Chapter 3520: Let’s See How You Embarrass Me

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“Huang Xiaolong?!” Chu Huaihao roared in fright when he heard the name.

The others were equally as shocked.

Xu Long nodded. “The world master of the Zhao Long World made the report that Ao Guang ran into Huang Xiaolong outside the Hundred Fragrances Pavilion. He attacked Huang Xiaolong, and was killed as a result.”

Ao Yu and the others had told him about the matter with Wang Meiqi in the past, and Chu Huaihao had added several other reports after entering the celestial empire. As such, Xu Long was familiar with Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong is going too far!” One of the God of Creation Realm experts in the hall snorted, “He dares to kill a prince of the empire in broad daylight! Does he really think that we’re dead?!”

“He doesn’t respect Lord Xu Long at all!” someone else harrumphed.

Chu Huaihao added, “The little dragon following Huang Xiaolong is a terrifying expert. I wonder if he’s there now?”

Xu Long continued, “According to the report, there’s a young dragon following Huang Xiaolong along with a middle-aged couple.”

“Middle-aged couple?” Chu Huaihao frowned. “Where are Ao Shenghai and the others?”

“They’re not there.” Xu Long shook his head.

“Lord Xu Long, no matter what, you cannot allow Huang Xiaolong to get away this time!” Ao Ding stood up and roared, “Otherwise, any other Gods of Creation would dare to kill a prince of our celestial empire in our territory!”

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Xu Long nodded. In fact, he planned on making a move even without Ao Guang’s matter. After all, Chu Huaihao’s condition to join the empire was that he suppressed Huang Xiaolong.

Soon after, Xu Long got someone to locate Huang Xiaolong. With Chu Huaihao, Ao Yu, Ao Ding, and the others, they rushed towards Huang Xiaolong’s party.

The news of Xu Long’s rage quickly reached the ears of those in the celestial empire. When that happened, the old ancestors of the various factions were alarmed.

“Who in the world is Huang Xiaolong?!”

“No idea! I heard that he’s a God of Creation, and he has a pretty bodyguard who is also at the grand completion stage of the God of Creation Realm! He should be a God of Creation from another universe, and I heard that he passed the test of the Submerged Dragon Institution a million years ago! He’s a librarian of the institution!”

“No matter who he is, he’s dead now that Lord Xu Long has his eyes on him! Not even Lord Yu Long will choose to offend Lord Xu Long for a mere librarian!”

Huang Xiaolong, who was sitting in the Hundred Fragrances Pavilion, heard the news.

“Wouldn’t that mean that the little brat Xu Long is headed here right now?” Ao Xing asked.

“Probably,” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

The little dragon shoved an entire Fire Bug into his mouth and praised, “This is delicious!” 

A single Fire Bug was as large as an adult’s arm, and flames covered its body. The little dragon ate one Fire Bug after another, and in one short hour, he ate more than a thousand of them.

That would cost several billion dao coins!

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“Big Brother, this is too damn delicious! Hahaha! This is great!” The little dragon roared with laughter while stuffing his face.

“This little kid…” Ao Meixia revealed a helpless smile. “Can you slow down? If you keep this up, you’ll finish their entire supply of Fire Bugs!” 

“No, I won’t! Didn’t the boss say that they cultivated several million bugs?” The little dragon couldn’t even speak properly at the speed he was eating.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Ao Xing, and they chuckled in response. 

“Xiaolong, do you have enough dao coins?” Ao Xing asked.

The two of them never had a habit of bringing money around.

If the news of Ao Xing and Ao Meixia doing a dine-and-dash were to spread, their reputations would go down the gutters.

Huang Xiaolong roared with laughter, “Of course! I might not have brought a lot with me, but it’s more than enough to empty the Hundred Fragrance Pavilions of their Fire Bugs.”

That was true. He might not have a ton of cash on him, but he had several tens of trillions.

Not to mention the fact that Chu Huaixiong and Chu Huaihua had trillion dao coins in their spatial artifacts.

Ao Xing and Ao Meixia finally relaxed.

“Since it’s so profitable to rear Fire Bugs, we should open a restaurant ourselves!” Ao Meixia laughed.

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Huang Xiaolong nearly burst out laughing when he heard what she said.

However, Ao Xing agreed in all seriousness, “I think we should.”

Huang Xiaolong was struck speechless by the couple’s idea.

No matter what, the group of four continued to enjoy the Fire Bugs while waiting for Xu Long.

With his speed, Xu Long should be able to arrive in two short days.

When Xu Long heard that Huang Xiaolong was casually enjoying his food in the Hundred Fragrances Pavilion, a sneer formed on his lips as he increased his speed.

In less than two days, they arrived above the Zhao Long World.

When Huang Xiaolong noticed Xu Long’s appearance, three of them exited the pavilion. The only one left inside was the little dragon who was devouring the Fire Bugs.

“Huang Xiaolong, this is Lord Xu Long!” Chu Huaihao snorted at Huang Xiaolong as he made the introductions.

However, Xu Long looked at Ao Xing and Ao Meixia with a look of confusion on his face. He didn’t recognize them as they had remained in the Dragon’s Impasse since a long time ago.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Instead of greeting Xu Long, Huang Xiaolong replied to Chu Huaihao, “Chu Huaihao, do you really think that no harm will befall you now that you chose to submit to the Bearded Dragon Celestial Empire?”

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Ao Yu and the others felt their jaws dropping in fright. The old ancestors of the various factions who were hiding a fair distance away were even more shocked. They never expected Huang Xiaolong to speak so disrespectfully in the presence of Xu Long. Moreover, he told Chu Huaihao to his face that Xu Long wouldn’t be enough to protect him! 

Xu Long’s expression sank instantly. He snapped his fingernails against each other and growled, “Huang Xiaolong, what do you mean by that? Are you here for Chu Huaihao?”

“That’s right.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “That is exactly why I’m here.”

Ao Yu and the other Gods of Creation were stunned. A frown formed on Xu Long’s face as he didn’t think that Huang Xiaolong would be so direct.

Looking at Ao Xing and Ao Meixia behind Huang Xiaolong again, he glanced at the little dragon who was shoving Fire Bugs into his face in the pavilion.

“Little brat Xu Long, Huang Xiaolong is now my little brother. You shouldn’t meddle in the affairs between Chu Huaihao. Hand him over before things get ugly,” Ao Xing sighed.

Everyone who was watching the exchange sucked in a cold breath when they heard what he said.

Xu Long roared with rage in the next second. “What the f*ck did you call me?!” 

He released his aura completely, and he continued, “Do you really think you’re capable of snatching Chu Huaihao from me?! Let’s see how you plan on embarrassing me today!” 

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