Chapter 3502: I’ve Been Waiting for You

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Shan Fei and the experts of the Enforcement Hall were shocked by Chen Kezhi’s reaction.

After all, the battle between them was sealed off from the outside world. No one other than Yu Long knew about it. It wasn’t surprising for Shan Fei and the others to be kept in the dark.

“Lord Chen Kezhi, this…” Shan Fei asked.

Snapping back to reality, he forced a smile to hide his emotions. “I’m fine.”

“Lord Chen, should we charge into Lu Qianqian’s palace to capture the man?” the grand elder asked cautiously from the side. 

With his expression turning dark, Chen Kezhi eventually shook his head. “There’s no need…”

Shan Fei, who thought that Chen Kezhi had already agreed to assist him, frowned. A look of doubt formed in his eyes.

“Lord?” The grand elder also stared at Chen Kezhi in confusion.

Previously, Chen Kezhi was planning to exterminate Huang Xiaolong’s physical body, but now, he changed his mind.

“Huang Xiaolong hasn’t broken any rules of the institution. There’s no reason for us to catch him.” Chen Kezhi sighed. However, his face turned a little red with embarrassment as he spoke.

Never in the history of the Enforcement Hall did they require a reason to capture someone. 

“Lord Chen?!” Shan Fei panicked.

Growling in resentment, Chen Kezhi said, “I cannot help you now. Go back.”

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Everyone stared at him in shock.

“Is this because of Lu Qianqian’s foster father?!” Shan Fei connected the dots all of a sudden.

An indomitable aura emerged from Chen Kezhi’s body and everyone in the hall fell to their knees. Staring at Shan Fei, Chen Kezhi eventually retrieved his aura.

“That’s right.”

Everyone couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

How strong did Lu Qianqian’s foster father have to be in order to force Chen Kezhi to retreat?

Chen Kezhi eventually started to explain himself, “Do you really think everyone will leave Lu Qianqian alone if she wasn’t backed by an incredible figure? With her beauty, she would have long since been kidnapped as someone else’s cultivation furnace!”

“How else would a powerless girl like her gain so much power in the Submerged Dragon Institution?!”

His words struck them down.

They finally realized why the higher-ups of the institute showed such care for her.

In the past, all of them thought that it had something to do with her talent. From what Chen Kezhi said, it seemed as though there were other reasons behind it.

“Just remain here for now. I’ll find another body for you.” Chen Kezhi sighed when he saw the listless expression on Shan Fei’s face. “You will have to wait for your masters to return before you can think of capturing Huang Xiaolong.”

Shan Fei had no other choice but to agree.

When Shen Dong and the others heard how Shan Fei charged straight towards the Enforcement Hall to request Chen Kezhi’s help, they were gloating at Huang Xiaolong’s misfortune. However, when they realized that nothing was happening after a long time, they couldn’t help but frown.

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“Lord Chen Kezhi didn’t do anything?!” Shen Dong’s expression was strange as he asked.

“Second Uncle, do you think that he chose to remain silent after learning that Huang Xiaolong is a God of Creation?” Shen Shijie guessed.


Everyone would think twice before offending another God of Creation no matter what level they were at.

However, Shen Dong’s expression was ugly when he realized that Huang Xiaolong could actually be an expert in the  God of Creation Realm.

“Second Uncle, do you think I should head over to Lu Qianqian’s palace to apologize?” Shen Shijie asked in a weak voice. Fear ate away at his heart.

In the past, he didn’t fear anyone because of his identity as a disciple of the Shen Family! However, things would be different if Huang Xiaolong was a God of Creation. 

The very next day, Huang Xiaolong left the Submerged Dragon Institution. According to their original plan, Pangu and the others wanted to escort him there. However, after his insistence to leave alone, they could only choose to remain behind. 

In Huang Xiaolong’s words, he wasn’t a kid, and he wouldn’t get lost on the way to the Dragon’s Impasse.

Not too long after he left, the news of his accepting the mission reached the ears of Shan Fei and the others.

Everyone jumped in joy when they received the news.

After all, they couldn’t wait for him to die in the Dragon’s Impasse!

Shen Shijie was over the moon as he didn’t need to apologize now that Huang Xiaolong’s death was basically set in stone.

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Not too long after he left, Shan Fei’s masters received news of Huang Xiaolong’s departure from their dear disciple.

“He exterminated our disciple’s physical body?!” Chu Huaixiong snorted, “We wouldn’t dare to touch him if he remained by Pangu’s side. Now that you left, I’ll crush you like an ant!”

Chu Huaixiong was Shan Fei’s third master, and he was a God of Creation at the large completion stage. He had 3.5 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

“Third Brother, we should forget it. After all, he’s going to the Dragon’s Impasse. He’s definitely going to die.” Chu Huaihua shook his head and tried to dissuade his brother, “If Pangu learns that we had a hand in his disappearance, we’ll be in trouble.”

“Second Brother is right,” Chu Huaihao sighed. “I’m afraid that Huang Xiaolong has already entered the God of Creation Realm.”

Indignant, Chu Huaixiong growled, “Even if he’s a God of Creation, he would have just broken through! I’ll deal with him easily! As long as I erase all traces of my involvement, Pangu wouldn’t be able to trouble us with no evidence!”

“I’ll go with you…” Chu Huaihua frowned.

“There’s no need.” Chu Huaixiong shook his head. “We won’t need to join hands against a brat who barely entered the God of Creation Realm.” After he spoke, he tore a hole through space and left.

“Just wait for my good news!” 

Chu Huaihua frowned. “Third Brother has always been rash when doing things…”

“It’s fine. He’ll deal with it beautifully. There’s no way he’ll leave any evidence behind.” Chu Huaihao chuckled.

Four months passed in the blink of an eye, and Huang Xiaolong remained on his Purple Lightning Peak as it tore through the Star Dragon Universe. Ever since he upgraded it into a creation artifact, its speed reached a remarkable level. Even so, it would take him half a month to arrive.

Search for the original.

The Dragon’s Impasse was located in the extreme north of the Star Dragon Universe, and if experts like Lu Qianqian wanted to make a trip there, they would need countless years!

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Just as he was about to arrive, his eyes narrowed, and he saw a figure standing in his way.

Space was endless, but the figure was like an eternal mountain range that blocked off his way.

He fused into the universe, and there was no doubt that he was a God of Creation.

Huang Xiaolong finally revealed a smile when he saw the person standing before him. After all, he had long guessed that they would come after him.

Huang Xiaolong drove the Purple Lightning Peak over, and the look in Chu Huaixiong’s eyes heated up when he saw the creation artifact. Creation-level flying ships were extremely tempting even to Gods of Creation.

“Chu Huaixiong, I’ve been waiting for you!” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Huang Xiaolong learned of the identities of the Chu brothers from Pangu and the others.

Along the way, he was waiting for them to show themselves.

The reason he chose to travel alone wasn’t that he didn’t want the company. It was because he wanted to draw the three of them over! 

Like Chu Huaixiong, Huang Xiaolong’s also had a light in his eyes when he looked at Chu Huaixiong. After all, Chu Huaixiong also possessed the creation-level Huang Long Bloodline!

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