Chapter 3503: Stop Messing About

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“Waiting for me?” Chu Huaixiong was slightly taken aback when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said. He looked at Huang Xiaolong in suspicion and quickly released his dao soul to search the surroundings.

“There’s no need to look around. I’m here alone. My master isn’t here with me.” Huang Xiaolong knew what the other party was looking for, and he continued, “Moreover, I entered the God of Creation Realm two million years ago.”

He released his cultivation level after he spoke.

When Chu Huaixiong noticed Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation realm, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. However, Huang Xiaolong’s calm attitude was starting to put him on edge.

He stared at Huang Xiaolong and frowned. He wondered if the kid was trying to put up a strong front, or if he possessed some type of life-saving art. He quickly sent out a message to confirm if Huang Xiaolong came over by himself.

It wasn’t long before he received the confirmation that everyone who came with Huang Xiaolong was still present in the Submerged Dragon Institution.

“Huang Xiaolong, there’s no need to keep up your act.” Chu Huaixiong sneered. “Do you think you can scare me by doing this? You won’t be able to run away! I have already laid down countless restrictions around us, and I sealed off the space completely!”

After all, Chu Huaixiong had already guessed that Huang Xiaolong would pass through the area in order to arrive at the Dragon’s Impasse. He had started his preparations a month ago, and he was waiting for Huang Xiaolong to walk right into his trap.

A smile formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face, and he chuckled, “I have never thought of escaping. After all, you’ll be the one trying to run away in a little bit. I might have just entered the God of Creation Realm, but I’m a little different from the others. I’m pretty strong, and I’m sure I can defeat you!”

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

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Chu Huaixiong stared at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief before cracking up with laughter. “Huang Xiaolong, you’re a newbie! Who do you think you are?! I have already reached the large completion stage of the God of Creation Realm!”

“Hahaha! Do you really think you can challenge me with your meager amount of grand cosmos energy?! You have slightly more than a billion at best, and if I, Chu Huaixiong, lose to a God of Creation at your level, I might as well kill myself!”

His laughter echoed all around them.

“If you’re so sure of yourself, why don’t you take a punch from me?” Huang Xiaolong grinned.

A look of mockery appeared in Chu Huaixiong’s eyes and he sneered, “One punch? I’ll give you ten free punches! Not to worry. I won’t bully you. I will give you ten free hits before retaliating. When that happens, I will use my full strength to crush you! I will show no mercy!” 

“Ten? One punch will be more than enough.”

Not even Shi Bing, a God of Creation Realm expert with more than 4 billion units of grand cosmos energy could take a single punch from him, much less a weakling like Chu Huaixiong.

As soon as the words left his lips, Huang Xiaolong moved.

He appeared before Chu Huaixiong in an instant, and his fist flew outwards. Chu Huaixiong didn’t bother dodging as he raised his right hand to stop Huang Xiaolong’s punch.

However, Huang Xiaolong used the power from all three worlds before his fist connected, and the power of 4.5 billion units of grand cosmos energy surged towards Chu Huaixiong.


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Huang Xiaolong’s punch tore through Chu Huaixiong’s defenses, and it crashed straight into his chest.

His armor shattered instantly.

Under his terrified gaze, Huang Xiaolong’s punch tore a hole through his chest and came out the back.

Slightly shaking his arms, Chu Huaixiong was sent flying.

He drew a beautiful arc through space as he flew for god knows how many miles before stopping. A gaping hole could be seen on his chest, and the armor he wore crumbled into pieces.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You… Impossible! You have three great worlds!” He ignored his injuries as he looked at Huang Xiaolong in fright.

Huang Xiaolong mumbled, “I told you that I’m confident that I can defeat you even though I just became a God of Creation…”

Chu Huaixiong’s expression was ugly. That was what Huang Xiaolong said earlier, but he took it as a joke.

Of course, he couldn’t be blamed for thinking that way. No one would believe that a newly ascended God of Creation would be able to defeat a God of Creation stuck at the large completion stage for quite some time. Who would expect Huang Xiaolong to possess three great worlds?

That was an absurd achievement, even in the greatness of all thirteen universes.

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All of a sudden, Chu Huaixiong’s figure started to blur as he disappeared from where he landed.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t panic as he disappeared into the void. It didn’t take long for him to blast Chu Huaixiong out into the open again.

“You might have laid down countless formations to prevent me from leaving, but I did the same,” Huang Xiaolong said softly as he looked at the battered Chu Huaixiong.

Finally, desperation started to set in Chu Huaixiong’s heart.

“Huang Xiaolong, we can talk about this…” He started to panic.

Chuckling slightly, Huang Xiaolong responded, “Do you really think I’ll let you off now?”

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Chu Huaixiong stuttered, “You… You can’t kill me! You’ll only be able to trap me somewhere, and my brothers will come for you soon! Even if you’re not afraid of me, do you think Pangu can protect your father for the rest of the time?! Your father should be afraid of our retaliation!”

If Chu Huaixiong knew that Huang Long was a God of Creation with more than 8 billion units of grand cosmos energy, he would know how absurd he sounded. There was no way he would use Huang Long to threaten Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s palm landed on Chu Huaixiong once again, and he snorted, “That’s where you’re wrong. He’s not afraid at all. Do you really think that my father will be weaker than me?”

Chu Huaixiong sucked in a cold breath.

Is Huang Xiaolong’s father also a God of Creation?! Could he actually be stronger than Huang Xiaolong?!

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Several minutes later, Huang Xiaolong sealed off Chu Huaixiong’s grand cosmos energy and threw him into the Sun Moon Furnace. The light around the furnace flickered non-stop.

Of course, the lights merely flickered. The space within was solid, and ever since the Sun Moon Furnace was upgraded to a creation artifact, it was much stronger than before.

Huang Xiaolong continued on his way to the Dragon’s Impasse after dealing with Chu Huaixiong.

Half a month later, he arrived.

As Huang Xiaolong stood in the space above, he could see that the Dragon’s Impasse was covered in death qi. Everything around it was destroyed by some type of supreme power, and he wondered if there was a fight that went down between experts in the God of Creation Realm.

The Dragon’s Impasse looked somewhat like the Yin Yang Road of Death, but it was a little different. There was a type of sinister dragon qi that filled the space before him, and it contained a frightening amount of darkness energy.

The dark dragon energy wasn’t something he could absorb to cultivate, and it would harm his physical body if he stayed in the Dragon’s Impasse for too long.

Huang Xiaolong eventually entered the Dragon’s Impasse.

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