Chapter 3496: Foster Father

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Pangu grabbed the plaque before it could land on his face.

The faces of Huang Xiaolong and the others sank. 

A chuckle left Pangu’s lips as he looked at the copper plaque in his hands. It seemed as though it had been a long time since he last used it. No one recognized it anymore…

In the past, he could use the copper plaque to meet with the old dragon, Yu Long! Now, he couldn’t even meet a mere teacher at the institution.

When they were stuck in a deadlock, a group of nearly twenty students appeared. From their looks, they probably came back from the outside world. They wore the robes of core disciples, and the disciple who tossed the copper plaque at Pangu revealed a respectful expression the moment he noticed them.

“Senior Brother Shen Shijie, welcome back!”

Shen Shijie was an expert who had comprehended all thirteen elements to perfection level, and even though he only accumulated less than a hundred million units of grand cosmos energy, he was one of the key figures in the younger generation.

Shen Shijie nodded slightly and snickered, “It was an arduous journey. I killed the two Dark Devil Dragons on the Black Witch Mountain.” 

Everyone could hear how pleased he was with himself.

The two Dark Devil Dragons were existences with a hundred million units of grand cosmos energy. It was extremely difficult to kill a single one, but he managed to kill both of them! There were disciples who took on the task to slay them in the past, but they returned in failure. He was the first to complete the task!

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The disciple who threw the plaque at Pangu felt his eyes widening in shock, and he congratulated, “Congratulations, Senior Brother Shen Shijie!”

The other guards congratulated them in succession.

Shen Shijie nodded politely, and he headed towards the inner courtyard. He looked at Huang Xiaolong and the others and frowned, “Who are they? What’s going on?” 

The disciple who stopped Huang Xiaolong and the others hurriedly explained, “Senior Brother Shen Shijie, they are here to see Teacher Lu Qianqian.” He pointed at Pangu and sneered, ‘This fellow over here took out a piece of junk metal and asked me to summon Teacher Lu.”

“Oh.” Shen Shijie’s gaze swept past all of them, and his eyes lit up when he saw Wang Meiqi. He started to walk towards them.

“Young lady, are you also here to see Teacher Lu?” He asked with a pleasant smile on his face. “It’s not easy to meet someone like Teacher Lu, but as her student, I can allow you to meet with her.”

He was lying his face off. Lu Qianqian had no disciples, and she only gave him pointers once. There were countless students in the institution who received her teachings, and Shen Shijie was merely one of them.

Wang Meiqi didn’t bother looking at him, and she snorted, “Scram!”


The disciples standing around were shocked.

After recovering from his shock, Shen Shijie sneered, “Oh? What a feisty one.” He turned to Huang Xiaolong and the others and said, “I’m someone with a temper as well. I’ll throw them out since that’s your wish!”

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He turned to the guards and sneered, “Get all the males to f*ck off. If they refuse, break their legs and throw them out. If they still refuse to leave, break their arms while you’re at it.”

“Yes, Senior Brother Shen!” The disciple laughed happily in response.

“All of you heard what Senior Brother Shen Shijie said. If you leave now, I can spare you from the pain.” The disciple snorted at Huang Xiaolong and the others.

Pangu crossed his hands behind his head and chuckled, “Not even Meng Tian and Huang Sheng can break my legs. You heard it here first. These little ants think they can!” 

Huang Xiaolong, Huang Long, and the others burst out laughing.

Shen Shijie had no idea who Huang Sheng and Meng Tian were, and his expression sank when he heard what Pangu said. “Break all of their limbs and throw them out!”

The disciple who threw Pangu’s copper plaque revealed a sinister expression and he started walking towards them. “Little ants? I’ll break your face before anything else!”

However, he was sent flying by Pangu with a single slap before he could do anything. When he finally landed, his mouth was void of teeth. His entire head was crooked.

The disciples who wanted to make a move on Huang Xiaolong and the others froze in place, and Shen Shijie and the other core disciples were stunned.

Shen Shijie wasn’t shocked at Pangu’s strength, but he was shocked at the fact that someone dared to make a move on the disciples of the institution at their front gates!

“You’re pretty daring. You injured a disciple of our institution on our grounds…” Shen Shijie sneered.

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Pangu muttered softly in response, “I’ll dirty my hands by killing people like you.”

Theft is never good, try looking at

Before Shen Shijie could fly into a fit of rage, a cute young voice rang through the air. “Stop right there!” 

Everyone turned to look at a purple-robed young lady flying towards them. She had a golden symbol between her eyebrows, and her skin was fair like snow.

The disciples bowed in shock, “Teacher Lu Qianqian!”

The greatest beauty in the institution, Lu Qianqian, had arrived!

She ignored Shen Shijie and the others, and she flew directly towards Pangu. “Foster Father, you’re back!”

Foster Father!

Huang Xiaolong and the others were stunned, and so were the disciples of the Submerged Dragon Institution. The disciple who threw Pangu’s copper plaque couldn’t believe his eyes.

Pangu revealed a warm smile and snickered, “Little lass, you finally grew up!”

Lu Qianqian’s face flushed red when she heard what he said. “You’re always making fun of me!” 

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In the past, Pangu had always laughed at her for being a little wimpy kid.

“Foster father, when did you return? Why didn’t you inform me?” Lu Qianqian was leaving the institution previously, and she saw Pangu and the others from a distance.

“Little lass, your identity is no longer the same as before. I wanted to use my copper plaque to meet with you, but it was thrown away by a disciple like it was garbage!” Pangu mocked.

Li Qianqian’s expression sank as she looked at Shen Shijie and the others.

Waving his hand in panic, Shen Shijie tried to deny everything. 

Lu Qianqian was the top beauty in the Submerged Dragon Institution, but she was famously aggressive. Practically every disciple would dread offending her.

“Forget it,” Pangu sighed. “Qianqian, let me introduce you.” He pointed to Huang Xiaolong and continued, “This is the kid who got my inheritance!”

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