Chapter 3504: Fellow Daoist, Please Help

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When Huang Xiaolong entered the Dragon’s Impasse, Chu Huaihua and Chu Huaihao’s expressions were gloomy.

Half a month ago, they lost all contact with Chu Huaixiong. They had been searching for him all this while.

“Pangu and the others didn’t leave the Submerged Dragon Institution! How in the world did the third brother disappear?” Chu Huaihua frowned.

A light flashed in Chu Huaihao’s eyes. “We’ll know what happened once we find Huang Xiaolong!”

Even though they didn’t know the true reason behind Chu Huaixiong’s disappearance, they knew that it had something to do with Huang Xiaolong.

“However, he entered the Dragon’s Impasse! How are we supposed to find him now?”

Chu Huaihao’s head was also starting to ache. They couldn’t possibly go into the Dragon’s Impasse just to look for Huang Xiaolong… After all, that would be suicide!

“Why don’t we capture Huang Xiaolong’s father? He might know something…” Chu Huaihua’s heart thumped, and he suggested.

A look of shock appeared on Chu Huaihao’s face. “It’s possible. But Huang Long has been hiding in the Submerged Dragon Institute and Pangu is always near him… How should we go about this?”

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They were strong, but Chu Huaihao was only at the grand completion stage of the God of Creation Realm, he was far too weak compared to Pangu. In the Star Dragon Universe, Pangu could probably rank in the top five among all the Gods of Creation, but he would barely be able to enter the top fifteen!

“There has to be a time when Huang Long leaves the institute.” Chu Huaihua’s eyes flickered with rage. “I refuse to believe that he’ll hide in there forever! We’ll make a move once he leaves!”

In the Dragon’s Impasse, Huang Xiaolong slowly advanced as he released his dao souls to explore the space before him.

Other than dark dragon qi, there was a type of toxic gas that filled the Dragon’s Impasse. It was extremely powerful, and it restricted the senses of everyone who entered. Even Huang Xiaolong was only able to detect the area one hundred million miles around him.

With his current abilities, Huang Xiaolong could cover countless sacred lands if he was traveling around the universe. One could only see how powerful the gas was. 

Even if he used the power of all three worlds, the toxic gas could slowly corrode his grand cosmos energy. As such, one would have to use a lot of energy in order to travel through the Dragon’s Impasse. It was also the reason behind many Gods of Creation falling in the region.

The moment one used up their grand cosmos energy, their bodies would eventually be devoured by the toxic gas.

Moreover, there were countless weird restrictions surrounding the lands. Devil dragons were everywhere, waiting to pounce.

The devil dragons were born from the dark dragon qi in the area. They were similar to members of the Dragon Race, but they used dark dragon qi as means of cultivation. Their entire body was filled with poison!

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Without grand cosmos energy, one would be running head-first into the gates of hell. Not even Gods of Creation would be able to live in the Dragon’s Impasse for a long time.

As Huang Xiaolong started to circulate the Soaring Dragon Art, the power of his first world started to circulate. After half a month, when he exhausted the power of his first world, he would circulate the Blazing Dragon Art.

That was what he decided before entering the Dragon’s Impasse. After all, other Gods of Creation had a single world, while he had three!

After he exhausted the grand cosmos energy in his second world, his first world would have completely recovered. He would be able to sustain himself forever, and he would never run out of strength!

Of course, in the off chance that he exhausted all his power, he had the four universe origin fires! They definitely had the power to destroy the toxic gas around him.

Half a year later…

Huang Xiaolong sliced the head off a devil dragon with the Huang Long Twin Blades.

Even though its body was full of poison, the dragon pearl in its head was good stuff. It contained the dragon’s true essence, and Huang Xiaolong realized that refining the dragon pearl was much more effective than mid-grade creation-level herbs.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved a dazzling golden bead the size of a fist. However, it wasn’t spherical. It was a weird rhombus-like shape and it emitted resplendent rays of light.

After retrieving the bead, Huang Xiaolong shattered it before swallowing the dragon essence contained within.

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Dragon qi filled his body.

“This is an amazing place to cultivate…’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Half a year ago, he felt that the Dragon’s Impasse was a great place to train. Now, he realized that training there was the same as devouring the source energy of a universe.

As he exhausted the power of each world, they would improve a little when they recovered. Even though the improvements weren’t obvious, Huang Xiaolong managed to feel the difference after half a year. If the grand cosmos energy he used to possess was compared to water, it would be much denser than before. If he were to compare it to sand, he could feel that his grand cosmos energy was much stronger than before. It wouldn’t be long before the grains of sand gathered to form a strong wall.

As such, Huang Xiaolong continued to kill devil dragons along his way to look from the Star Dragon Scale.

As for Chu Huaixiong who was suppressed in the Sun Moon Furnace, Huang Xiaolong planned to devour him after returning to the institution.

After all, devouring a God of Creation would take a fairly long time.

In the blink of an eye, several dozen years passed.

The Dragon’s Impasse was like a miniature universe, and Huang Xiaolong didn’t know how many devil dragons he killed along the way.

Compared to the Huang Xiaolong of the past, he was much stronger than before! The density of his grand cosmos energy was at least ten times stronger than before!

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Huang Xiaolong was shocked to discover that the more he exhausted his grand cosmos energy, the faster they recovered!

“Fellow cultivator, please help me!” A soft voice entered his ears all of a sudden.

Turning to stare at the source of the voice in shock, Huang Xiaolong didn’t expect to meet a living being in the Dragon’s Impasse.

He didn’t hesitate as he rushed towards the source of the voice. It didn’t take long before he saw someone sitting on a mountain in the distance. There were countless restrictions around the man, and they stopped the power of the toxic gas from getting to him. However, it seemed as though the toxic gas was about to break through at any moment.

When the other party saw Huang Xiaolong, a look of joy appeared on his face. He cupped his fist and yelled, “Fellow cultivator, I’m over here! Please help!”

Huang Xiaolong discovered that the man yelling for help was a God of Creation at the grand completion stage.

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