Chapter 3512: Be ause I Am The Star Dragon Univ

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However, Chen Suan had barely completed his sentence when the little dragon pressed his face against the cliff. “It’s so pretty!”

Huang Long and Pangu nearly jumped in fright.

Huang Xiaolong could only stare at the little guy helplessly.

Chen Suan flew into a fit of rage, and he grabbed at the little dragon. “Impudent!”

Chen Suan was comparable to Chen Kezhi in strength, and he was at the grand completion stage of the God of Creation realm. One could only imagine the strength he possessed.

However, the little dragon shook his body once and Chen Suan was forced back. The blood in his body seemed to flow in reverse, and he failed to stabilize himself 

Other than Huang Xiaolong, everyone else stared at the little kid in shock.

Huang Long and Pangu could feel that the little dragon was no ordinary expert, but his strength had surpassed their imaginations.

After he was forced back, Chen Suan stared at the little dragon in shock. He felt a little embarrassed now that he was forced to retreat by a little kid.

“You’re asking to die!” A long spike appeared in his hand as it pierced towards the little dragon.

Waving his tail once again, the little dragon sent Chen Suan smashing through god knows how many structures in the Submerged Dragon Institution.

In the instant he was sent flying, five powerful auras filled the skies and five figures stepped out from the void. 

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They were doyens of the Submerged Dragon Institution, and all of them were Gods of Creation.

They gasped in shock when they saw Chen Suan’s fate, and they quickly turned to look at the little dragon.


“Whatever. We’ll take him down first,” one of them growled.

However, an ancient voice pierced through the void and his roar resounded in the skies, “Stop right there!”

A figure clad in gold appeared before them suddenly. Golden flames raged around him, and they gave off a feeling of warmth.

Everyone looked at the old man’s long beard, and it hung over his chest. Huang Xiaolong’s first thought when he saw the old man was that the man’s beard was comparable to the leaves on the willow tree.

Chen Suan and the doyens bowed the moment they saw the old man. “Principal!”

The old man was the principal of the Submerged Dragon Institution, Yu Long!

Huang Xiaolong and the others sucked in a cold breath. They didn’t expect Yu Long to make a personal appearance.

Could it be because of Chen Suan?!

Yu Long’s gaze landed on the little dragon and a look of confusion flashed in his eyes. “You are…”

“Old man, why hasn’t your beard grown since we last met? Do you have a problem growing your hair out?” The little dragon’s voice was that of a little kid, but the way he spoke was nothing like a child.

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Everyone found it weird, but things got even weirder. 

Yu Long’s body trembled, and his eyes widened. “You… You’re His Highness, Little Starly!”

Huang Xiaolong felt a bomb going off in his brain. Did Yu Long recognize the little kid?!

“Yeah! I’m Starly!” The little dragon blinked and continued, “Old man, do you still remember me?! I thought that you would have forgotten about me by now!” 

A bitter smile appeared on Yu Long’s face. 

How could he forget?! Even if he developed dementia, he wouldn’t forget what happened in the Dragon’s Impasse!

“You obtained the Dragon Eyes Cliff back in the Dragon’s Impasse, right?” the little dragon asked.

“Yes.” Yu Long nodded his head as an awkward expression appeared on his face. In fact, the Dragon Eyes Cliff was related to the little guy!

“Did you set the rule that no one could touch the cliff when comprehending its mysteries?! What kind of lousy rule is that?!” the little dragon snapped.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

Forcing a smile, Yu Long could only sigh. There weren’t many people who could treat him with such disrespect, but the little kid was definitely one of them.

“Old man, we wish to comprehend the mysteries behind the cliff while touching it. Is that a problem with you?!” the little dragon turned serious all of a sudden and asked.

Yu Long shook his hands and forced a laugh, “Of course you can. Your Highness can do whatever you wish! Alright. I shall not intrude any longer.” As soon as he spoke, he disappeared. He didn’t greet Pangu at all, and it seemed as though he was too embarrassed to stay behind.

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Seeing as the principal had already left, Chen Suan and the others no longer dared to speak a word. They disappeared in succession.

“Big Brother, now that the old man is gone, we can comprehend the mysteries behind the cliff!” with his cute young voice, the little dragon exclaimed.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled slightly before asking, “Did Yu Long enter the Star Dragon Rock in the past?”

“He wanted to sneak in, and my father taught him a lesson!” The little dragon giggled.

Since he didn’t wish to tell Huang Xiaolong what happened, Huang Xiaolong didn’t push the matter. They started to comprehend the mysteries behind the Dragon Eyes Cliff after finding a nice spot.

As Huang Xiaolong and the others sat before the cliff, the little dragon jumped all about. He went around the cliff, touching every part he liked.

Huang Xiaolong released his dao souls, and he observed the dragon eyes on the cliff. When his dao soul reached the eye in the core of the cliff, he felt something changing inside him. The Star Dragon Universe flashed past his eyes, but he soon lost track of it. 

With his heart pounding, Huang Xiaolong gathered his soul to peer into the final eye. Instead of seeing something, Huang Xiaolong’s dao souls were transported into a different space! The place he was transported to had absolutely nothing, and it was an endless void.

Where in the world was he?!

“This is the core of the Star Dragon Universe!”

A voice rang in his mind.

“Who?!” Huang Xiaolong jumped in fright.

“That’s my question. How did you come to the core of the Star Dragon Universe?!”

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Huang Xiaolong looked all around, but he failed to notice anyone.

“You managed to create three great worlds!” The voice rang in Huang Xiaolong’s mind once again.

Huang Xiaolong tried to lock onto the source of the voice, but he failed to discover anything.

“You can stop looking. No one can pinpoint my location. After all, I have no physical body,” the other party said.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned. Nothing in the universe was formless. Even air could take on a form. 

When Huang Xiaolong was stuck in doubt, the voice continued, “That is because I am the Star Dragon Universe.” 

Star Dragon Universe!

Huang Xiaolong felt his heart pounding in his chest. The very fact that the universe was speaking to him had already surpassed the scope of his understanding.

How could the other party be the Star Dragon Universe?!

Wouldn’t that mean that the universe was alive?

However, he couldn’t connect the Dragon Eyes Cliff to the Star Dragon Universe.

“You’re right. The Universe is alive. The Dragon Eyes Cliff was made as an entrance to the core of the universe, but you’re the only one in its many years of existence to be transported here.”

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