Chapter 3521: Xu Long Retreats

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“Embarrass you?” Ao Xing smiled. He released his grand cosmos energy in an instant, and everyone heard a massive explosion coming from the depths of the Star Dragon Universe.

It was as though the universe’s wrath was about to be unleashed as a terrifying pressure descended upon the Bearded Dragon World. The entire world trembled under his might.

Xu Long, Ao Yu, Chu Huaihao, and the others saw star dragons streaming down from the void, and they swallowed the Zhao Long World in an instant.

Widening his eyes, Xu Long seemed to have thought of something. But before he could say anything, Ao Xing made his move. A punch shot towards Xu Long.

The universe trembled along with his fist, and the power of the Bearded Dragon World seemed to turn on Xu Long.

Even though he was the God of Creation of the Bearded Dragon World, Xu Long realized that he couldn’t do a thing!

The origin spiritual energy of the world was commanded by Ao Xing, rather than the person who refined it!

When Xu Long was still stuck in a state of shock, Ao Xing’s punch arrived. Unable to react in time, he could only use both of his arms in a desperate attempt to stop it. Blinding rays of light emerged from Xu Long’s arms when they came into contact with Ao Xing’s fist. None of the Gods of Creation spectating the battle had ever seen anything like it, and the light was bright enough to cause them to squint.

The light coming from Xu Long seemed to contain trillions of divine dragons, and all of them had huge beards. They formed the base of Xu Long’s Bearded Dragon World’s grand cosmos energy.


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When their strikes collided, the entire world trembled. It was as though a hurricane was tearing through the lands. 

Experts at the level of Ao Yu and Chu Huaihao were deafened by the blast, and they were sent tumbling through the air.

Not even Huang Xiaolong could resist the shockwave of the battle. Luckily for him, Ao Meixia stopped a great portion of the blast. Otherwise, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed. The same couldn’t be said for those on Xu Long’s side. Blood trickled down their cheeks, and the armor around their body was shattered beyond repair.

As for the world masters and old ancestors who were hiding far away, they were flung through the air.

Xu Long ripped through the air as he was thrown backwards, and the structures around the Hundred Fragrances Pavilion were ground to dust.

By the time Xu Long stabilized himself, he saw Ao Guang standing in his original spot like an unshakable mountain. 

“Lord… Lord Star Dragon?!” Xu Long suppressed the fear in his heart and for the first time in his life, he stuttered when talking to someone.

Lord Star Dragon!

The title was like a thunderclap that rang deep in the minds of Ao Yu and the others.

Even though Xu Long was ranked first among the God of Creation Realm experts in the Star Dragon Universe, everyone knew that he wasn’t actually the strongest.

That was because there should be someone else on the ranking! The Star Dragon itself!

No. There were two people stronger than Xu Long, and they were Ao Xing and Ao Meixia!

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Rumors had it that the two of them already had half a foot in the Universe God Realm!

Due to the fact that they chose to remain in seclusion in the Dragon’s Impasse, they weren’t ranked along with Xu Long and the others.

The middle-aged man Xu Long roared at previously was the Star Dragon himself, Ao Xing!

Wouldn’t that mean that the middle-aged lady standing beside Huang Xiaolong was Ao Meixia?!

Chu Huaihao felt his limbs going cold.

Huang Xiaolong entered the Dragon’s Impasse in order to invite the couple out! He had no idea how capable Huang Xiaolong was to sway the monstrous couple.

Of course, no one had any idea.

After all, what would it cost to persuade two existences close to the Universe God Realm?!

Ao Yu and the other Gods of Creation who came with Xu Long felt their legs trembling. As for those who were spectating the battle, they had already fallen to their knees.

“That’s right. I am the Star Dragon!” Ao Xing muttered. “Little brat Xu Long, let me tell you one more time. Xiaolong is my little brother, and you shouldn’t interfere in his matters with Chu Huaihao.”

His robes started to flutter once again. “Otherwise, things will get ugly.”

No one felt that Ao Xing’s way of addressing Xu Long was over the top anymore. After all, he was Ao Xing! His strength was clear to all, and he was definitely born earlier than Xu Long. The only problem was that his tone caused Xu Long’s expression to sink. No matter what, he was ranked as the strongest expert in the Star Dragon Universe!

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Glaring at Ao Xing, a look of doubt flashed in Xu Long’s eyes.

He always wanted to challenge Ao Xing in an attempt to reach new heights. However, Ao Xing’s sudden revelation of strength caused him to reevaluate his decision. After all, Ao Xing’s strength had surpassed his imagination.

There was no chance of winning!

In fact, he might even be seriously injured by Ao Xing during the battle, and he might never be able to break through in the future!

No to mention the fact that Ao Xing didn’t come alone! Ao Meixia was standing right there!

Ao Yu and the others stared at Xu Long with bated breaths, and Chu Huaihao’s nails dug deep into his palms. 

“We shall listen to Lord Star Dragon.” 

After what seemed like an eternity, Xu Long sighed. After he spoke, he seemed to age by a century.

In front of the two half-step Universe Gods, he chose to retreat.

Chu Huaihao’s expression turned ugly to the extreme as the blood drained from his face. “Lord Xu Long, you!” In the past, Xu Long had promised to provide him protection in exchange for his allegiance.

A sense of fury and helplessness filled his heart. He was like a kid abandoned by his guardians.

Xu Long didn’t look at Chu Huaihao, and he didn’t say a word.

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In that instant, Chu Huaihao’s body shook and he turned into a giant golden dragon that tried to escape by tearing through the void. However, a figure grabbed him the moment he attempted to flee. 

It was none other than Ao Xing.

In front of a terrifying being like that, Chu Huaihao turned crazy. Since he had nothing to lose, he attacked without holding anything back, but he was tossed into the ground like a bug. 

Ao Xing’s figure flashed once, and he pulled Chu Huaihao back to him. He sealed the grand cosmos energy in his body before passing him over to Huang Xiaolong. Huang Xiaolong was terrified when he saw the helpless Chu Huaihao. Even a grand completion stage God of Creation was helpless in front of an existence nearing the Universe God Realm.

“Many thanks!” Huang Xiaolong tried to suppress the joy in his heart, but it was clear how excited he was. He quickly thanked Ao Xing, when he finally sealed Chu Huaihao in the Sun Moon Furnace.

He finally caught Chu Huaihao!

“There’s no need to thank me for little things like these!” Ao Xing smiled.

“That’s right! Xiaolong, don’t worry about the small stuff!” Ao Meixia chuckled.

When they were done, the little dragon flew over after stuffing the last Fire Bug he could find on the table into his mouth.

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