Chapter 3509: Hurry and Save Me

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It would be easier to look for a needle in a haystack than to find a God of Creation in the Dragon’s Impasse, but with the little dragon’s help, Huang Xiaolong managed to locate four of them in a matter of years!

One of them was at the grand completion stage, and the remaining two of three were at the large completion stage. The final one was close to the large completion stage.

Like Ao Guang, all of them were willing to work for Huang Xiaolong for a hundred million years when they realized that they could be saved.

To Huang Xiaolong, a hundred million years was more than enough. At that time, he would definitely enter the large completion stage. He might even be able to break into the grand completion stage in a hundred million years!

Several months later, Huang Xiaolong brought six people out of the Dragon’s Impasse.

As soon as they returned, Huang Xiaolong raised his head to the skies and released a ferocious roar. The space around him trembled unceasingly.

Copying Huang Xiaolong, the little dragon did the same and the space trembled even more violently.

“Haha! I can finally see the outside world!” The little dragon laughed.

The faces of Ao Guang and the others turned completely black.

In the years that they were stuck in the Dragon’s Impasse, the little dragon messed with them to the extreme.

Initially, they felt that the little dragon was an innocent and cute little kid! Now, he was a little devil in their eyes. He had tons of ways to mess with his target!

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Right now, everyone wanted to avoid the little dragon like he was the plague.

Only when Huang Xiaolong was around would the little dragon behave himself. He was like a little child in front of Huang Xiaolong, but in front of the others, he was a great devil!

“Uncle Ao Guang, aren’t you guys happy to be out?” A brilliant smile formed on the little dragon’s face as he turned to look at Ao Guang and the others.

“Of course we’re happy! We’re elated to be back!” A smile formed on their faces when they looked at the little dragon. 

They were too afraid to anger the little devil king before them.

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but laugh when he saw their reaction. He couldn’t imagine how the unruly little dragon would behave when they got back to the institute, and his head started to hurt.

“Big brother, where are we going now?” 

“We’re going back to the Submerged Dragon Institute.”

The journey to the Dragon’s Impasse went smoother than Huang Xiaolong had thought. Not only did he manage to complete the mission, but he also obtained a bunch of Star Dragon Scales for himself.

Thinking about the Star Dragon Scales in the Sun and Moon Furnace numbering more than three hundred, Huang Xiaolong felt like someone who sat on a gold mine.

Star Dragon Scales might be useless to the little dragon, but they were priceless treasures to Huang Xiaolong! If he chose to trade them with other Gods of Creation for universe-level spiritual veins, he would be able to get a ton of them!

In fact, a single scale could get him several universe-level spiritual veins!

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And none of them would be of a lower grade than the Red Dragon Spiritual Vein Ao Guang gave him!

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“Big brother, will it be fun in the Submerged Dragon Institution?” the little dragon asked.

“Of course.” Huang Xiaolong thought about the trouble the little dragon would bring, and a smile formed on his face. Not even Yu Long would be able to sit still when that happened.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others headed back, Chu Huaihua and Chu Huaihao received news of his return.”

“What?! He emerged?!” They were shocked.

Huang Xiaolong reappeared after several dozen years!

“Yes, master.” One of their subordinates bowed. “He’s on his way back to the institution.”

“Big brother, this is our chance!” Chu Huaihua yelled. “We cannot allow him to return! We should take him down when he’s on his way back! Moreover, he accepted the mission to look for a Star Dragon Scale in the Dragon’s Impasse, and he might really have completed it!”

A light flashed in Chu Huaihao’s eyes. “Alright. We’ll capture him!”

The two of them shot into the skies and charged towards Huang Xiaolong.

In the past, Chu Huaixiong chose to ambush Huang Xiaolong along his way to the Dragon’s Impasse. Now, the Chu brothers chose to do the same when he went back.

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They laid down countless formations and hid themselves in the cracks in space.

However, Huang Xiaolong didn’t appear even after six long days.

“Why isn’t he here yet? Did he discover something?” Chu Huaihua frowned. According to his guesses, Huang Xiaolong should have long since arrived.

Chu Huaihao frowned. Even though they had laid down several traps along the way, Huang Xiaolong could choose to go into hiding if he felt their presence.

“Why don’t we get someone to check up on his location?” Chu Huaihua asked.

“Alright!” Chu Huaihao nodded.

However, a voice boomed through the air all of a sudden.

“There’s no need for you to do that. I’ve been here for quite some time now.”

The two of them stared at the void in stunned silence, and a figure soon appeared. A young man was followed by a tiny little dragon who was shaking his tail.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Chu Huaihua’s roared.

However, Chu Huaihao’s eyes were locked on the little dragon behind Huang Xiaolong. A serious look formed on his face when he felt the little dragon’s aura. It was extremely familiar, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. No matter what, his instincts told him that the little dragon was trouble.

“Chu Huaihua, Chu Huaihao…” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

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The two of them were right. Huang Xiaolong had guessed that they would come. Even so, he decided to come.

“Huang Xiaolong, how did our third brother go missing?” Chu Huaihua glared at Huang Xiaolong. At the same time, he used his dao souls to investigate his surroundings.

“I captured him. In fact, he’s trapped in my Sun Moon Furnace right now,” Huang Xiaolong admitted.

The two of them stared at him in stunned silence.

“You captured our third brother alone?!” Chu Huaihua stared at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

“That’s right.” After he spoke, he released the restrictions around Chu Huaixiong in the Sun Moon Furnace. 

The two of them looked at Chu Huaixiong, and they gasped in shock. It had only been a little more than a dozen years, but Chu Huaixiong was no longer the haughty figure he once was. His armor was in tatters, and he looked like a homeless person.

“Second Brother, Big Brother!” Chu Huaixiong yelled the moment he saw them. “Hurry up and save me! Save me, please!”

Fear filled his heart when he thought of the time he was tortured by the pure flames of the Sun Moon Furnace.

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