Chapter 3529: Eternal Heaven Allian e

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“That’s Grand Elder Wang Qianchang!” Wang Xinming’s expression sank.

Huang Xiaolong was completely indifferent as he left the inner hall with the three other Gods of Creation around him.

The experts of the various factions gathered around in an instant.

“What’s going on?! Why would Wang Qianchang call Wang Xinming out?” There were several patriarchs who weren’t present earlier, and they were confused.

“Don’t you know? They killed Wang Qianchang’s son earlier at the entrance!” Someone pointed at the place where the incident happened.

“What?! Are they crazy?! Why would they make a move on Wang Qianchang’s son? Do they not know that he’s extremely protective of his only son?!”

There were many people who were shocked, and they started discussing among themselves while looking at Huang Xiaolong.

Descending from the skies, Wang Qianchang turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong’s group of five.

Wang Dongcheng and the others bowed respectfully to greet a grand elder of the family.

“They killed my son?!” Wang Qianchang roared.

“That’s right, grand elder.” Wang Dongcheng explained, “However, they…” He wanted to tell Wang Qianchang about the matter with the grand dao herb, but Wang Qianchang interrupted him before he could speak.

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He sent a punch flying towards Huang Xiaolong’s party in an instant.

“Go to hell!” Four rays of light emerged to fill the skies, and they represented the absolute power of frost, blaze, radiant, and metal.

Wang Qianchang’s place in the Wang Family wasn’t considered low, and he could rank in the top five among the grand elders of the family.

However, Wang Meiqi casually flicked her finger before his attack could arrive. Before those standing around could admire Wang Qianchang’s strength, he exploded into a mist of blood that dissipated in the wind.

The killing intent that came from Wang Qianchang ceased to exist.

The experts standing all around turned to look at Wang Meiqi in shock. There were many people who wanted to make a move on her previously, but they quickly got rid of all the evil thoughts in their minds when they saw her revelation of strength.

“Tell the old ancestor of your Wang Family that if he plans to send people over to trouble the Fantasy Butterfly Race, I won’t mind exterminating your Wang Family.” Wang Meiqi sneered.

The fire in her heart was burning bright. In the past, she couldn’t protect her race. Now, everything was different. She was a God of Creation near the grand completion stage!

Wang Dongcheng nodded in fear when he felt the killing intent coming from her.

Huang Xiaolong’s group of five left under the terrified gazes of those present.

As soon as their figures disappeared, the entire area exploded.

“Who is that lady? She killed an expert who comprehended four elements with a flick of her finger! Has she completed eight elements?” Someone guessed.

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“No.” An old man who was blind in one eye sighed.

Everyone stared at him in fright when they noticed his presence. He was an old monster in the Six Dao Holy World, and he was an expert who comprehended ten elements to the grand completion stage. Not even the world master of the Six Dao Holy World would mess with him.

“Senior Chen, do you mean that she comprehended more than eight elements?” Someone asked.

“Yes.” The old man’s voice was solemn. “She’s definitely stronger than me.”

“There’s no doubt about it!”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

Wouldn’t that mean that she comprehended eleven elements or more?!

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“I’ve heard that she’s an ancestor of the Fantasy Butterfly Race! When in the world did they produce such a terrifying ancestor? Not to mention the three other men with her… I wonder who they are?”

“Even if she’s strong, you have to remember that the old ancestor of the Wang Family is an existence who comprehended all thirteen elements! Moreover, he’s a good friend of the Trickling Scarlet Celestial Emperor!”

Discussions broke out among those present.

It was as though a bucket of cold water was splashed over the heads of those present and everyone fell silent.

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“What a pity… The Fantasy Butterfly Race would be able to rise again with an expert like her, but now, they offended the Wang Family! They’re destined to be crushed!” Someone shook his head in pity.

No one could say otherwise.

After Huang Xiaolong and the others left the Fire and Ice Chamber of Commerce, Wang Xinming followed closely behind and his heart thumped in fear. The records might say that Wang Meiqi was stronger than the old ancestor who created the race, but it didn’t state her exact strength. As such, Wang Xinming had no idea how powerful she actually was. If he did, he would know that nothing would happen to them even if they exterminated everyone in the Fire and Ice Chamber of Commerce.

“There’s no need to worry about the Wang Family.” Wang Meiqi reassured him when he saw the look on his face.

“Yes, Lord Ancestor. However, the old ancestor of the Wang Family…” 

“What’s wrong? Is he a God of Creation?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Wang Xinming was stunned for a second, but he shook his head eventually. “Of course not.”

The old ancestor of the Wang Family might be at the peak of the Dao Venerable Realm, but he was no God of Creation. At best, he had several hundred million units of grand cosmos energy.

However, Wang Xinming quickly realized the meaning behind Huang Xiaolong’s question. He raised his head in fright and looked at Huang Xiaolong and the other three. 

Could it be?!

When Huang Xiaolong returned to the Fantasy Butterfly Race with the others, the news of the Wang Family’s grand elder’s death shook the holy world. Wang Qianchang was pretty famous in the region, and many powers started speculating about the Fantasy Butterfly Race’s strength.

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As soon as the news was released, it was said that the old ancestor of the Wang Family went to the Trickling Scarlet Celestial Empire with the patriarch of the family. The experts of the family were waiting for the crusade against the Fantasy Butterfly Race to start as soon as they returned.

Huang Xiaolong and the others naturally couldn’t be bothered with the news.

Ten days quickly passed.

“It’s time to meet Chi Qin.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Wang Meiqi had arranged everything that happened in the days that passed, and Huang Xiaolong planned to take a trip over to the celestial empire to look for the God of Creation, Chi Qin.

The Creation Palace was the strongest power in the First Universe, and the second strongest faction was the Eternal Heaven Alliance. It was the only organization with the abilities to challenge the Creation Palace, and Chi Qin was a member of the alliance. As such, Huang Xiaolong wanted to pay a visit to the man to see if he could enter the alliance.

From what he knew, the Eternal Heaven Alliance was a pretty laid back organization. The members were given a lot of freedom, and they could use the organization's resources once they entered. Joining the alliance would greatly benefit Huang Xiaolong, and he planned to make use of their resources to look for the Universe Boat. If it was possible, he would like to look for other great worlds.

Of course, the most important point was the fact that the Eternal Heaven Alliance was an existence that went against the Creation Palace.

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