Chapter 3516: A umulation

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Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh of relief when he saw his father’s condition.

As long as the injuries didn’t get worse, everything would be great. When he entered the large completion stage in the future, he would personally hunt Huang Sheng down. Once that happened, he would be able to heal his father!

Now that Huang Long’s condition was stable, Huang Xiaolong knew that he could enter seclusion in peace.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong scoured the Golden Radiant World and found four universe-level spiritual veins before entering seclusion. He also obtained several universe-level herbs.

When he was done, he finally entered seclusion.

He was in no rush to refine Chu Huaixiong and Chu Huaihua, and he wasn’t interested in the spiritual veins. Instead, he refined the Star Dragon Divine Tree.

In the past, he didn’t fuse completely with the tree. Now, he wanted to thoroughly refine the Star Dragon Divine Tree in order to fully utilize its power.

Once he did, he could draw on the power of the Star Dragon Divine Tree to refine Chu Huaixiong and Chu Huaihua. 

Of course, there were many benefits to refining the Star Dragon Divine Tree. It would release star dragon qi to temper Huang Xiaolong's physical body and dao souls constantly!

The star dragon qi was a treasure even to peak-level God of Creation Realm experts. His power level would spike once again after fully refining the tree.

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As he sat on the divine tree, he circulated all three creation arts and star dragon qi poured into his body. 

It didn’t take long for him to be submerged in a sea of star dragon qi.

Several dozen years later, the star dragon qi seemed to turn into an actual dragon that enveloped his body.

One of the branches of the Star Dragon Divine Tree trembled and it pierced directly into his body!

Surprisingly, the branch was like an extension of his body. There wasn’t a single wound on his body, and blood didn’t pour out from it.

Huang Xiaolong’s body started to fuse into the branch, and he slowly merged with the Star Dragon Divine Tree.

He disappeared from the world, and not a single trace of Huang Xiaolong was left in the universe!

No… It was more appropriate to say that he had completely fused with the Star Dragon Divine Tree! The star dragon qi was one and the same as Huang Xiaolong’s qi!

Stretching his hand out, the Star Dragon Divine Tree started to tremble slightly. The branches of the Star Dragon Divine Tree were like his arms, and he sent out countless branches into the void above. The space split apart like paper around the branches.

That was the power of the Star Dragon Divine Tree! Even a peak-grade creation artifact couldn’t be compared to a single branch of the tree! Not many people could withstand a hit from it.

He sucked in a long breath, and the origin qi of the universe poured down from the void. It entered the leaves, branches, and trunk of the tree.

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As Huang Xiaolong had already fused with the Star Dragon Divine Tree, the origin qi nourished his body constantly. He discovered that the speed at which he could absorb the origin qi had increased by tens of thousands of times!

Releasing Chu Huaixiong from the Sun Moon Furnace, Huang Xiaolong turned the roots of the Star Dragon Divine Tree into spikes that drilled into his body.

With a look of fear in his eyes, Chu Huaixiong stared at the giant tree towering above him. He realized that his bloodline was slowly drained away, and desperation filled his heart.

He was like a nutrient source to the tree, and it sucked him dry.

“No! Huang Xiaolong! You cannot kill me! You can’t steal my bloodline!” 

He knew that he would suffer a fate worse than death if his bloodline was devoured by the man before him.

After all, he would lose his powers completely when that happened. Nothing could be worse for someone who had cultivated every step of the way to the God of Creation Realm.

“You should have said that to your disciple, Shan Fei,” Huang Xiaolong muttered as he continued to suck out Chu Huaixiong’s bloodline.

The Huang Long Bloodline in Chu Huaixiong’s body was quickly sucked out of his body.

During the process, Huang Xiaolong also realized that the roots of the Star Dragon Divine Tree had the power to filter out all impurities. It would be much more beneficial for him to devour Chu Huaixiong’s bloodline after taking it in through the roots of the divine tree!

Of course, he managed to devour Chu Huaixiong tens of times faster than he would have before. In the past, he might need a million years, but now, he wouldn’t even need a hundred thousand years!

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After several tens of thousands of years, Huang Xiaolong refined Chu Huaixiong’s bloodline. Instead of immediately following it with Chu Huaihua, Huang Xiaolong decided to consolidate his foundations. He would deal with Chu Huaihua after a hundred years.

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As Chu Huaihua saw how his brother was devoured by Huang Xiaolong, he begged for mercy the moment he was released from the Sun Moon Furnace. He was willing to submit to Huang Xiaolong in exchange for his life!

“Are you done?” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“Lord Huang Xiaolong, I was wrong! Please don’t do this!” Chu Huaihua hadn’t completed his sentence when the roots of the Star Dragon Divine Tree pierced into his body.

Tens of thousands of years later, Chu Huaihua was devoured.

Huang Xiaolong continued to refine the universe-level spiritual veins soon after.

However, he wasn’t done. He also refined the Star Dragon Scales he obtained from the little dragon.

By the time he emerged from seclusion, a million years had already passed.

When Pangu and the others saw him again, they were shocked by his transformation.

“Xiaolong, this…” Huang Long gasped in shock.

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“I made some transformations during my seclusion…” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Some transformations weren't an accurate description. In fact, he changed into a whole new person after his cultivation session!

In the million years that passed, Huang Xiaolong was cleansed by the star dragon qi day and night. From his physique to his dao souls, everything experienced a huge transformation! As for the strength he had, it reached a whole new level.

“Big brother, did you also gain the Star Dragon Physique?!” The little dragon blinked and asked.


“How strong have you become?” Pangu asked the most important question of all.

Both he and Huang Long noticed that Huang Xiaolong underwent a huge transformation, but they couldn’t see how strong he had actually become.

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