.

One of the groups was led by Chen Yizhen, and another was led by Lin Tong. Jiang Yan was in charge of the third group while Tao Shi was the leader of the fourth. Huang Xiaolong was coincidentally placed in the fourth group.

Ao Shenghai, who received the news, hastily made a report to Huang Xiaolong. “Your Highness, Tao Shi is definitely up to no good.”

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Seems like he’s too impatient to wait any longer…” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Ao Guang sighed, “Your Highness, we’re from the Eternal Heaven Alliance regardless. Tao Shi and the others wouldn’t move against you personally. They might enlist the help of those from the Creation Palace if they wish to kill you.”

Wang Meiqi frowned, “Tao Shi will probably look for other experts too!”

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“Even better!” 

Experts of the Creation Palace? Huang Xiaolong couldn’t ask for more. If Tao Shi wanted to find more experts of the Creation Palace to mess with him, he would take the chance to ruin their strength.

The Eternal Heaven Alliance quickly broke off into four groups.

When Tao Shi saw Chen Yizhen, Lin Tong, and Jiang Yan disappearing into the distance, a smile formed on his face. Turning around to stare at Huang Xiaolong, he growled, “Huang Xiaolong, I know that you’re growing more arrogant by the day with the Star Dragon Couple behind you. Now, I’m the leader of the group! If you don’t listen to me, you’ll be in for a world of trouble!” 

“What do you think you can do to me?” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

“You can’t blame me if anything happens to you. I warned you!” Tao Shi snorted before ordering the rest, “Let’s go!” 

Qian Shaolin, Feng Tianquan and the others followed quickly behind him.

Ao Guang wanted to quarrel with Tao Shi, but Huang Xiaolong shook his head silently. 

Several dozen days passed quickly.

Tao Shi and the rest didn’t make their moves then, but they excluded Huang Xiaolong’s party from the main group.

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He didn’t care too much about them as he awaited Tao Shi’s gang to make their move.


In one of the cultivation abodes in the Unknown Lands, Kun Feng and the others were blasting apart the restrictions that protected the area.

There were countless ferocious beasts in the Unknown Lands, and there was an infinite number of treasures. Most of the treasures were protected by naturally formed restrictions. There were many experts who found cultivation caves left behind by Gods of Creation at the peak of the grand completion stage where there were top-grade cosmos artifacts! 

The cultivation cave they were trying to enter was probably left behind by a God of Creation at the peak of the grand completion stage! It might even be left behind by a half step Universe God!

When Kun Feng and the others were striking the restrictions, one of the experts from the Creation Palace made a report. He said that Tao Shi of the Eternal Heaven Alliance had contacted them and he planned to lead Huang Xiaolong to the Tight Stone Forest.

The Tight Stone Forest was one of the forbidden grounds in the Unknown Lands. There were countless types of rocks there, and it was an interesting location to say the least.

“Tight Stone Forest…” Kun Feng hesitated for a second. They were nearly done breaking through the restrictions around the cultivation cave, and they would be done in a few days. However, Huang Xiaolong was someone he had to get rid o !

“I’ll head over there…” Kai Dong spoke. “You can stay here and destroy the formation with third brother! I’m more than enough to deal with Huang Xiaolong.” 

Kun Feng muttered, “Huang Xiaolong isn’t easy to deal with. I won’t feel safe if you go alone.”

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Kai Dong roared with laughter. “Big Brother, you’re looking too highly upon him! He can't be a half step Universe God with his strength! I’ll bring fifteen experts at the peak of the grand completion stage with me!”

There were only twenty Gods of Creation at the peak of the grand completion stage in the Creation Palace. If Kai Dong brings fifteen of them with him, more than half the strength would be used to hunt Huang Xiaolong down. 

“Ao Wanshan of the Hundred Empire Alliance should be near the Tight Stone Forest. Isn’t Ao Wanshan planning on joining us? We’ll give him a chance to show his loyalty.” Xuan Hong muttered.

Kun Feng eventually nodded. “Alright. Contact Ao Wanshan and let him know about the plan. He is to wait for you to arrive at the Tight Stone Forest. Under no circumstances is he allowed to make the first move. When you arrive at the Tight Stone Forest, you’ll control the situation.”

Kai Dong nodded before contacting Ao Wanshan.

A moment later, he left for the Tight Stone Forest with the experts of the Creation Palace.

When that went on, Tao Shi and the others led Huang Xiaolong to the Tight Stone Forest.

“Go and scout the area. If you discover anything, report back to me.” Tao Shi ordered Huang Xiaolong’s party of four.

Ao Shenghai’s expression sank instantly.

Instead of allowing Ao Shenghai to bicker with Tao Shi, Huang Xiaolong accepted the order and brought them into the Tight Stone Forest.

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“Lord Tao Shi, what if Huang Xiaolong manages to escape again?” Someone asked. “The moment he runs away, he’ll make the connection between us and the Creation Palace! When he reports us to the alliance leaders…”

“Relax. Huang Xiaolong won’t be able to escape.” Tao Shi explained. “Kai Dong is leading fifteen experts at the peak of the grand completion stage as we speak! Other than them, there are experts of other powers!” 

“What do you mean?” Feng Tianquan asked.

“There’s no need for us to worry about that. The Creation Palace told us that other than Kai Dong, there will be more than twenty experts at the peak of the grand completion stage! Huang Xiaolong has to die!” Tao Shi smiled. “Let’s just wait for the good news.” 

Not too long after Tao Shi and the rest left, a group of experts arrived outside the Tight Stone Forest. There were more than forty of them, and they were experts of the Hundred Empire Alliance.

Ao Wanshan wasn’t the only one who came. Another alliance leader of the Hundred Empire Alliance had arrived, and he was called Wang Zaixu. He was also an expert who planned to submit to the Creation Palace.

“Brother Wanshan, are we really waiting for Kai Dong before moving against Huang Xiaolong?” Wang Zaixu frowned. “If he comes, Huang Xiaolong’s treasures will belong to him!” 

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