Chapter 3532: Seven An ient Bloodlines

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It took a long time for them to travel over, and Jin Shenglin didn’t give up. He pestered Wang Meiqi every chance he got, and he tried to pay a visit every morning. In the end, she could only give up and lay down a restriction around her residence like what she did back in the Trickling Scarlet Palace.

Since he had no way of meeting Wang Meiqi, Jin Shenglin started to look for Huang Xiaolong. He spoke about the time when she was a mere Dao Venerable, and Huang Xiaolong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He knew what Jin Shenglin was trying to do, and the man was obviously trying to get him to back off by telling him the love he had for Wang Meiqi.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t hate someone like him. He might be a little annoying, but he was a man who was true to his feelings. 

When Chi Qin noticed Jin Shenglin’s behavior, he couldn’t help but force a bitter laugh, “Brother Shenglin, are you really going to pester her till the end of time?”

He was a God of Creation at the grand completion stage. If news got out, he would turn into a laughing stock!

Jin Shenglin nodded in all seriousness. “It will work eventually!”

“Are you blind?! Even I can see that she’s interested in Huang Xiaolong!”

Jin Shenglin fell silent for a moment. “I will make her change her mind. After all, I’m better than him in all aspects!”

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“Huang Xiaolong isn’t as simple as he seems…” Chi Qin sighed.

Jin Shenglin grunted softly. How could he not understand that Huang Xiaolong what not he seemed? “Huang Xiaolong definitely has some sort of secret on him. Otherwise, there is no way the three of them would agree to work for him! Even so, I won’t give up! I have my strengths!” 

Chi Qin knew that he couldn’t possibly change Jin Shenglin’s mind, and he had to admit that Jin Shenglin was pretty talented himself.

After all, Jin Shenglin had Seven Ancient Bloodlines!

Even in the First Universe that existed since the start of time, his talent was top tier! The number of people who were more talented than him could probably be counted on one hand, and even Wang Meiqi could barely match up to him in terms of talent.

Half a year passed in a flash.

Jin Shenglin went to look for Huang Xiaolong tons of times during the journey, and the two of them became pretty familiar with each other.

As they understood more about each other, the number of topics they could talk about increased. The topic was no longer focused on Wang Meiqi, and the two of them would frequently talk about the dao. Huang Xiaolong discovered that Jin Shenglin’s understanding of the grand dao laws in the First Universe had reached an astounding level. Even though Huang Xiaolong would be able to defeat the man in battle, he hadn’t been alive for quite as long. He barely entered the God of Creation Realm, and his understanding of the grand dao was a little worse in comparison.

When Huang Xiaolong learned that Jin Shenglin had Seven Ancient Bloodlines, he was slightly taken aback.

In the past, Gu Yuan possessed six ancient bloodlines and he thought that Gu Yuan was one of a kind. He didn’t think that he would see someone with seven ancient bloodlines.

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The difference might be a single bloodline, but the difference in the two would only grow larger as time went by. Their combat strength would also differ by a huge amount.

“What?! The Star Dragon Couple accepted you as their younger brother?!” Jin Shenglin yelled in fright when he heard the news.

Ao Xin and Ao Meixia might not have lived in the First Universe for long, but they were extremely famous. Their fame was comparable to Kun Feng, Kai Dong, and Hong Xuan of the Creation Palace.

“We’re sworn brothers, not actual brothers.”

Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan on hiding his relationship with the two of them. After all, the heads of the alliance would definitely look into his background when he joined the alliance.

Moreover, it would be much easier to move about in the Eternal Heaven Alliance when he borrowed their name.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Jin Shenglin looked at Huang Xiaolong like he was a freak. Even if they were sworn brothers, the news was still too shocking.

The couple were both half step Universe Gods, and that was a terrifying fact! Only half step Universe Gods should be able to form such relations with them, but Huang Xiaolong was a weak little God of Creation!

That was the part that confused Jin Shenglin.

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When Jin Shenglin revealed everything to Chi Qin, Chi Qin was equally as shocked.

He might have guessed Huang Xiaolong’s identity, but he didn’t think that Huang Xiaolong would be so well connected!

“Did he say how they became sworn brothers?” Chi Qin asked.

Jin Shenglin shook his head. “He didn’t say anything about it. Could it be fake?” After all, he wasn’t even a God of Creation at the large completion stage. He shouldn’t be able to gain the attention of a half step Universe God.

Chi Qin frowned, but he shook his head eventually. “I don’t think so. If he lies, we will definitely be able to see through it with a single trip to the Star Dragon Universe. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to lie about it.”

“That’s true… However, it’s pretty hard to believe.” 

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling a little insecure now?” Chi Qin joked. “I told you he wasn’t a simple person.”

Jin Shenglin explained, “He might have helped them a whole bunch and in order to thank him, Ao Xing chose to take him in as a sworn brother. It doesn’t mean that he’s special…”

Chi Qin chuckled but he didn’t say anything else. He knew that Jin Shenglin wouldn’t accept the fact that he was inferior to Huang Xiaolong. Even so, he knew that the Star Dragon Couple wouldn’t have sworn brotherhood with Huang Xiaolong if he wasn’t special.

Two days later, they arrived at the headquarters of the Eternal Heaven Alliance.

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As soon as they arrived, more than forty Gods of Creation were waiting for them. Chi Qin was shocked to discover Jiang Yan among them. Jiang Yan was at the peak of the God of Creation Realm, and his position in the alliance was high. He only answered to the heads, and he wouldn’t appear normally. No one thought that he would personally appear to meet Huang Xiaolong. It was clear how serious they took Huang Xiaolong’s application to join the alliance.

Of course, another reason was because Chi Qin told them about the relationship between Huang Xiaolong and the Star Dragon Couple.

As soon as they arrived, Chi Qin and Jin Shenglin greeted Jiang Yan politely.

He nodded slightly with a smile on his face, but the smile grew wider when he saw Huang Xiaolong. “It’s our honor to have fellow cultivator Huang Xiaolong joining our cause. I am Jiang Yan.” 

He was like a kind old man when he greeted Huang Xiaolong.

Cupping his fists, Huang Xiaolong greeted, “I greet Senior Jiang Yan.”

“Fellow Cultivator Huang, fellow cultivators, please follow me. The heads of the alliance are elated to hear that all four of you plan to join our Eternal Heaven Alliance. They have long since arranged a banquet to welcome you!” Jiang Yan laughed.

After a series of pleasantries, they entered the headquarters of the Eternal Heaven Alliance.

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