Chapter 3540: Mysterious S ale

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Huang Xiaolong charged into the Black Sea World after pausing for a second.

However, the world was similarly covered in black. It was even darker than the water in the Black Sea, and not even the four Universe Origin Fires could force away the darkness that covered the world. In fact, the darkness even suppressed the fires a little!

“This…” Huang Xiaolong was shocked. The darkness had already surpassed every single power he knew. After all, it managed to suppress the four Universe Origin Fires and that was saying something. 

The power of darkness had already surpassed the element of darkness. In fact, it contained the power of extreme yin and frost.

One could hear the occasional roars of beasts in the Black Sea, but it was absolutely silent in the Black Sea World.

It was as though the world was separated from the universe, and there was a weird feeling of peace that came with it. Huang Xiaolong’s felt his mind turning calm when he stood quietly in his spot.

His eyes sparkled when he realized what was going on. Before he came, he thought that by refining the Black Sea World, he would be able to gain a safe haven in the First Universe! Now, it seemed as though he could enter the large completion stage as long as he comprehended the universe dao in such an environment!

After entering the Black Sea World, Huang Xiaolong was in no rush to advance. Instead, he slowed down and started to enjoy his time around. He felt the changes in the Black Sea World.

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There were many creatures outside the world, but the Black Sea World was more barren than he thought. Not a single creature could be seen, and there were only giant trees that reached to the skies, and some of them were comparable to the size of mountains. Even so, the trees and everything else that grew in the Black Sea World were jet-black in color.

In the days that followed, Huang Xiaolong discovered that there were tons of spiritual herbs growing in the Black Sea World. Even though they didn’t line the ground, they were strewn all about. Huang Xiaolong found several Flowers of Time, but the only difference was that they were black in color. It was as though all the herbs had mutated.

He even discovered a holy world that was filled with essence ore. The mountain ranges in the holy world were made up of essence ore, and all of them were at the grand dao level! There were even several pockets that were at the creation grade! If he excavated all of them, he would be able to craft a few more universe artifacts!

The moment he ran into treasures good enough to improve the Sun Moon Furnace and the Purple Lightning Peak, he threw them all into the furnace. Even though they were mid-grade universe artifacts, Huang Xiaolong still felt that they were lacking. If he managed to raise them to high-grade universe artifacts, they would barely be passable. After all, only peak-level God of Creation Realm experts would be able to use high-grade universe artifacts. As for the Pangu Axe wielded by the man himself, it was at the peak-grade universe artifact level.

Huang Xiaolong had the Star Dragon Divine Tree, and he had the two mid-grade universe artifacts. As such, he had long since returned the Pangu Axe to his master, and the Huang Long Armor Set to his father before entering the First Universe.

Huang Xiaolong went straight to the core of the world, and when he finally arrived several months later, the Sun Moon Furnace was filled to the brim with essence ores and spirit stones. There were countless treasures that couldn't be found in the outside world, and they filled the furnace up to the brim.

The Black Sea World might have been in existence for a long time, but the number of people who managed to locate it was few. Even if they did, they wouldn’t possess the four Universe Origin Fires and they could only be suppressed by the power of darkness. Under the constant battering of the power of darkness, no one would be able to stay for long. As such, the number of treasures in the Black Sea World was endless.

Now, all of them belong to Huang Xiaolong.

When he arrived in the core of the world, he laid down a simple formation before sitting down with the four Universe Origin Fires floating around him.

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Dozens of years later, he completed the refinement process.

Huang Xiaolong’s dao souls could fill the void around the Black Sea World, and he became one with it.

When he finally calmed himself down to start comprehending the universe laws, he discovered an anomaly within the world. There was a strange power pulsating in one of the holy worlds, and it was extremely weird. Whenever it fluctuated, it seemed to contain the mystery of the universe.

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a cold breath in shock.

What in the world was that?! Could there actually be a universe-level treasure in the Black Sea World?!

After all, the last time he felt anything like it was from the Star Dragon Divine Tree.

A burst of joy filled his heart.

Getting to his feet, Huang Xiaolong flew straight towards the holy world. He arrived in half a month.

When he did, the feeling became even clearer!

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Accelerating, he quickly discovered the source of the pulsations.

It was an object that looked like a scale, but it didn’t seem to be made out of flesh or metal!

It was semicircular in shape, and it seemed as though it had been there for a very long time. Weirdly enough, not a single speck of dust could be seen on its surface. The power of darkness that filled the Black Sea World couldn’t do a thing to it.

The item remained on the ground quietly.

It looked extremely ordinary, and no one would be able to pick up its mysteries. If not for the fact that Huang Xiaolong had refined the Black Sea World and learned of everything in it, he would have thought that it was a fairly special piece of trash.

Reaching out slowly, he tried to pick the scale up from the ground. To his surprise, it wouldn’t budge.

Even without using all three worlds, Huang Xiaolong’s physical body was terrifyingly strong. Even so, he failed to pick the scale up from the ground. One could imagine how heavy it was.

Huang Xiaolong could feel that the scale was heavier than an entire great world!

Sucking in a long breath, Huang Xiaolong started to circulate the power of his first world. Rays of light emerged from his hands, but it didn’t budge. Even with the power of the second great world, he failed to pick the scale up!

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He only managed to move it a little when he used his full strength!

The moment the scale moved, Huang Xiaolong felt like the holy world was trembling.

Eventually, he managed to lift the scale after using everything he had. Without wasting a second, he kept it in the Sun Moon Furnace.

Search for the original.

Half a month later, he returned to the core of the world. Observing the scale carefully, he noticed many weird lines along the scale.

However, he seemed to make out a single word vaguely.


It was the oldest way to write the word, and a bolt of lightning seemed to run through Huang Xiaolong’s mind the moment he laid eyes on the word. The world seemed to turn transparent as he saw the true state of the universe. 

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