Chapter 3549: Unknown Lands

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The experts of the Hundred Empire Alliance looked at each other and fell into silence.

None of them could understand what was going on, and no one wanted to be the one to send themselves to their deaths.

After all, Ao Ying and the others were there just half an hour ago! Now, they were nowhere to be seen! There was no doubt about it! They were definitely taken down by experts on Huang Xiaolong’s side!

How strong were the experts on Huang Xiaolong’s side to take care of more than twenty experts at the grand completion stage of the God of Creation Realm in less than thirty minutes?!

There was another problem. Where in the world were the experts behind Huang Xiaolong?!

“Since all of you are not planning to do so, I’ll take my leave.” Huang Xiaolong said before leaving the deserted planet.

The experts surrounding him quickly moved to the side as they made a path for Huang Xiaolong.

Chen Fenli and the others could only stare at Huang Xiaolong as he left. None of them dared to make a move.

Ignoring all of them, Huang Xiaolong brought out his Purple Lightning Peak and turned into a streak of light that shot off in the direction of the Eternal Heaven Alliance.

It wasn’t that he didn’t wish to capture them in one fell swoop. They were standing outside the radius of his grand formation, and he wasn’t confident of capturing all of them at once. He could only leave them alone.

After leaving the deserted planet, Huang Xiaolong didn’t immediately return to the headquarters of the Eternal Heaven Alliance. Instead, he looked for a location to devour the experts of the Creation Palace. With Ao Ying’s Huang Long Bloodline, he was confident of reaching the 11 billion units mark.

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When that happened, he would truly be fearless when confronting half step Universe Gods.

Even if Kun Feng, Kai Dong, and Xuan Hong were to join hands, they wouldn’t be able to do a thing to Huang Xiaolong!

Locating a tiny world, Huang Xiaolong laid down countless formations before transforming into the Star Dragon Divine Tree. 

The First Universe erupted into chaos when Huang Xiaolong was devouring Ao Ying.

“What?! Ao Ying, Zhu Yaowen, and the others who hunted Huang Xiaolong down have disappeared?!” Jiang Hong jumped in fright when he heard the news.

“Yes… It’s said that Huang Xiaolong laid down a grand formation on his way here. He hid a group of experts within and he lured the experts of the Creation Palace over as soon as the ceremony was over! Within half an hour, they captured Ao Ying and the others.”

“Half an hour?!” Jiang Hong’s eyes widened in shock.

Search for the original.

Even if Huang Xiaolong brought along two times the number of men, they wouldn’t be able to end the battle in half an hour!

“Yes… Huang Xiaolong might have brought along countless experts at the peak of the grand completion stage…” One of the experts from the Solitary Alliance guessed. “According to our reports, Kun Feng looks like he ate a fly! He brought along all the experts left in the Creation Palace to pressure Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong to hand Huang Xiaolong over.”

Jiang Hong shook his head and sighed, “There’s no way they’ll hand him over now.”

As the words left his lips, he saw his daughter running into the hall waving her hands animatedly.

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“Father, do you mean what you said?!” 

Jiang Hong’s face twisted slightly.

In the past, he agreed to let her go out with Huang Xiaolong if he lived through the ordeal.

“I heard that Huang Xiaolong has a beauty called Wang Meiqi by his side.” Jiang Hong said.

“I don’t care…” After a slight hesitation, Jiang Shaoyu muttered softly in response.

Jiang Hong could only sigh silently in his heart.

In the headquarters of the Eternal Heaven Alliance.

Feng Tianquan’s expression couldn’t get uglier. “How can this happen?! It’s not possible! How can Huang Xiaolong find so many experts?! Something is definitely off!” 

When they heard the news, the experts of the Eternal Heaven Alliance had no idea what was going on either.

Huang Xiaolong obviously only brought three people along with him when he entered the Eternal Heaven Alliance. Moreover, they didn’t leave with him!

“If he didn’t bring along another group of experts, how can he deal with Ao Ying and the rest? Perhaps, all of us have been tricked by Huang Xiaolong. He might have brought another group of experts with him, and he hid them outside the alliance! The Creation Palace has also been tricked by him!”

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Tao Shi and the others looked at each other silently.

Just like that, tens of thousands of years passed quietly.

The powers in the First Universe hunted Huang Xiaolong down relentlessly, but it seemed as though he disappeared from the face of the universe!

When they were guessing if Huang Xiaolong had already escaped from the First Universe, a figure appeared above the Eternal Heaven Alliance. It was none other than the man everyone was looking for crazily, Huang Xiaolong!

He left for his palace immediately.

Before he could carry out a proper conversation with Wang Meiqi and the others, Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong invited him over to the main hall.

The expert they sent was Jiang Yan, the expert who invited Huang Xiaolong into the Eternal Heaven Alliance.

When Jiang Yan saw Huang Xiaolong, he was extremely courteous. He invited Huang Xiaolong to meet with Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong, and Huang Xiaolong didn’t refuse. 

“Fellow cultivator Huang dealt with Ao Ying, Zhu Yaowen, and the others, causing great damage to the Creation Palace! When Lord Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong heard the news, they celebrated wildly!” Jiang Yan joked around with Huang Xiaolong as they made their way over.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “I heard that Kun Feng, Kai Dong, and Xuan Hong came over to ask for me?” 

“Yes. Their expressions couldn’t get any uglier.” Jiang Yan laughed, “It couldn’t be any funnier!” 

“Didn’t Mei Jie come along with them?” Huang Xiaolong asked all of a sudden.

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Jiang Yan was slightly taken aback, but he turned serious in the next moment. “Mei Jie didn’t come with them. He has been focusing on entering the grand completion stage all this time.” Hesitating slightly, Jiang Yan continued, “I heard that he entered the Unknown Lands recently…”

“Unknown Lands?” Huang Xiaolong frowned. He could tell that Jiang Yan had something to say, but was too afraid to say it.

Jiang Yan quickly changed the topic as he spoke about the recent happenings in the Solitary Alliance and the Hundred Empire Alliance.

The conversation between the two wasn’t bad as they slowly made their way over to the main hall.

It didn’t take long for Huang Xiaolong to arrive before Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong. He was shocked to discover their intentions. They didn’t summon him to talk about the Ao Ying incident!

“What?! There’s news on the Universe Boat?!” Huang Xiaolong cried out in shock.

The Universe Boat was the universe treasure born in the First Universe. It was said to be the strongest universe treasure among the thirteen, and he didn’t expect Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong to share the news with him.

Chen Yizhen nodded and muttered, “Yes. We heard the news. The Universe Orb made its appearance. The sphere has been split into two, and the top half is known as the universe sphere. The bottom part is known as the cosmos sphere. The bottom half should be in the Unknown Lands right now!” 

Unknown Lands!

A light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, and he muttered, “Did Mei Jie enter the Unknown Lands in order to find the cosmos sphere?”

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