Chapter 3541: Large ompletion Stage

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No one knew how large the universe was. Not even half step Universe Gods like Kun Feng and the Star Dragon Couple knew! However, Huang Xiaolong seemed to have caught a glimpse of it in that instant.

The size of the universe seemed to be captured in the word he was trying to comprehend!

Sucking in a cold breath, Huang Xiaolong vaguely realized that not even the Star Dragon Divine Tree that contained the mysteries of the universe could compare to this word!

Finally suppressing the shock in his heart, Huang Xiaolong started to examine the word on the scale. Even though the word alone was extremely mysterious, the runes that formed it were equally as complicated.

Huang Xiaolong entered seclusion for hundreds of thousands of years the moment he started comprehending the word on the scale.

Sitting motionlessly in the air, the power of darkness in the Darkness World congealed around Huang Xiaolong to form a pulsating ball.

Millions upon millions of darkness devils surrounded Huang Xiaolong, and they formed a giant sphere that protected him from inside out. 

In the years that passed, Huang Xiaolong’s dao souls entered the space within the scale as he comprehended the mysteries unceasingly. 

In the space within the scale, Huang Xiaolong comprehended the mysteries behind the universe. He learned how vast the universe was as he comprehended the laws governing it. In his eyes, the scale seemed to turn into a life form capable of thought. It was similar to the Star Dragon Divine Tree!

Even though he didn’t increase the amount of grand cosmos energy in the years that passed to enter the large completion stage of the God of Creation Realm, Huang Xiaolong’s dao heart and dao souls underwent a huge transformation.

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He discovered that after so many years of cultivation, he had no idea how the universe worked! He was like a primary school child learning the operations of the universe!

As he continued to comprehend the universe dao within the scale, a soft glow enveloped his body.

That was the cosmos light that belonged to the source of the universe.

As the cosmos light entered his body and reemerged, they danced about him like little playful fairies. 

It didn’t take long for a million years to pass…

The cosmos light around Huang Xiaolong expanded to the size of a sea.

When the light finally dispersed in a massive explosion, the universe seemed to tremble slightly. Rays of light illuminated every inch of the central holy world, and it was extremely eye catching.

Like the name suggested, the Darkness World was covered in darkness. The power of darkness was frighteningly strong. But now, not a trace of it was left. All that remained was endless light.

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That wasn’t all. The rays of light around Huang Xiaolong didn’t scatter immediately. They swirled around, forming a giant vortex.

The three great worlds in his body emitted a light so strong it could rival the cosmos light. They trembled slightly, and his cosmos energy started to rise all of a sudden. From 8.9 billion units, they broke through the barrier of 9 billion units to bring Huang Xiaolong to the next level!

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It didn’t stop there. The amount of grand cosmos energy he accumulated continued to rise.

The universe source that was contained in the Darkness World turned into a giant river that supplied Huang Xiaolong with energy! 

Very quickly, he reached the 9.1 billion units mark.

The universe source that was contained in the Darkness World was completely refined by Huang Xiaolong and he eventually reached the 9.3 billion units mark!

After several months, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes as the light vortex slowly disappeared. 

A smile formed on his face.

He finally broke through to the large completion stage!

In that instant, there was no one in the thirteen universes who could rival him! He was bound to turn into an absolute overlord!

With enough universe energy, he would be able to raise all of his great worlds to the limit of a God of Creation at the large completion stage! 

All he needed was time to accumulate energy!

When he reached the limit of a God of Creation at the large completion stage, every single great world would possess 7 billion units of grand cosmos energy. He would be able to use 21 billion units of grand cosmos energy in total!

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Even if Mei Jie came, he would be beaten up into a pulp!

Huang Xiaolong released Ao Yan from the Sun Moon Furnace.

Since he was trapped in there, Ao Yan had no idea what went on in the outside world. He didn’t know that Huang Xiaolong had entered the large completion stage, and he roared with rage the moment he emerged. “Huang Xiaolong, release me right now! Once my father locates you, he’ll skin you alive and torture you for eternity!” 

“Your father?” Huang Xiaolong sneered. “You better hope that your father doesn't run into me. Otherwise, he’ll suffer the same fate as you.” 

With his current strength, Ao Ying would never be able to withstand Huang Xiaolong’s attacks the moment he transformed into the Star Dragon Divine Tree.

Now, Huang Xiaolong was actually looking forward to meeting Ao Ying!

As Ao Ying was a God of Creation at the large completion stage, Huang Xiaolong was confident of breaking through to the 10 billion units mark after devouring the man.

When that happened, Mei Jie would be the only person in the thirteen universes capable of taking him on.

Ao Yan stared at Huang Xiaolong blankly, unsure of what he meant.

When he was still stuck in a state of confusion, Huang Xiaolong dragged him over with a single gesture before summoning the Star Dragon Divine Tree.

“This… This is the Star Dragon Divine Tree of the Star Dragon Universe!” Ao Yan gasped when he saw the magnificent life form. Who would have thought that Huang Xiaolong would possess such a powerful treasure?

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A burning gaze could be seen in Ao Yan’s eyes.

A sneer formed on Huang Xiaolong’s lips when he saw it. Ao Yan was basically a dead man… Why was he still lusting over the Star Dragon Divine Tree?

Under Ao Yan’s greedy gaze, Huang Xiaolong fused with the tree and countless roots pierced into Ao Yan’s body.

Feeling the Huang Long Bloodline and blood essence in his body slowly being sucked out, Ao Yan finally understood what Huang Xiaolong was trying to do. He roared desperately, “Huang Xiaolong, how dare you!” 

“What do you think?”

After tens of thousands of years, Huang Xiaolong completely devoured Ao Yan.

He managed to accumulate 9.8 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

Not even the Blazing Dragon, Huang Xiaolong’s strongest master, would be able to suppress him at that point!

Only half step Universe Gods would be able to take him on at that point!

Despite breaking through, Huang Xiaolong didn’t leave the Darkness World. He looked for precious herbs and treasures in order to upgrade the Sun Moon Furnace and Purple Lightning Peak.

Even though they didn’t manage to reach the next level, he managed to increase their power by quite a bit! After all, he needed to use both artifacts when he did battle. He couldn’t pull out the Star Dragon Divine Tree all the time… 

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