Chapter 3542: Meeting Experts of the reation P

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When he was done, Huang Xiaolong continued to cultivate in the space within he scale. He deepened his understanding of the universe laws.

Search for the original.

By the time he left the Darkness World, five million years had already passed.

Not only did he manage to enter the large completion stage of the God of Creation Realm, he also improved his comprehension of the universe laws. Even though he cultivated for five million years, he improved by leaps and bounds!

When he finally emerged from the Darkness World, Huang Xiaolong felt a sense of comfort washing over his soul.

Looking back one last time, Huang Xiaolong nodded once before flying towards the exit of the Black Sea.

Several days later when Huang Xiaolong was about to leave the Black Sea, he ran into a battle between Gods of Creation. One side was clearly stronger than the other, and the weaker party was a female with 2.6 billion units of grand cosmos energy. Her opponent was a man with close to 3 billion units of grand cosmos energy, and he was close to the large completion stage!

“Hehe, Jiang Shaoyu, just give up and surrender to me! You won’t be able to escape!” 

“Duan Jun, aren’t you afraid of my alliance? If you go too far, my father won’t forgive you!” Jiang Shaoyu screamed.

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“Your father? Hehe, I’m not afraid of him.” Duan Jun sneered.

Huang Xiaolong’s initial plan was to leave without allowing both parties to notice him, but when he heard their names, he couldn’t help but become slightly interested. Jiang Shaoyu was the daughter of the Solitary Alliance Leader and Duan Jun was the direct disciple of Kai Dong of the Creation Palace. As the second palace master of the Creation Palace, Kai Dong was one of the most important people in the First Universe!

From the looks of it, Jiang Shaoyu was discovered by Duan Jun when she entered the Black Sea…

When Huang Xiaolong paused in his tracks for a second, Duan Jun started his assault on Jiang Shaoyu. He muttered insults that made Jiang Shaoyu’s face flush red with embarrassment and anger and the battle started instantly. Naturally, Jiang Shaoyu was quickly suppressed by the stronger Duan Jun.

A spear stabbed into Jiang Shaoyu’s shoulder and she cried out in pain.

“Jiang Shaoyu, what do you think of my spear?” Duan Jun snickered. “I’ll give you a taste of the other spear on my body in just a bit!” 

“Duan Jun, you’re shameless!” Jiang Shaoyu snapped.

“You’re right! I’m a shameless man.” Duan Jun laughed as he walked towards her. He reached out towards his chest as he spine.

Panic flashed through her eyes as she knew that she wouldn’t be able to avoid his dirty advances. However, an arm appeared from the void to clamp down on Duan Jun’s outstretched hand before anyone could react properly.

Both parties were shocked to discover the appearance of another party! After all, they didn’t detect anyone else around them during the battle earlier!

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Jiang Shaoyu turned to look at her savior, and she was greeted with a handsome face. His eyes were like stars that twinkled in the dark void as he glared at Duan Jun.

As the two of them were standing really close together, Jiang Shaoyu could feel the unique aura of a man coming off from Huang Xiaolong.

After being slightly surprised, Duan Jun yelled angrily while sending a punch flying towards Huang Xiaolong’s chest. “F*ck off!” He pushed his power to the limit as he was annoyed by the interruption. He wanted nothing more than to end Huang Xiaolong with a single punch!

However, Huang Xiaolong greeted his fist with one of his own.


Duan Jun screamed in pain as the sound of his bone snapping rang through the air.

Jiang Shaoyu saw Duan Jun’s deformed fists hanging limp by his side as the bones in his palm were shattered into a million pieces.

Duan Jun glared at Huang Xiaolong and howled, “I am Duan Jun of the Creation Palace! Kai Dong, the second palace master, is my teacher! Who the hell are you?!” 

“I know who you are.” Huang Xiaolong sighed.

Jiang Shaoyu widened her eyes as she looked at Huang Xiaolong. Since he knew who Duan Jun was, how could he be so heavy handed?!

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Who could he be?!

“You should know me too… I am Huang Xiaolong.” 

“Huang Xiaolong?!” Duan Jun and Jiang Shaoyu yelled in unison.

When Ao Yan and four other Gods of Creation from the Creation Palace disappeared in the past, a wave swept through the universe. The Creation Palace searched for them high and low while laying down an order to locate Huang Xiaolong! In fact, the Eternal Heaven Alliance was also looking for him.

The man who was wanted by more than half the powers of the First Universe was actually residing in the Black Sea!

“You…” Duan Jun screamed in fright, but excitement soon washed over him. “Huang Xiaolong, you’re crazy! How dare you hide in the Black Sea?! Hahaha, you can hide for the past five million years, but you won’t be able to hide forever. Even if you didn’t choose to escape, the experts of my Creation Palace would definitely locate you after some time.” 

Huang Xiaolong looked at the disgusting smile on Duan Jun’s face and sighed, “Where did you get the idea that I was hiding?” 

“Hahaha, what else are you going to do in the Black Sea? Enter seclusion?” Duan Jun sneered.

The Black Sea might house countless treasures, but it was also the most dangerous region in the First Universe! No one in their right mind would cultivate there!

Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to play around with Duan Jun. He shattered Duan Jun’s arm completely with a single tug.

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“Huang Xiaolong, you’re asking for death!” Duan Jun roared, “If you dare to touch me again, not even the Eternal Heaven Alliance would be able to protect you!” 

Huang Xiaolong slapped Duan Jun across the face as soon as he spoke. Duan Jun’s head swelled into the size of a pig and he felt his mind splitting in two. When Huang Xiaolong’s second slap landed on Duan Jun’s face, his eyeballs popped like bubbles.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong sealed off Duan Jun’s grand cosmos energy and tossed him into the Sun Moon Furnace. 

When he wanted to leave, he saw Jiang Shaoyu standing there cluelessly, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you planning to leave the Black Sea?”

Snapping back to reality, Jiang Shaoyu followed closely behind him.

The two of them quickly left the region.

Along the way, Jiang Shaoyu observed Huang Xiaolong silently. When he entered the alliance, didn’t they say that he only had 2.3 billion units of grand cosmos energy? He should be weaker than her! Now, he was at the large completion stage! He had almost 3.3 billion units of grand cosmos energy!

Could he be hiding his strength when he entered the alliance? However, how could Chen Yizhen and Lin Tong fail to discover his true strength?

Questions filled Jiang Shaoyu’s mind, but she stopped herself from asking Huang Xiaolong every time the question reached her tongue.

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