Chapter 3508: The ondition

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“All of it?!” The surprise came too quickly, and Huang Xiaolong felt as though he was dreaming. Even Ao Guang couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and he looked at the little dragon in shock.

“Yeah!” The little dragon didn’t care at all. “After all, no one has any use for it! You can have as many as you want!”

No one had any use for it…

Huang Xiaolong no longer knew what to say. That was the first time they heard that someone had no use for Star Dragon Scales.

If the Star Dragon Scales were useless, the superpowers of the universe wouldn’t be searching for it. Why would Yu Long assign a useless mission to the members of the institution?!

The Star Dragon Scale contained a trace of the blood essence of the Star Dragon. It also contained a bit of dragon qi from the Star Dragon, and the runes were priceless treasures. The laws of the universe comprehended by the Star Dragon when it was alive were inscribed into its scales.

Huang Xiaolong felt his throat going dry. He looked at the little dragon and asked, “Are you serious? Will you actually give us every scale contained in the palace?”

Huang Xiaolong was finally feeling a little embarrassed. After all, he felt like he was scamming a little kid.

After all, the priceless treasures were said to be worthless junk in the little dragon’s eyes.

Nodding happily, the little dragon laughed, “Of course! However, I have a condition!”

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Here it was!

The catch…

Huang Xiaolong and Ao Guang felt their hearts tightening.

“What is the condition?” Huang Xiaolong asked cautiously.

“It’s too boring here! My parents are never here, and there’s no one to play with me!” The little baby dragon pouted. “Big brother, you’ll have to bring me out of the Dragon’s Impasse if you want the scales!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at Ao Guang in shock. How was that a condition?!

“The only thing we have to do is to bring you out of the Dragon’s Impasse?” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

The little dragon nodded and said in a serious voice, “Yeah! Big brother, I wish to leave this place!”

Looking at each other, Huang Xiaolong started to hesitate.

It wasn’t a problem to bring the little dragon out, but the problem was what would happen after his parents learned that Huang Xiaolong ‘kidnapped’ their son?!

If they flew into a rage…

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Search for the original.

“Big brother, please… Please bring me out to play…” The little dragon looked at Huang Xiaolong with big puppy-like eyes and pleaded.

“I’m willing to bring you out, but what happens when your parents return? If they discover that I brought you out of the Dragon’s Impasse, wouldn’t they…”

“I’ll tell them it’s my idea!” the little dragon added. “They love me very much, and they won’t blame you for anything!” 

“Also, I have lots of treasures here! I can give them to you as long as you bring me out to play!” The little dragon quickly pulled Huang Xiaolong towards the side palaces that were stacked full of treasure and continued.

Huang Xiaolong and Ao Guang would be lying if they said they weren’t tempted.

Dragon marrow, dragon soul stones, and many other peak-level treasures could be seen! There were even various universe-level spiritual veins lining the walls! All of them were dragon-attributed treasures!

There was another Red Dragon Spiritual Vein in the treasury, and it was several times larger than the one Ao Guang gave Huang Xiaolong!

A shocking amount of dragon qi emerged from the hall, and universe spiritual energy poured out and engulfed the entire region.

Even though the two of them were standing outside the hall, they could feel the terrifying energy pushing them back.

Huang Xiaolong counted thirty-four universe-level spiritual veins in total, and all of them were high-grade universe spiritual veins!

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There were thirty-three high-grade universe spiritual veins in total, and the other was a peak-grade universe spiritual vein!

Even Pangu hadn’t seen a peak-grade universe spiritual vein in his many years of existence, but there was one sitting in front of Huang Xiaolong right now!

“Big brother, you can take everything other than the spiritual veins!” The little dragon explained, “If they find out that the spiritual veins are missing, they’ll spank me!” 

Huang Xiaolong had no idea how to respond to that.

However, since the kid said that they couldn’t take the spiritual veins, Huang Xiaolong and Ao Guang wouldn’t dare to touch them even no matter how greedy they were.

If they really made a move on those spiritual veins, the devil dragons around the plains would be more than enough to take them down. There wasn’t even a need to mention the restrictions around the palace that frightened Huang Xiaolong when he first saw them.

“How about it?” The little dragon pestered, “Please bring me out to play…” He grabbed Huang Xiaolong’s hand and started swinging it around like a playful little child.

Hesitating for a moment, Huang Xiaolong sighed, “I can bring you out of here, but after we leave, you must listen to me. Also, you need to promise me that your parents won’t blame me if anything happens!”

In a flash, the little dragon swore an oath.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong left the Star Dragon Rock. Ao Guang and the little dragon followed closely behind, and Huang Xiaolong only chose to take half the Star Dragon Scales along with him. Even though the little kid said that no harm would befall them even if they took all of it, Huang Xiaolong felt bad.

If the little dragon’s parents agreed to give him the rest in the future, he would come back to grab the other half.

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He took away a portion of the other treasures, as he could use them to upgrade his equipment. 

As the little dragon followed behind them, his chatter entered their ears constantly.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled when he noticed the lively kid dancing about them. Their journey would never get boring with the little dragon following them about.

The little dragon asked Huang Xiaolong about the outside world, and Huang Xiaolong told him everything he wished to know.

“Big brother, how did you create three great worlds?” the little dragon asked all of a sudden. “Not even my parents managed to do so!”

“How… How do you know?!” Huang Xiaolong gasped in shock. 

The little dragon giggled, “I can see that you managed to create three great worlds, but I have no idea how you created them!” A curious look hung on his face.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled and explained, “I have no idea how I created them.” 

After all, it was a miracle he managed to create three great worlds, and he had no idea how he did it.

After the three of them left the Star Dragon Rock, they didn’t leave the Dragon’s Impasse immediately.

Instead, they planned to stay there for a little while longer. Huang Xiaolong wanted to look for other Gods of Creation. There were many of them who entered the Dragon’s Impasse in the past, and it would be great to gather more experts by his side.

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